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Jamaica Reopens
Jamaican Airports Reopen For Travel, BUT... 

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jamaica reopensSangster International Airport

Jamaica Reopens | Jamaican Airport Reopened For Travel
By Kesha Stewart | Associate Writer | June 20, 2020

I picture the reopening of the Jamaican economy and the subsequent reopening of our borders as an awakening to a new day. The reopening of our borders took place on June 15, 2020.

And I assure you, Jamaica's warmth and friendliness will not be dampened by the social restrictions of COVID-19 origin.

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There are so many possibilities that have been brought to life with this momentous event of the airspace coming to life here on the island. 

Even though not all of them are positive (the main one being a possible rise in COVID-19 cases and the accompanying repercussions) we are still upbeat that Jamaica will still be IRIE.

What's Changing? Or Better Word, RELAXED?

  1. The curfew restrictions have been relaxed; we now shut down at nightly at 9pm and reopen at 5:00am daily. 

  2. Places of worship have been opened with some revised conditions such as the wearing of masks and 6ft social distancing.

  3. Rivers and beaches are temporarily open; from Sunday June 7, 2020 for two week. After which it will be reviewed. This carries restrictions the main one being no partying. 

  4. Hotels are slowly emerging from hibernation. The hotels on the south coast have been certified COVID19 resilient and fit for occupation. Others are working on their status.

  5. Business are up and running at normal hours.

  6. Transportation both public and private is back to normal (Knutsford Express included)

  7. All hotels and areas of public access are being sanitized at regular intervals throughout the day.

Of course, as we go along, several steps will be taken by the GOJ to ensure that we will return to a growth phase for the Jamaican economy in the soonest possible time frame, and with the highest level of safety that is possible to protect the health and well-being of all citizens and visitors.

We Have Reasons To Celebrate!

So the good news is that Jamaican getaway which you have put off you can now be pushed forward. 

As a matter of fact, now is a great time to come to Jamaica and feel alright:

  • Our COVID 19 cases are low, the deaths are even lower

  • Quarantine, testing and isolation facilities are strategically place all over the island through public and private partnerships.

  • The GOJ has a multi-agency approach to tackling the pandemic which has helped to coordinate its response.

  •  We have been commended by several international figures and organizations such as the WHO about our handling of the outbreak of the dreaded and deadly virus. 

  • The citizens of Jamaica are well informed of the hand hygiene, mask wearing and social distancing protocols and for the most part, have been doing their part faithfully.

  • Fully sanitized hotels are already opened and others are gearing up for opening. Many are offering jaw-dropping DISCOUNTED rates, and

  • Our airports have implemented proactive and preventative measures to help assure the safety and peace of mind of the personnel and passengers who utilize the facilities. 

BUT keep in mind...

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you next visit Jamaica. 

  • All passengers will need a travel authorization document to travel to Jamaica. There are two portals to apply for authorization. The process is the same but the requirements are slightly differentiated. This document tis required at check in and for boarding: this is for residents of Jamaica; nationals, non-nationals who ordinarily LIVE in Jamaica, and - this is for the individual who is a tourist or business traveler.

  • As of June 15, 2020, all arriving passengers are required to do a health screening and risk assessment by the health authorities. Observation of symptoms and temperature checks will form part of the process. Other factors such as your country and city of origin travel history will be considered.

    Jamaicans will be asked about their living conditions to ascertain for example, if they can self-isolate where they intend to stay. 

In addition, there measures that have been put in place to enhance your health and safety. These include:

  • sanitization stations

  • barriers at areas such as the check in/out areas

  • Social distancing in practice 

  • The departure area is restricted for those who are accompanying you

  • Personnel with whom you interface is expected to wear face shields, masks or other PPE

  • Safety/protocols will be displayed on active screens and banners bearing COVID19 information will be strategically placed to keep you informed

  • Passengers are screened on arrival by the heat sensing body scanner and passengers with elevated temperatures are assisted. This is done before you enter the immigration hall

  • Quarantine stations are located in the immigration hall and a trained Public Health personnel is present there. Note that persons who have to be quarantined will be assisted to a Ministry of Health and Wellness offsite facility and given the requisite provisions.

  • Your travel history will be requested and as such you are being invited to share this information to make the process of your entry a bit smoother

  • To prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, you will be sensitized about all the infection prevention protocols by a competent person.

    In addition, there are plenty of information available. Here are the Ministry of Health and Wellness contacts that you can keep handy.

Ministry Of Health Covid19 Information/ Emergency Contacts

Websites & Email



  • 888-663-5683
  • 888-754-7792
  • 876-542-5998
  • 876-542-6006
  • 876-542-6007

We know that after being ‘inside’ for so long you’re in quite a rush to bask in the Jamaican sunshine and delight your palate with our Jamaican fare.

However, some measure of patience will be needed as you travel. There are after all, some evils that are necessary.

So please pardon the inconveniences, the trained and efficient staff at our facilities will  you help you to get to your vacation with as little inconvenience as possible. And then you’ll be able to smile because you’re in Jamaica, the land of good vibes!

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