The Good and Bad of Marijuana

by Holly Allen
(Montego Bay, Jamaica)

A day in the Country

A day in the Country

In my personal opinion I don't believe that marijuana should be legalized. Reason being it is not being used for the right purposes by those who use it.

On the other hand,Did you know that persons who use marijuana are more active when it comes on to sex?
Not speaking from experience though, this is what I heard from persons who use to use it :-)

On the contrary, there are potentially many negative effects to the user.

Some of the short-term effects of marijuana can include problems with memory and learning, distorted perception, difficulty in thinking and problem solving, loss of coordination and increased heart rate.

Research findings on long-term marijuana abuse indicate some changes in the brain, similar to those seen after long-term abuse of other major drugs.
For example, cannabinoid (THC or synthetic forms of THC) withdrawal in chronically exposed animals leads to an increase in the activation of the stress-response system and changes in the activity of nerve cells containing dopamine.

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Jan 31, 2012
Ignorant fools
by: Dr. Smart

Marijuana is a healing plant. Don't let government convince you otherwise. Anything in excess will be bad for you, pot is no exception.

Oct 16, 2011
its good bro
by: Anonymous

did some research on bud and this it wat it came up with:the health benefits of cannabis are well-documented in the treatment of
? Cancer - see marijuana and cancer
? Epilepsy
? Multiple sclerosis
? Arthritis - relieves stiffness and swelling
? AIDS and HIV
? Anxiety and panic attacks
? fibromyalgia - relieves pressure and chronic pain
? Gout - relieves swelling and pain in legs and feet
? Parkinson?s - help muscular tremors and pain
? Sexual dysfunction

Feb 16, 2011
marijuana seeds
by: marijuana seeds

According to Mr Hylton, another complicating factor -- and perhaps the most
critical in a practical sense -- would be the likely American response if
Jamaica were to go this route.

Jamaica would possibly be held to be non-compliant in America's war on drugs
and made ineligible for US aid. And US pressure need not end in the absence
of direct US economic and other assistance.

Feb 18, 2009
Let the tree grow
by: Richard from top road, little london

Marijuana should be legalized.

Holly Allen wrote
"Research findings on long-term marijuana abuse indicate some changes in the brain".

We are not talking about abuse here. We are talking about the basic use. Millions of people drink alcohol, smoke cigaretts, gambles etc.

Like any other habit forming product there are those who will abuse the product. They are doing it now and it is not legal. By making it legal the government will take away the idea that these people are doing something wrong, so the people who are doing it for a thrill will not feel the same effect and will more than likely stop. The county will get the benefit from one of its most precious natural resources.

I was born in a different country of Jamaican parents. I grew up partly in Jamaica and because it was there for me to do if I choose to, I never had the urge to do it while living in Jamaica. It was more than 15 years after leaving Jamaica and living in the states that the idea of doing it which is considered something bad led me to try it.

I'm still not a smoker. As a child in Jamaica I was given marijuana boiled as a tea for the common cold, and I can tell you that it worked. It is not only used for smoking, it is used for a wide variety of reasons which before one jump on the "ban it" train, one should explore. So I say legalize the herb, put it in the book of laws, like they say in Jamaica "put it on paper", so the people and not only will the bigger heads (government) get the monetary benefits.

After all it is semi legal now. You can smoke it anywhere without the police bothering you. To all my ganja smoking yardie and every other ganja smoker Big Up.

Dec 31, 2008
weed is good
by: Anonymous

the reason i think marijuana is good is cuz if u don't eat marijuana will help u eat and it can help with depression and bipolar and other things like that and that's why i think marijuana is good.

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