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NHT jamaica loan requirements & overseas contribution questions

by Nadine Smith-Green

Question About: How To make NHT Contribution From Overseas & How To Qualify For A Loan

Hi my last NHT contribution was 2015 but I now live overseas. My Questions are:

1. How can I continue my contribution from overseas?
2. What is required of me to be eligible for a home improvement loan.

Any assistance given would be kindly appreciated.
My email contact: nadine*******

Answer by Wellesley

Hi Nurse (Nadine),

Thanks for asking! I've removed your email and personal information to protect your privacy.

Ok, I called the NHT and spoke to a customer service representative who provided me the necessary information.

Let me start with your first question.

  1. How can I continue my contribution from overseas?

    Answer: If you are as citizen or resident, the simple procedure is this...

    1. Register as a voluntary contributor, and then
    2. Make payments directly to NHT

    That's it!

    The key question though is...

    How to Register With National Housing Trust (NHT) As a Voluntary Contributor

    To register as a voluntary contributor, you'd need to to submit the following documentation to the NHT:

    • Your NIS,
    • TRN card,
    • ID,
    • Resident Card or Passport,
    • proof of age and
    • last 3 paystub or job letter.

      You'll also need to complete the following three forms, which are available at their website (

    • Voluntary contributory application form
    • Customer Information Form &
    • Indemnity form

    Please note that if you are not coming to Jamaica to do this, you have the option of sending the documentation with an authorized person.

    That person however must be given an notarized authorization letter from you.

    If copies of the documentations are sent, they must be notarized as well.

    How to Make Payments To The NHT As a Voluntary Contributor

    Assuming you have registered as stated above, to make the monthly NHT payments, due by the end of each month, you'd simply.

    1. Have someone make the payment over the counter, to your account, or
    2. Pay via the NHT website using your credit card.

    Either way, be sure to keep copies of your transactions.

    How much of your income should be contributed to the NHT?

    He reminded me to let you know that it should be 3% of your gross income. That will be confirmed via the paystub or job letter you submitted earlier.

    And to your second question...

  2. What is required of me to be eligible for a home improvement loan

    Answer: To be eligile for a home improvement loan from the NHT, you'd need to...

    1. Be paying contribution
    2. The last 12 months' contribution must have been paid timely - by the end of each month.

    3. Determine that 15 years have passed since you received the first NHT loan (10 years if you were working in the public sector), and

    4. Show that your name is on the title of the property. We joked about that, he told me you can't request a home improvement loan if you don't have a house :-)

    Here's a very important note though!

    Voluntary contributors have to wait two (2) years before applying for a loan, however, since you were paying to the trust before you left Jamaica, you'd simply wiat just one year after resuming contributions.

    I also assumed that you wanted to ask....

    How much you'd be able to get as an NHT loan?

    He indicated that, based on affordability, you can get up to 2.5million JMD for home improvement.

    For those persons who has never received a housing benefit before though, meaning their name is not on any title/benefit, they can currently get up to 6.5million JMD (per person)

Quite a mouthful eeeh?

I know :-), but I am glad I was able to assist you.

I invite you to read more about the NHT here.

Good luck!


P.S. We have lots more answers to questions here.

P.P.S. For additional information or guidance, you may also contact the NHT directly using the following information.

Head Office:
4 Park Boulevard, Kingston 5
Jamaica W.I.
Tel:(876) 929-6500 - 9,
(876) 960-4013-23,
(876) 929-6627-34


Toll Free Numbers:
☎ Jamaica: 1-888-225-5648,
☎ U.K.: +44 203 514 8816
☎ U.S.A./Canada: +1-800-858-3219

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