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Jamaican Cash Pot
Jamaica's Favourite Game

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Jamaican Cash Pot (Photo Credit: Supreme Ventures)Jamaican Cash Pot (Photo Credit:

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Gambling is universal, it sometimes gets a bad reputation because some persons can get addicted quite easily but it isnโ€™t gambling itself that is bad, the problem is getting addicted to it. So as with everything else, moderation is key. Gambling is a big deal in Jamaica and one of the most popular games to play is Cash Pot.

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What Is Jamaican Cash Pot?

The Cash Pot game was introduced to Jamaica on June 25, 2001, by Supreme Ventures Limited, a local gaming company. On the same date they launched another game called โ€œLucky 5โ€. Since then the company has added other games such as Dollaz, Pick 3 and Pick 2. Jamaican Cash Pot however is an island wide favourite and probably the most played.

How Do You Play Jamaican Cash Pot?

To play Cash Pot, buyers choose 1 or more numbers to place their bet of a minimum of $10 on. Each Cash Pot bet of $10 is valued at $260 if that number is drawn.

Another aspect of the game is the Cash Pot Mega Ball. The Mega Ball allows the player to win even bigger prizes. After the Cash Pot number is picked, three balls are picked from the Mega ball machine, 2 white balls and a gold ball. The gold ball is the mega ball and if a player's cash pot number is drawn (one of the white balls) along with the mega ball they win additional earnings. 

For each $10 bet that a player has placed in the Cash Pot game, they are allowed to place an additional $10 bet on the Mega Ball. For the Mega ball game, each $10 bet is valued at $700 dollars, if the number is drawn, in addition to the Cash Pot winnings.

So why is Cash Pot so loved, why is it a favourite? This is for a few reasons. One of which is because it is so cheap. You can play Jamaican Cash Pot by placing a bet as little as $10, which works out to be around 65 cents in US dollars. So if you want to take a chance and place a bet, you can do so with just some spare change, no need to break the bank.

After the Cash Pot number is picked, three balls are picked from the Mega Ball machine, 2 white balls and a gold ball. The gold ball is the mega ball and if a players Cash Pot number is drawn (one of the white balls) along with the Mega Ball.

One other reason for the love of this betting game is simply because Jamaicans are very superstitious people, not that they will ever admit it. Locals believe that the game is somehow connected to their dreams. You see, the game has 36 numbers that a bet can be placed on, and each number, from 1 to 36, has major and minor meanings attached to them.

It is believed that if someone has a dream that involves a particular number between 1 and 36 or about something that is related to one of the major meanings of any of the Cash Pot numbers, then it is a sign to place a bet on that particular number and they will.

So for example, if someone dreamt of a rat running around their house, then woke up and saw a big rat running around their house, in their mind, that would be too much of a coincidence, it would definitely mean they need to place a bet on #15, as the โ€œRatโ€ is one of the major meanings for that number.

Some people swear by dreams and say it's a guaranteed win, others are more strategic and believe the game is rigged and not played by random as it is supposed to. So they take notes and spend their time trying to figure out patterns in how the numbers are drawn.

Jamaican Cash Pot is not just a game, it is a part of our Jamaican culture. Community members, especially the older folks will get together early in the mornings to discuss what they dreamt about, what they saw or the numbers that were played the night before by โ€œdi manโ€ (the man).

โ€œDi manโ€ is who locals believe chooses what numbers will be drawn and that if you study the game you will pick up on patterns and hints as to what number โ€œdi manโ€ will play next.

Where Can I Play Jamaican Cash Pot?

The game is available to be bought at small Supreme Ventures Limited outlets. In each outlet, you will find a poster detailing all the games you can place a bet in and the cost. You will also find a chart listing all 36 Cash Pot numbers and their numerous meanings. There is a televised draw for each game throughout the day, which can also be heard over various local radio stations as well.

How Many Cash Pot Games Are Played Daily?

The Cash Pot game is drawn 6 times throughout the day, 8:30 am, 10:30 a.m., 1 pm, 3 pm 5 pm and 8:25 pm. This is for every day of the year with the exception of Christmas day and Good Friday.

Players religiously stay in tune to hear what numbers have been played, even if they didnโ€™t place a bet. Winners are also able to check online for what number has been played and for what time.

So you must be wondering, what are the meanings behind these numbers, well, here you go. This is a list of all the Cash Pot numbers with some of their major meanings.

The Major Meanings Of The Jamaican Cash Pot Numbers

  • #1 - duppy, needle, fat cow, beggar man, big fish
  • #2 - small fire, butt, crab, love, abused women,
  • #3 - dead, garlic, broom, bride, memory loss
  • #4 - egg, sex, kissing, cake, blood
  • #5 - thief, stepbrother, spider, prayer
  • #6 - strong man, stone, iron, running
  • #7 - married woman, hog
  • #8 - belly, hole, bag, ring
  • #9 - old man, old dead, married man, brain
  • #10 - small house, crib, coop
  • #11 - boy, two legs, dog
  • #12 - head, common horse
  • #13 - police, black woman,knife, butcher, cutlass
  • #14 - mouth, doorway, undertaker
  • #15 - running, swimming, weak, coolie woman
  • #16 - young girl, grass, tree, bees
  • #17 - old dead, chiney man, gambling
  • #18 - doctor, doctor bird, doctor fish
  • #19 - silver money, scale, hair
  • #20 - sick, naked, meat, bed
  • #21 - bad girl, mule
  • #22 - white woman, nurse, coffin, bird
  • #23 - black man, monkey
  • #24 - freshwater, medicine
  • #25 - john crow, paper money, crowd
  • #26 - white man, king, Jesus
  • #27 - big fire, gun, madman, accident
  • #28 - fowl, pasture, road, graveyard
  • #29 - parson, ram, right foot, bull
  • #30 - fish, rum, flowers, mud
  • #31 - lizard, long stick, penis
  • #32 - gold, beggar, ripe fruit
  • #33 - big house, hospital
  • #34 - baby, soldier
  • #35 - goat, vagina, bible
  • #36 - old woman, donkey

While Jamaican Cash Pot isnโ€™t a game to play every day and dedicate your life to, it sure can be a lot of fun, especially if you are superstitious. Just remember, when playing Cash Pot, as with everything else, moderation is key.

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