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Jamaican Drinks For Kids
Refreshing Drinks To Battle The Heat

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Jamaican Drinks For Kids | Suck SuckJamaican Drinks For Kids | Suck Suck

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

I know it may be a struggle to find, as even some of our non-alcoholic drinks tend to not be quite kid-friendly, but there are a few Jamaican drinks that kids will definitely enjoy.

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Here they are, along with their recipes:

1. Suck Suck or Serve-mi-long

You won’t be able to pick this one up in a supermarket. This drink is sold mainly by vendors at school gates. Children always love these as they are tasty, fun and, as the name suggests, may serve a bit of a time. 

To make these:

Make a pitcher of your favourite flavour of kool-aid and sweeten it to your preference. As a matter of fact, you can skip using sugar and use syrup instead. Adding some lime juice is also highly recommended.

Fill up small clear plastic bags with the drink you made, leaving enough space at the top to make a tight knot.

Place in the freezer and allow to freeze until rock solid.

To drink, simply have the kids tear a small hole at one end of the bag to suck the drink through.

2. Ginger Beer

Jamaican Drinks For Kids | Store Bought Ginger BeerJamaican Drinks For Kids | Store Bought Ginger Beer

Another well-liked traditional Jamaican beverage is ginger beer. The ginger plant, which has a strong flavour and a sweet taste, is used to make it.

One of the most popular drinks served at all kinds of events on the island, this drink is also easily accessible at pubs and eateries across the entire nation. Ginger beer is recognised for its calming effects on the stomach, which assists in reducing nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain.

But isn’t it too harsh for kids? Yes, ginger beer can be a bit harsh. However, when making ginger beer, you have full control over the amount of ginger you use, so reduce the amount when making it for your kids. They will love this refreshing drink. Serve it with shaved ice and your kids will be back for more in no time.

Here’s an easy recipe for Jamaican ginger beer or pick up a carbonated version from the store.

3. Fruit Punch

Jamaican Drinks For Kids | Drink StationJamaican Drinks For Kids | Drink Station

As a tropical island, Jamaica is home to a wide variety of tropical fruits, including mango, guava, papaya, June plum, sweetsop, soursop, native cherries, and Otaheite apples. Because of the accessibility of these sweet and juicy fruits, Fruit Punch has become a well-liked beverage in Jamaica.

Fruit Punch is a naturally delicious and healthful beverage that anyone may enjoy. To make this, combine at least two tropical fruits from the area. There are many places on the island where you may get these concoctions, including bars, restaurants, and even hotels.

Fruit punch is naturally packed with vitamins, making it not only a tasty drink for your kids but a healthy one too. Kick it up a bit by adding some ice and making a blended fruit punch. Here’s a recipe you can try at home.

4. Lasco Banana Smoothie

This one I am pretty sure has been made in most, if not all, Jamaican households. It is delicious, nutritious and requires just a few ingredients. I guarantee you, if your children like bananas, they will love this one. Here are the instructions.

In a blender add 2 large bananas, 1 small Lasco vanilla fruit drink, and 2 cups of ice and blend until smooth.

To spice it up a bit you can also add cinnamon powder, nutmeg and vanilla.

Otaheite Apple Juice- Ottaheit apple bares only a few times per year, once or twice, however, when it does bear fruit it does so in abundance and most persons can either get their hands on some for free or for a reasonable price. So of course, Jamaicans are going to find many things to do with it, and a refreshing apple juice that your kids will love is one of them. How to make:

Wash and remove the seeds from your apples then cut them into chunks

Place in a blender with a flash of lime juice, some ginger and water as well.

Blend until smooth, strain then sweeten with sugar. Serve chilled.

5. Sky Juice

Jamaican Drinks For Kids | Sky Juice CartJamaican Drinks For Kids | Sky Juice Cart

You can make this at home as well, but it is most often had on a day out in the town. A "sky juice man" can be seen at almost every corner selling shaved ice covered in your favourite syrups. 

There are many other drinks for Jamaican kids that can be purchased at the supermarket. Some of our favourites are: Bag Juice, kisko, Chubby, Swizzle, Tru Juice and many more. Whether you prefer to make your drinks at home from scratch, or to grab something in the store, your options are plentiful.

And while the children sip on these, here are some more adult drink options for you.

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