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"Thank you Wellesley for your information. My work and project just get easier! Thanks again. Please continue the great work you are doing"

Meghan (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

How May I Help You?

wellesley gayle

Hi, I'm Wellesley Gayle, founder & CEO of this website.

  • Are you researching Jamaica or something related to Jamaica?

  • Are you looking for answers to your burning questions?

I'm ready to solve your problem! 

Weโ€™ve already provided close to 5,000 pages of rich and insightful Jamaican information, including many insightful Q&A.

BUT โ€ฆ

I am aware of one thing...

YOUR need may not be the same as everyone else.

I am also aware that sometimes youโ€™d rather just talk to someone or have someone conduct the research for you.

And so I introduce our NEW and INNOVATIVE Consultancy & Research Service!

Private One-On-One Call

I'm ready to answer, discuss or provide my professional guidance on all matters related to Jamaica and online business.

  • Ask Me Any Question During Your Private Call
  • Purchase As Many Sessions As You Need
  • Calls Are Over Skype Or The Phone
  • Sessions Are Recorded For Repeat Listening

Dear Wellesley, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing your precious information, I really appreciate that.

Iยดm coming, I hope this year I will make it, but you know what? I'm coming to stay - You've convinced me! IRIE
Dejana Sovljanski (Belgrade, Serbia)

Choose Your Option

Research Services

Your Need

Are You Looking To...

  1. Find a local product or service 
  2. Research school assignments 
  3. Coordinate a local activity
  4. Get in touch with a popular local, eg. Artiste
  5. Contact A Local Agency
  6. Take a photo of an item, entity or local monument...
  7. etc.

Your Problem

Don't say it, but I know how frustrated, stuck or unsure you feel.
Be honest how, you...

  • Don't know where to start.
  • Don't know who to contact.
  • And perhaps not even who to trust!

Your Solution

Good News! We specialize in that too!

My team comprises:

  • Educators
  • PR Specialists
  • Tour Operators
  • Business Operators &
  • Researchers

If it has anything to do with Jamaica, weโ€™ll be more than happy to do it for you!

Your Benefit

That is essentially:

  1. Freeing you from the hassle, stress and delay
  2. Saving your precious time
  3. Direct $avings from saving time.
  4. Assurance that you get the best service
  5. And of course, your peace of mind- priceless.

"Four years ago you were more helpful in connecting us with Michelle to organize my daughter's wedding in Ochie.

She is the best, and I recommended her to three other brides who had their weddings in the area. I am eternal grateful to you"

Karlene Edwards, Torrington (CT, USA )

Why Use My Services?

  • You Get Expert Knowledge!

    Outside of a few travels for vacation and training, all of my time is been spent here; Yes, I was born and raised here in Jamaica.

    That afforded me the opportunity to learn and experience pretty much all things Jamaican, the good, the bad and the ugly-something you'll have directly benefit from.

    In fact, this website is a true testimony, capturing now close to 5,000 pages of insightful information on Jamaica, including our resourceful Q&A series.

  • You Are Listened To!

    Your satisfaction is my success and so it makes sense to listen to you. But above that, it is just my nature :-)

    You can read about me here.

  • Your Confidence!

    You have my word. I'll never provide you information that is sub-par or what I personally use.

  • You Can Trust Me!

    One thing Iโ€™m humbly proud of (if there is such a term) is the priceless credibility Iโ€™ve earned on this website.

    And, we not only highly trusted, loved :-)

    And I know from the many emails, text messages and phone calls I receive.  Here are just a few examples of comments on the site.

  • At Your Service!

    The hallmark of what I do here at is to be of service to Jamaicans, Jamaican enthusiasts and those seeking information on Jamaica; providing the very best information that will benefit my readers. 

    And that extends to our consultancy; I will not rest until you are completely satisfied.

Hello Wellesley, I can't thank you enough.

God will surely multiply your blessings more than these and they will be as green, fruitful and beneficial as these (lemongrass you gave me) will be to me and my love ones.

Many blessings my friend.  
I'll be in touch soon,  peace and thanks again for everything."

June Lyons (Jamaica & CT, USA)



We stand by our word! All of our services are backed by our 30 day guarantee!

And so, if for any reason, are not completely satisfied, I'll gladly refund you 100% of your purchase price (a full refund) within 30 days of your order. 

Essentially, you have nothing to lose!

"As a cultural ambassador to the world on behalf of Jamaica you do a lot greater service than you may realize.

Your efforts are well appreciated Wellesley. Thank you!"

John Blenkiron (USA)

I'm looking forward to partnering with you!

Wellesley Gayle, Founder & CEO,

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