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Montego Bay Marine Park, Friends Of The Park & Doctor's Cave Beach

by Denise Salmon

Protecting the environment is even more important for us in Jamaica because we depend on tourism for jobs - economy inevitably grows when tourism does well.

That is why I am so happy to be able to say that The Montego Bay Marine Park Trust, a non profit , limited liability company, has joined with "Friends of the Park" .

They are both doing all they can to educate us so that we are more aware of what is needed to help protect our environment.

The Marine Park also now has equipment used for recording and broadcasting all the underwater activity so those of us who are not able to dive can still see what happens under the sea.

This is so good because a lot of our every day activity affects the sea and the creatures that live in it.

Representatives from the Marine Park also gives presentations at schools and other places. I appreciate the fact that they are working with the the stakeholders, including the fishermen etc. as they inform and involve the wider society in what they are doing.

Fish sanctuaries have also been set up in special zones there as protection for the sea creatures.

The Doctors Cave Beach in Montego Bay is also associated with "Friends of the Park".

They too have recognized the importance of protecting the environment so that future generations will be able to enjoy all we are enjoying now.

By the way, The Doctors Cave Beach has a very interesting history.

It was owned by a doctor many, many years ago, who it is said, would invite his friends, who were also doctors, to enjoy the beach, which had a cave at the entrance.

The Doctor later donated the beach to so that the general public would have access to it but it was said that the cave was washed away by then, when a massive hurricane passed through the island.

The beach, however, has not only been kept in excellent condition, it was said to to have therapeutic values as it has healed many persons from their ailments.

I always love it thre - so nice to spend time just relaxing and soaking up the sun ( beach umbrellas are provided ) or swimming.

Today, it is not just a beach, it is a complete tourist experience with all the amenities required. You should stop by there on your next visit.

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Thanks for sharing Denise!

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