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Payless Jamaica
The Ultimate Shoes Source

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Payless Jamaica | The Ultimate Shoes SourcePayless Jamaica | The Ultimate Shoes Source

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

There are not a lot of stores in Jamaica dedicated to just selling shoes. In most cases, the closest you can get to that is the shoe vendors in the arcades, which is definitely not a comfortable shopping experience for anyone.

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So most Jamaicans purchase their footwear from Chinese and Indian clothing stores for relatively low prices although, those low prices are generally a reflection of the quality and endurance of the shoes. At least that was true for many until Payless came to Jamaica and what a difference they have made thus far.

About Payless Jamaica

Payless is a specialist footwear retailer in Latin America and the Caribbean that provides a large selection of shoes and related goods for every member of the family at reasonable costs.

The company's goal is to establish itself as the go-to, get-more-for-less shoe retailer for its clients, which they have succeeded at here in Jamaica. Payless was established in 1956 in Topeka, Kansas, based on a ground-breaking concept: offering high-quality footwear at competitive costs in a self-select setting.

After 60 years, Payless is still using the self-select model in conjunction with industry-leading customer care to give its consumers a fun and interesting shopping experience.

When did Payless open in Jamaica?

They opened in Jamaica on Thursday, February 17, 2011.

What do they sell?

The Payless seasonal collection offers footwear for practically every requirement, including dress, casual, and sporty designs. It is sometimes difficult to find the larger women’s sizes in Jamaica but, they are readily available in Jamaica.

A wide variety of shoes from 11 to 13 in slender and wide fits can be conveniently found in the stores. Half sizes and extended children's sizes are also available.

To assist everyone completes their appearances, Payless sells a variety of seasonal accessories, including socks, purses, and Shoe Care products. Shoppers have always valued brands, and Payless has a diverse portfolio of well-known and reliable names.

  • Champion
  • American Eagle™ by Payless
  • Fionni
  • Airwalk
  • Dexter
  • Brash
  • Smartfit

One of the reasons why payless is so popular in Jamaica is not just for the quality of shoes, but because they are always having a sale or giving discounts.

If you go to a Payless store today and they have no deals on offer, I guarantee that if you return in a day or two, they will have discounted tags or BOGO tags on each item.

With their BOGO (Buy one get one), you can get your most expensive purchase for the full price and the other for 50% of its original price. If you purchase 3 items, you’ll purchase the two most expensive ones at full price and the third completely free.

That sounds like quite a good deal to me!

Oh, and how can I forget, that Payless allows you to return or exchange your items within 30 days, unlike most other stores in jamaica that only gives you 7 days. If you need to make a return or an exchange here is all you need:

Products must be returned unused and in their original box (packing). Items with any form of damage or loss that suggests normal wear or inappropriate use will not be accepted.

The item has to be returned within 30 working days of buying it (Monday through Friday count as business days)

the authentic receipt from your purchase or a duplicate of your email confirmation.

a means of identifying yourself personally and the credit card you used to make the initial purchase

However, if you are looking to completely replace the item, here are the guidelines:

If available in the store, choose the same thing in a different size.

Or select another item in the store that is priced the same.

A different product in the store costs more (in which case you will pay the difference).

If you select a different item with a cheaper price than the original, Payless will not reimburse the difference in money.

Payless has 16 locations across the island.

Contact Information For Payless Jamaica

Head Office

Address: Shop #1 Boulevard Super Center 45 Elma Crescent Kingston 20

Contact Numbers: 1-876-632-5713/630-1089

The WhatsApp numbers for specific locations can be found with a quick google search.

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