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Love My Jamaica - Poem (Dedicated to Ashton house-BMC) -

by Judel Jones

You tink a likkle struggles wi face?
You tink it easy? No it nuh easy
But guess wah?
Jamaica a still d best place fi stay

Jamaica d land of wood and wata
A di best place fi get likkle cassava
Whoii!! Other people grudge wi
How wi have di best talents inna wi country.

You mus know all di tings wi can do
Wi can run, sing and jonkunnu
But guess wah most a wi love do?
Wi love fi cook and full wi belly
A we have di best a fun
And now a Jamaican everybody wah tun
Come mek wi celebrate Jamaica
Di land wid nuff nice people and laughta.

People! People! Education is di key!
And everybody love when dem hear ‘him bright eeh’
You haffi mek sure seh you siddung and do you homewok before you play
Or else that beating stick shall slay.

But you nuh see dem pickney wid tablet?
Dem well techno-technologically incline
Mi like it though
It a help di youths fi betta in mind.

Mi woulda like fi see dem treat every child as one though
Wah you mean by dat?
Well me wah teachers fi find different ways of teaching fi cater to di needs of different children.

Write bigger pan di board fi di troubled eyes pickney dem
Talk louder fi di problem ears pickney dem
And you know you mus
Do more tings wid di busy one dem
It nuh matta weh di pickney come from
Or wah di challenge may be
Dem all have di right to good education.

Jamaicans! Jamaicans!
Spread di good word bout wi likkle island
Nuh mek dem talk bad tings bou wi
Cause dat a bag a lies
Embrace you culture and together we’ll rise
Ashtonites seh you mus
Tun up di music and pull up di vibes.

Editor's Note
Absolutely love it! Thanks Judel.

Like Judel, you are invited to submit your original Jamaican poem for the world to see! For more original poems, click here.

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