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Jamaican Ortanique Fruit | Fun Fact

Jamaican Ortanique Orange

Jamaican Ortanique Orange

Here's a quick DID YOU KNOW for you today.

Did you know... that the fruit Ortanique is native to Jamaica?
Oh yes, it was propagated right here in Jamaica!

It is another of the fun facts I included in my book on the 101 intriguing facts about Jamaica.

So what is an Ortanique Orange?

It is a fruit that is a cross (or hybrid) of the Orange and Tangerine, both citrus fruits, and both found in abundance here as well.

You'll notice too that its name (Ortanique) include parts of of the names of its predecessors, 'OR' from from Orange, 'TAN' from the Tangerine, but also the "IQUE" from Unique :-).

It resembles the orange but has a slightly flatter top and base. It is easily peeled, similar to the Tangerine that we 'peg' here, rather than peel.

The flesh (or meat) is has an orange colour and tender.

So Is Ortanique a citrus fruit?

Absolutely! Ortanique is also a citrus fruit, just like it predecessors, the Orange and the Tangerine.

The Creator Of Ortanique

There is some debate about the original creator but according to Senior, in her book, Encyclopedia of Jamaican Heritage, It was first propagated at a property in Manchester in the 1920's called Manchester Pastures by a gentleman, Charles Jackson.

Charles Jackson then, was the owner of Dunkell in the Mile Gully area.

It is said that Mr. Jackson died with the method of propagation but after several test and trials, his headman and overseer, recreated the hybrid.

The Ortanique Today

Today, is is popularly called Ortanique Orange, rather than just Ortanique.

The unique fruit is much juicer than orange and is not only a favourite in Jamaica, but in the diapora as well.

It can usually be found in the fresh produce areas of Jamaican or Caribbean supermarkets in the US, Canada and Britain.

Be sure to read more about other tasty Jamaican fruits here.

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