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Missionary Work In Jamaica

by N thomas
(Alaska USA)

Did you know that there are several international churches and institutions that does missionary work in Jamaica?

And some of them, for several decades!

It's one of the things that probably doesn't get the attention it rightly deserves and so I welcomed this question from another of my readers.

Deon grabbed the opportunity to respond fulsome - love it!

Here's the question (below) and our response.

Hello! Are there any missionary companies in your area recruiting workers?


RESPONSE: by Deon Clarke, Associate Writer

Hi Ms Thomas,

Thank you for your question. Itโ€™s heartening to know that you are interested in working in missionary organizations - and especially here in Jamaica!

You will be happy to know that there are several missionary organizations that are operating here in Jamaica. And you'll be doubly happy to know that most of them also originate from your country, the United States of America.

I am unable to confirm if they are recruiting workers at this time however I do know that most of them are comprised of voluntary workers so the demand is always there.

Some require you to pay your own travel expenses but there are others that have sponsorship opportunities available.

I've done some research on your behalf and will now provide you with a list of 11 of these organizations and their contact information (local or headquarters). You can always get in touch with them for further details.

Many of them actually allows you to join, contact them or see available trip dates via their website too!

And by the way, I noticed that the missionary work is quite extensive and fun, it's not only Evangelism and Vacation Bible School, they also have Construction Projects and Student Support Programs!

Anyway, here you go.

  1. Jamaica Relief Ministries
    USA Contact:
    PO Box 436
    Fair Play SC 29643
    1 (864) 225-8585

    Jamaica Contact
    PO Box 134
    Reading, St. James, Jamaica, WI
    (876) 971-6737


  2. OM Jamaica

    Phone: 1.770.631.0432 ext.5127

  3. CSI Ministries, Jamaica

    CSI Ministries, Inc., 840 Daniel Drive, Kokomo, Indiana 46901
    Email address:,
    Phone numbers: 765-286-0711, 800-286-5773

  4. ABWE International

    522 Lewisberry Road, New Cumberland, PA 17070-2313

    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8585, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8585
    Telephone: 717.774.7000, Fax: 717.774.1919

  5. Experience Mission

    Washington Office, P.O. Box 719, Port Hadlock, WA, 98339
    Phone: Tel:1-888-475-6414

    Indiana Office, P.O. Box 10292, Fort Wayne, IN 46851

  6. Jamaica Church Missionary Society - Anglican

    Church House, 2 Caledonia Avenue, Cross Roads, Kingston 5, Jamaica

    Telephone: (876) 926-8925, 926-2498, 929-3134, 920-2714
    Facsimile: (876) 968-0618

  7. Mission Jamaica

    Jamaica: 876-382-5427

  8. Short Term Missions
    1400 NE 136th Ave, Suite 201, Vancouver, WA 98684

    Phone: 479-310-5220
    General Inquiries:
    Customer Service:

  9. Praying Pelicans Missions

    8011 34TH AVE S, SUITE 333

    Tel: 888-776-4090

  10. Missionaries Of The Poor

    Jamaica Contact:
    P.O. Box 8525, 3 North Street, Kingston, Jamaica, WI
    Tel : (876) 922-2676 or (876) 948-6173
    E-mail :
    Website :

    United States Contact
    Missionaries of the Poor
    PO Box 29893, Atlanta, GA 30359, USA
    Tel: (404) 248-1197
    E-mail :

  11. The Salvation Army, Jamaica

    Territorial Headquarters
    3 Waterloo Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I.
    Tel: (876) 929-6190-2
    Fax: (876) 929-7560

There you go, I hope this helps! I'd suggest that you start with those with direct contacts in your country first, my guess is that they'll have more direct answers to your questions and provide possible options for your missionary journey in Jamaica.

Good luck!


P.S. See also: How Can I Volunteer in Jamaica?.

P.P.S. CSI Ministries has put together quite an inspirational video on their work in Jamaica, I've embedded it below for you to take a look.

Editor's Note
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  • "Contact OM Caribbean",
  • "Serving in Jamaica",
  • "The Spiritual Need in Jamaica",
  • "Jamaica Mission Trips",
  • "Missionaries Of The Poor",
  • "The Salvation Army",

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