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The Jamaican Army

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The Jamaican Army
by Aneisha Dobson, Associate Writer

Clad in their uniforms, they have sworn under oath to serve, protect and live by their vision: 

“To maintain a high quality professional Defence Force that is valued by the nation, a Defence Force that is ready and capable of conducting a range of operations to protect our national interest and well-being of our citizens”.

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The disbandment of the West India Regiment provided the nucleus for the creation of the Jamaican Army, better known as The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).

Constitued in 1962, The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) was established a few days prior to Jamaica becoming an independent State within the Commonwealth of Nations.

During that time the Force consisted of two regular units:

  • Headquarters and Support Units (also called “Staff and Services")
  • First Battalion The Jamaica Regiment

The Core Values


As a body that lives solely to protect its country, they maintain certain core values that guide the actions of those within the force.

These core values include:

  • Discipline- Discipline is the core of everything within the force. It steers all activities, regulates and enforces order and nurtures the spirit of the force.
  • Integrity- Adherence to moral values is expected from all military personnel.
  • Honour – A very high esteem is placed on being a servant to the Nation.
  • Commitment- They strive to preserve for excellence in all their endeavours.
  • Courage- Resilience, resoluteness and fortitude. These are the characteristics that have been deep-seated in the minds of those in force.
  • Loyalty- The JDF has an unwavering allegiance to Jamaica as they see themselves as servants of the force.

In order to instill these values within every military person, a vigorous level of training must occur to prepare them both mentally and physically.

Training that is experienced will be pertaining to various JDF operation units such as: coast guard, air wing and engineering units. 

In addition, they are also trained in conflict resolution, critical thinking and communication.

Roles Assigned In The Jamaica Defence Force

In fulfilment of their mission, specific roles are assigned to the JDF:

  • Defend against external invaders
  • Internal Security
  • Disaster Relief
  • Support to other government agencies and departments
  • Monitoring and control of airspace and maritime areas of jurisdiction
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Search and Rescue
  • Peace Support
  • Regional Cooperation
  • State Ceremonial Duties

As a citizen of this country, we aspire to make Jamaica a safer place. It is comforting to know that The Jamaican Defence Force embraces this idea and is geared towards making Jamaica a safe haven for its residents and visitors by providing a secure atmosphere.

They embody and live by their mission “To provide military capacity to deter and/or defeat threats against the Jamaican state and/or its interest”.

Applying For The Jamaican Army
(And Contact Information)

If you are interested in joining the Jamaican Defence Force, please follow this special application link ( to complete the application form on their website.

If you want to find more information on the Jamaican Defence Force check out their website at


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