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Shelf Life of Sangster's Rum Cream

by Ted
(Cordova Tn.)

QUESTION Sangster's Jamaican Rum Cream Shelf Life

I bought two bottles of Sangster's Rum Cream in 2003 while on a cruise that stopped in Jamaica, The seals are still intact. Are they ok to drink

ANSWER: by R. Phang

Hi Ted,

How is it going?

You know, I just love me some Sangster Jamaican Rum cream. This drink is my ‘go to’ liquor whenever I feel like having a drink, and that’s not often, I’m a social drinking if I may add.

J Wray and Nephew and Company Ltd produce and distributes some, if not most of the best alcoholic beverages to come from the Caribbean. In my opinion Sangster’s Rum cream is probably the manliest liqueur to be made.

Truth be told Sangster’s rum cream doesn’t last long in many of the households here in Jamaica.

We tend to share or rum based liqueur and liquor with family and friends as good will.

To answer your question, I have done some research and wasn’t sure that I was getting accurate information online.

So I took it upon myself to contact the manufacturer themselves and asked about the shelf life.

What they told me was a surprise!

Their guideline is that the shelf life is only for one year; I laughed! I found it funny that after all these years and I’m talking years as far back as my parents were kids, it had that short of a shelf life. But then with that great taste and creamy savoury flavour I can’t fuss too much about it, as I’ve mentioned earlier it doesn’t last too long within our homes.

However, next time around what you can do is to check and see if the cream has been separated from the rum (curd) or check for discoloration.

If none of that is visible, you can just tip a finger in the bottle and taste. You should be able to tell the difference in creamy fluid (unless it would be your first time trying this Jamaican beverage; if it has a thick texture, pungent smell and sour taste, you have just lost a bottle of goodness).

You can also check out these link that are featured on our site: Jamaican Rum Cream – Savoury and Delightful and Sangster’s Jamaican Rum Cream.

Going forward, be sure to purchase a new bottle and enjoy it prior to its expiration. They are now available in fun to go sizes and there are also other rum creams, rums, wines, and champagnes to sample from the makers. All of which are available at your nearest Jamaican mart or any major supermarket in your area.

Most importantly always remember to drink responsibly and in good company (wink. wink)!

See also: Where to purchase rum cream

R. P

Comments for Shelf Life of Sangster's Rum Cream

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Aug 03, 2021
shelf life of unopened bottle
by: Anonymous

We just opened a bottle about a week ago that we purchased on a trip to Jamaica more than 5 years ago. It tasted fabulous and no one got sick. I'm not a big believer in expirations dates in general.

Mar 31, 2020
Bought in October 2011
by: Anonymous

Good to see all the comments about sealed bottles. I have 3 that never got opened because I didn't want them to go to waste. Now seems like as good a time as any to see if it's still good.

Mar 30, 2020
No idea!
by: Anonymous

My mom brought a mini bottle back for me from her cruise some years ago (not sure how many, it was before I was married and had kids and our 4th anniversary is coming up!) so I just Finally decided to crack It open. Hubby put it in the fridge like 2yrs ago, despite it still being sealed, and I never moved it. I read on another site to check for separation, curdling, and funny odors but I’ve never tried this stuff and it appears fine. I even tasted a little (it’s sweet) and got the usual little burn in my ears from sipping it straight. So mine is still good, right? I guess I’ll be having a "Pandemic dessert coffee" tonight too :)

Mar 22, 2020
Ten years old
by: Anonymous

I just opened my bottle that’s ten years old. It was open in the back of my Friday’s and it’s fine. I forgot we had any left and now I need pandemic coffee haha. Anyway the rum cream is fine and my coffee is pleasantly spiked!

Mar 17, 2020
6 years at least!
by: Anonymous

I got mine open was saving it, now I know why. For me Pandemic social distance isolation party. I’ve had the bottle for at least 6 years in the fridge, it is still awesome.

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