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She Collects GARBAGE for a living - and loves it! Meet Melissa


There is a particular job that very few of us aspire to do, and worst for our children.

That's one of the Garbage Collector, certainly here in Jamaica.

But there is a lady,who does it with pride, joy and enthusiasm. Here name is Melissa, from right here in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

I met Melissa a few years ago when I moved into this neighborhood, and I tell you what, her drive, enthusiasm and dedication to what she does totally captivated me.

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing her yesterday and was blown over.

Not only is she extremely confident and positive, she is extremely inspiring!

I started by asking her the question...

"It's a man's job, what are you doing in a man's job?", and she took over the interview :-)

In the interview, the mentioned...

  1. Her love for the job
  2. How she got started in it
  3. Her first manager, Minnie
  4. The fact that this job takes care of her family
  5. Her loving husband
  6. How persons looked (and still look) down on her
  7. The challenges aspects of the job, and
  8. in addition to a quote from the bible, she had a very strong message to other ladies out there.




And of course, she also answered my favorite question, "What makes Jamaica special?".

And yes, I have all this on video for you and all my readers, here is the video (below)!

She Collects GARBAGE For A Living - And Loves It!

She is truly an inspiration, you'd agree right?
Not just for women and girls, but for all of us.

Whatever you do, please be sure to share this video with someone, I think someone somewhere out there needs to hear her story.

And please, share a comment below, I'd love to hear what you think of her and her job.


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Aug 03, 2020
A great lady , an unsung heroine
by: Anonymous

Congrats to this exceptional lady, she seems genuine decent and hardworking , I too would do anything honest to work to take care of my one daughter who is now a lawyer, married and has given me a darling
grand son.

I know her children will do well and will speak about how she loved and cared for them. Blessings galore ! You go girl !!
A great thanks to her husband too as he supports her to make their family strive

Aug 02, 2020
Melissa The Garbage Lady
by: Anonymous

She makes me proud to be a woman. Proves there’s nothing a "man" does that cannot be done by a woman. Melissa is truly an inspiration. I’m sure once she cleans up, get dressed up for any occasion, you wouldn’t believe she’s "Melissa the garbage lady" . Take that!
God Bless you Melissa, I know your family appreciates you and proud is very proud.

Question? Why aren’t these workers provided uniforms, seems the least they could do.🤔!

Aug 02, 2020
by: Nola

Melissa is a gem of a woman. We don't know people's circumstances, and therefore we have no right to judge. She is earning her living honestly, and who knows what's in the future for her? I have every regard for our garbage collectors because we would have a nation of sick people had it not been for them. All the best Melissa and I pray that by God's grace you will stay healthy, and along with your husband,will be able to continue taking care of your family. God bless you.😊

Aug 02, 2020
Female Garbage Collector
by: CanadaSister

Wonderful, industrious, independent, worthy of praise, positive, open-minded & progressive, humble & courageous, R some of the words I would like 2 shout out 2 Melissa. B encouraged & continue 2 work hard 4 yourself and your family--esp. the children so that they can stay in school & get a good education. Very good choice you made, instead of taking up the gun, robbing & killing, sitting on your behind and waiting 4 man to give you "things", etc. You go girl!! B empowered. I wish U much success in your job. Wear a mask though to protect yourself. All those who "look down on U" are idiots.
B true to yourself & press on. You have a paycheck 2 look forward 2 while some of them don't. May God Almighty keep U strong, healthy, wise, and safe.
Blessings from Canada.

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