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Strawberry Hill Jamaica
Serene Escape In The Blue Mountains

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Strawberry Hill JamaicaStrawberry Hill Jamaica (Photo Credit: Island Outpost)

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Strawberry Hill Hotel is a complete escape from the busy streets of Kingston. Nestled in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, their majestic views will calm your spirit and relax your mind.

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History Of Strawberry Hill

In 1780 Horace Walpole the 4th Earl of Oxford was given the property in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica by the Royal Family. He was very excited when he found out that the property he was granted was perfect for growing strawberries, so he decided to name it Strawberry Hill, a name identical to his castle in London.

In the 18th century, it was turned into a Foreign Officer’s Naval hospital. It was later owned by the DaCostas, who began serving Bristish-style Sunday high teas, a tradition that was carried on the next owners, The Moffats. In 1974, the property was purchased by Chris Blackwell, an icon in the music industry, who use to attend Sunday high teas with his mother.

Once Blackwell became the owner of the property many musicians including Bob Marley would visit the property for romantic escapes and relaxation. It is also here that Bob Marley used as a hideaway in the 1970s when he started receiving death threats.

In 1986, the first Strawberry Hill restaurant was opened but was sadly short-lived because within 2 years one of the island’s most disastrous hurricanes, Gilbert, struck and wrecked the building. All hope wasn’t lost as a young Jamaican architect by the name of Ann Hodges was able to capture the essence of the old Georgian great house with a bit of a contemporary twist.

In 1994 Strawberry Hill became the first hotel under the Blackwell’s Island Outpost hotel chain.

Accommodations At Strawberry Hill Jamaica

There are a few categories of accommodation to choose from at the strawberry hill hotel. However, there are some basic features that are available to each room including access to Wi-Fi, nightly turndown service, a minibar, room service, terry cloth bathrobes, a selection of toiletries and a private balcony with a breath-taking view. Here are the categories you can choose from:

  • Studio Suite
  • Studio Cottage
  • One-bedroom villa
  • Two-bedroom cottage
  • Two-bedroom villa

What Awards Have Strawberry Hill Jamaica Won?

The hotel has received a few rewards including:

  • Governor General’s Award for the Use of Wood in Architecture
  • Award of Merit as the Best Hotel
  • Governor General’s Most Beautiful Design Award

What Are The Check-In And Check-Out Times At Strawberry Hill Jamaica?

The check-in and check-out times at Strawberry Hill is 3 PM and 12 PM respectively.

Amenities at the Strawberry Hill Hotel

The Strawberry Hill Hotel is a perfect getaway for nature lovers. Its beautiful wooden architecture and serene location are one of a kind combination. Some of their amenities include:

  • Pools - the hotel has both a regular outdoor pool and an infinity pool
  • Bicycles - for those who want to go riding in the blue mountains
  • Free parking
  • Helipad for those who need extra privacy or just want to enjoy the ride.
  • Sauna
  • Meeting rooms
  • Hiking
  • Family-friendly activities
  • Restaurant
  • Snack bar
  • Bar and lounge
  • Horseback riding
  • Banquet room
  • Wedding planning packages

The Restaurant And Bar At Strawberry Hill

The restaurant at strawberry hill honours Jamaican’s multicultural cuisines. You can have your pick of traditional, classical or contemporary style meals.

Each guest receives a continental style breakfast free of charge each morning of their stay. The restaurant mainly serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but guests are able to order a salad or sandwich between lunch and dinner time if they get hungry.

If you enjoy basking in the privacy of your villa and don’t want to venture out, the hotel also offers in-room dining. Their room service menu consists of mainly traditional Jamaican meals.

The bar is considered to be the social centre of strawberry Hill. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cocktail. The bar’s signature cocktail is made from the owner’s very own brand of rum, Blackwell rum.

The Strawberry Hill Spa

The strawberry hill spa is a private escape of relaxation. Giving you the option of choosing between indoor or outdoor treatments. Not sure of what treatment to get? Upon arrival at the spa, you will be given a relaxing foot soak while looking out on the beautiful mountains.

Your spa therapist will ask a few questions to personalize a treatment plan for you. Here are some of the treatments available:

  • Sauna Experience which is complimentary with your choice of body treatment
  • Strawberry Hill Signature Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Blue Mountain Body Elixir
  • Salts of the Earth Body Scrub
  • Undaria Body Polish
  • Hydrating Honey and Coconut Milk Wrap
  • Sea of Life Hydration Ritual

There is also a yoga pavilion for all your yoga and meditation needs and if you love hiking there are a few treks that you might enjoy such as the peak of the blue mountains, through the countryside and the Gordon Town trail that follows rivers, streams and swimming holes.

What Is The Contact Number For Strawberry Hill Hotel?

The international reservation number for Strawberry his is 1 800-688-7678. You may also contact the hotel direct at 1-876-944-8400.

ADDRESS: Irish Town, St Andrew, Jamaica

FAX: 1-876 944-8408


If a nature escape has been on your bucket list of things to do, Strawberry Hill Hotel is the perfect place to do it.

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