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Jamaican Bakery
The Top Companies For Baked Products & Hearty Snacks

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Jamaican Bakery | Captain's Bakery Hardough BreadJamaican Bakery | Captain's Bakery Hardough Bread

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Jamaican baked goods hit different! From the tasty Honeybun doughnuts and cheese buns, Miss Birdie’s salted wheat crackers to Captain’s Bakery hard dough bread and National’s sliced bread.

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Here are some of the top baking companies in Jamaica:


Jamaican Bakery | National Weekender BreadJamaican Bakery | National Weekender Bread

Since 1952, National has satiated the tastes of Jamaicans as our flagship brand. The original National Baking Company started as a tiny bakery in St. Elizabeth but, Reginald Hendrickson had loftier goals for his company.

Although the business started out of a love for baking, Hendrickson realised his bakery's potential and what it could become. To actualise these dreams he would have to relocate.

He moved his company from St. Elizabeth to Mandeville the capital of the neighbouring parish, Manchester. Sighting even better opportunities, he eventually moved to Kingston, the country's commercial centre.

Their Brands

  • National: They have long since shifted from only producing just bread and now have a wide selection of baked products, the largest in the country.

    Their bread, buns, crackers and snack options include the Healthy Start line which provides healthier alternatives to these baked products. National's most popular product is possibly their Giant Bread and the Giant Weekender, an even larger bread produced specifically for the weekend.

  • HTB: The most well-known item from this line is still the beloved HTB Easter bun, which National Baking acquired from HTB in 1972.

  • HoMade: HoMade, which has been in business since 1957, is the more budget-friendly alternative. They have a wide wide variety of snacks and biscuits which are popular among children especially.

Contact Information

National Baking Company

  • Address: 43 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica
  • Phone: (876) 960-1156-8


Jamaican Bakery | Miss Birdie Crackers (Photo: Jamaica Gleaner)Jamaican Bakery | Miss Birdie Crackers (Photo: Jamaica Gleaner)

A group of small, family-owned businesses became Consolidated Bakeries Jamaica limited. The Changs’ Valentine Bakery, the Powells’ Bakery, and the Huntington Bakery owned by the Seivwright Family merged in 1957.

The newly formed business unveiled a brand-new manufacturing facility at the base of Red Hills, where the custom of baking goods of unadulterated goodness was first established.

Today the entire operation is owned by one of the original three families. The Changs take great pride in their family-operated business and continue to make quality products from premium ingredients.

Their brands:

  • Purity
  • Miss Birdie
  • Hearty Goodness

Contact Information

Consolidated Bakeries (Jamaica) Limited

  • Address: 2F Valentine Drive, Kingston 19
  • Tel: 1 (876) 924-1151-3
  • Fax:876-925-2649
  • Email:

Honey Bun

Jamaican Bakery | Honey Bun (Photo: Bakery | Honey Bun (Photo:

The Jamaican wholesale bakery Honey Bun, which makes individually packaged pastries and baked snacks, is one of the fastest growing on the island. The business, which went public in 2011 and was listed on the Jamaica Junior Stock Exchange, became the first bakery in Jamaica to receive HACCP certification in May 2016.

Their Brands

There are more than a dozen different products spanning their four brands:

  • Honey Bun
  • Shorty
  • Pickney Crackaz
  • Buccaneer Jamaican Rum Cakes

The Kingston, Jamaica-based 24/7 baking operation has honed its core baking skills for over three decades.

Honeybun products have long transcended the borders of our country and the Caribbean region and can now be found in UK stores Publix, ASDA, and Tesco. In Canada, the products are sold in Sobeys and Loblaws as well as in small independent shops.

The company is headed by founders and married couple, Herbert Chong, the current executive chairman, and Michelle Chong, the current CEO of the business, who founded Honey Bun in 1982.

Contact Information

  • Address: 22-26 Retirement Crescent, Kingston 5
  • Tel: (876) 960-9851
  • Fax: (876) 960-5782
  • Email:

The Captain's Bakery Ltd

Jamaican Bakery | Captain's Bakery Pastries ( Bakery | Captain's Bakery Pastries (

Captain's Bakery, which makes Jamaica's Finest Hardough Bread, was established on February 6, 1995. They have locations all over the island and bake fresh goods every day. One of the most reputable companies in Jamaica, they have brought the same excellent service to Grand Cayman.

They also run a restaurant, a bakery, and a catering service. Visit the Captain's Bakery Ltd. for a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They produce some of the best pastries and hard dough bread and have more than six (6) locations island-wide to satisfy your "sweet tooth."

Contact Information

Address: 16 Half Way Tree Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-906-5875
Phone: +1 876-906-5899
Fax: +1 876-906-5903

Which Jamaican snack is your favourite? It might be made by one of these Jamaican bakery companies.

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Jamaican Bakery | Written: September 18, 2022

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