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Jamaican Drinks
Non Alcoholic Options

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Jamaican Drinks Non Alcoholic OptionsJamaican Drinks Non Alcoholic Options

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

While it is on most persons list to have as much Jamaican rum as is possible on their trip, it isn’t a goal that everyone has. If you aren’t an alcohol drinker, your vacation can still be filled with delicious drinks just the same. 

From classic bottled beverages to delicious fruity mocktails you won’t be missing out on anything with these famous Jamaican non-alcoholic drinks.

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1. Sodas

Ginger Beer | Jamaican Drinks Non Alcoholic OptionsGinger Beer | Jamaican Drinks Non Alcoholic Options

A soda is the best way to cool down in the hot sun. We have many different brands and flavours of carbonated drinks here that you should try. The companies Bigga and Busta are some of our favourites and they have an onslaught of flavours from classic fruit punch to kola champagne and cream soda. Ginger beer is a big favourite on the island too, especially among the older folks. Ting which is a grapefruit soda is zesty and refreshing as well. Pepsi, though not a Jamaican company is very big (if not the biggest) here. 

2. Bag Juice 

Bag juice is the cheapest way to be refreshed on the island. They are very popular not only among kids but even the adults love them too. It is exactly as the name says, a small bag that you can drink from (like an ice pop, but we don’t wait for them to be frozen). Original bag juice was made from syrup, but over the years they have evolved into fruit juice and dairy varieties as well.

3. Fruit Juice

With such an abundance of fruits here on the island, we find various ways to use them in our daily diet, one of the easiest ways being to turn these juice fruits into a refreshing drink. Some of the more popular ones are Cherry, soursop, carrot, mango. You may order your homemade variety at many restaurants or resort bar. However there are several available at the grocery or gas station mart near you. The more popular ones are Tru Juice, Homestyle and Country Style.

4. Malt Drinks

Malt drinks are very popular here as well and although you will most likely find them in the alcoholic beverages section of the supermarket, they are actually non-alcoholic. Malta and Vita-Malt are the two most popular brands of malt drinks here.

Drinking a Malta (as we call all malt drinks) isn’t always for its delicious taste. If you are feeling fatigued, forgot to have breakfast that morning or suffer from anaemia it is customary to have a malt drink.

The original is the most popular flavour but as of late, there is now, coffee, vanilla ginger and ginseng. Vita Malt also has original, ginger, ginger and ginseng, Acai and coconut and hibiscus flavours.

5. Power Punches

A power punch is a blend of nuts, dairy and malted drinks, that is said to give an energy boost. It is incredibly popular among the male population for this reason. Although it is made with alcohol more often than not. The alcohol is actually optional and it is just as delicious without it. Peanut Punch is a popular one here.

6. Blue Mountain Coffee

Whether you love your coffee piping hot or iced with caramel and chocolate swirls, Blue Mountain coffee can do both. As one of the most sought-after coffee varieties in the world, you can only imagine how delicious this elusive coffee is. It is very expensive abroad, so while you’re here drink as much of it as you can, whichever way you like.

7. Coconut Water

Coconut Water | Jamaican Drinks Non Alcoholic OptionsCoconut Water | Jamaican Drinks Non Alcoholic Options

 Could I have included this in the fruit drinks category? Yes, it is a fruit after all. But I think coconut water deserves to be mentioned on its own.

It is the ultimate “I am on vacation drink” and it takes so little effort to have it too. There are no blenders or graters involved all you need is a straw, and if I am honest, that is optional too.

8. Water

This one isn’t a drink per se but, after a long day of excursions or frolicking on a sandy beach in the sun, you will need a bottle or two. The most popular brand of bottled water is WATA, but there are so many options it might be difficult to choose.

9. Mocktails

Every drink that can be alcoholic must have a non-alcoholic version. The expert bartenders are just as good at mixing delicious drinks made with Jamaican rum as they are at making non-alcoholic ones.

10. Roots

Baba Roots | Jamaican Drinks Non Alcoholic OptionsBaba Roots | Jamaican Drinks Non Alcoholic Options
Irish Moss | Jamaican Drinks Non Alcoholic OptionsIrish Moss | Jamaican Drinks Non Alcoholic Options

Drinks made from healing plants found right here in Jamaica, have transcended being just medicine and are now sold in supermarkets and shops everywhere. Very often, you'll see Jamaican men mostly drinking Baba Roots, Irish Moss or some other roots drink.

So you see, Jamaica isn’t just for tipsy fun it can be for sober celebrations too. Whichever you choose, Jamaica can provide you with both.

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