National ID

by Marsha Smart
(Montego Bay St.James)

QUESTION about: National ID

I was living in Kingston at the time and applied for my National ID, I was to collect it in June of last year. But because I had relocated to Montego Bay. I did not do so.

So I want to know if I am going to have to go through the process again? Or I can just go and collect it and use just the same?


ANSWER: by Kesha Stewart

Hi there my friend,

You have posed a very interesting question as i think there are several persons who have concerns about NIDS in general as well as questions which are similar to yours. You will recall that NIDS produced a wave of questions from the general public as soon as it was unceremoniously announced in 2017.

I personally think it unfortunately, that it became mandatory for all Jamaicans even before we knew its name. This is perhaps the problem- the public was not educated about this important decision before it took effect.

I firmly believe that the product would have been better appreciated (to say the least), had *"John Public" been sensitized in a direct and purposeful manner.

The opposition voted against it and you will recall every news and current affairs programme discussed it. The furor created a blurred view and distortion of facts. As a result even today many Jamaicans have no real knowledge about how NIDS will work or affect them.

With that said, I will direct you to the NIDS website where you can get the important/relevant facts while also having your unique query answered. The site which runs out of the Office of the Prime Minister has a very good information on the initiative.

Find them at there you can interact with its FAQ's feature which is helpful. The site has a number of other interesting features, for instance did you know that:
1. You can find NIDS on facebook, twitter and instagram?
2. Make your inquiries about NIDS on any of three telephone lines?
3. Send an email NIDS at
4. There is also a NIDS blog.

I think it would be great if you make contact with the NIDS team to have your question satisfactorily answered.

It may also be good if you could call the electoral office directly of the branch at which you applied for your national ID card to seek some answers.

All the Best!

Kesha Stewart
Associate Writer

* A Jamaican reference to the general public/population

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