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US Elections Today - Jamaica Looks On Keenly

by Wellesley Gayle
Published November 8, 2016hilary_clinton_vs_donald_trump_us_elections_2016

As I write (11:30 AM, November 8, 2016), Americans have either already voted, or are queuing up to vote for their 45th president.

And either way the result goes, it was be a historic moment for the US - and the entire world!

The Republican Donald Trump is up against the Democrat Hillary Clinton.

And based on the polls, it is still a very close race, although the pundits have suggested that Hilary should win.

Both candidates have been dogged by accusations but they have seemingly overcome them to stage an interesting final leg battle.

Donald Trump, based on the latest reports, have gained some welcomed momentum over the last few days or so.

The general feeling in Jamaica and the global domain is that things will not be the same.

Either will bring their own style, philosophy and agenda to the table, and, been the most powerful national in the world, the feeling is that there could be some major shift.

To all my US family and friends, I wish you, and all America, the very best. But I will go off a tangent to say that I don't even necessarily want who YOU want to win, to win, but the best person for the job - the best for the USA first, and then for the entire world! If that turns out to be your candidate then great :-)

So, in the meantime, we watch and await the final result.

But let me ask you though:

Who do you want or expect to win? And what do you expect to happen in the US and the world if when either wins (Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump)?

And specifically to Jamaica land we love, do you expect the result to impact us?

Please share your comments with us here.

Wellesley Gayle

Comments for US Elections Today - Jamaica Looks On Keenly

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Nov 09, 2016
Trump win NEW
by: Anonymous

I have read the readers' comments and would like to say that their comments suggest that they do not study their Bible. Bible prophecy is just unfloding and they have elected the right person to help finish repudiating the laws of the USA taht the founding fathers instituted. There will be changes but those changes will hasten the coming of Christ. Look out for those blue laws of America just waiting to be signed in. Next year will be 500 years of protestantism and every protestants are going back to the Catholic church. America will change to speak like a dragon from a lamb according to the Bible and we see the beginning of it through Trump. If people were reading their Bibles they would be recognising where we are in time and run to get clser to God now as they see these things prophesied in the Bible.

Nov 09, 2016
well done donald NEW
by: Anonymous

to be honest i am not surprised and happy at the outcome. why did people believe he could come so far and not go the distance? i love that he is not a career politician but a real businessman who is not interested in being politically correct. people must remember he cannot act alone going forward there are advisors and teams who will be guiding him.

Nov 08, 2016
by: Anonymous

Jamaicans take heed. Opportunities are here but you have to work hard. You leave children behind, so what.

Get what you can and build in Jamaica. Do not expect much from either candidate. Stay abreast of the situation, and read between the lines.

Go to school and educate your family members to go back to school, so if they have to run to Jamaica they know where they are going and have what it takes. Dont buy into sneaker or things industries here.

Nov 08, 2016
When is enough time enough?
by: Anonymous

What confuses me is how Hillary has had 16 years in the White House (8 as 1st lady and 8 as sect'y of State) and she has not done what she is promising to do should she become president. why?

In contrast, Trump has never been in politics, but he has chosen a dynamite VP in Mike Pense--they make a good team. Whereas Trump took advantage of some loop holes in the tax system, he did nothing illegal.

His "locker-room" talk does not bother me--men do that, and women can take care of themselves. He just might change Washington for the better as he will smash up the "kingdom" both parties have built through the years.

It is a changing world and he has the strength and street sense to cope with the bullies in other countries. He is a quick learner. At the very least, he will buy us some time, and he may well be the TRUMP OF WARNING. Hopefully, he is not the LAST TRUMP.

Nov 08, 2016
Trump for the mentally unstable and rednecks !
by: Anonymous

If Trump gets elected the whole world is in trouble. He knows nothing about politics, people, or the military. He does not praise God, he thinks he is God !He knows money for the taking like all those poor folks who got taken each time he went bankrupt.
Watch out, there is a loose cannon on the roll !

Nov 08, 2016
God Bless America! Hillary would be a CURSE!!!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for caring about my country. Yes, whatever happens in this election will definitely impact Jamaica, the whole world. Hillary Clinton is not worthy of being President. So many things have come to light on both candidates, however, those things Hillary has done has already cost American Lives, and so much more. She is unfit to be considered an AMERICAN, must less our President. I agree totally 100% with those who have written before me, and I voted TRUMP. Not specifically for the 'man', but for the right choice for my country. He, at least, believes in GOD and in America and in the AMERICAN people, and he believes in The Constitution of the United States of America, by which we live and have lived .

America was NOT broken until Obama took office and he and his appointed ones have done nothing but cause strife, division, riots, infiltration into our country of Islam and that is only the beginning of the atrocities this man and this party has caused. the man is evil and I judge not his heart, but by his own words and deeds. Hillary is the same cloth as he is. EVIL.

The elections have been fraudulent, dead people voting for hillary, voting machines changing from the Republican vote to democrat vote before one even leaves the voting place! I don't know how this will end, the votes have been rigged for Hillary, so that should tell the world something about that party. Liars, lawless people who think they are above the laws. Other country officials do not like Obama nor this party, Hillary included.

She allowed our men in Benghazi to be tortured and killed, as well as other horrible crimes. This woman should be imprisoned not only for her actions in the past, but all that she is doing and has been doing since she bought her way into Obama's cabinet.

Please pray that GOD's Will be done for America, and the world. Thank you, my brother. God Bless you and God Bless Jamaica!

Nov 08, 2016
Not a perfect leader, but the right leader
by: Anonymous

May God's mighty Hand be upon the United States. God redeems what He allows. So I believe His Perfect will be done in a world of imperfect people. For some, It depends on what sin is worst than the other. For me, who is the right person even with their imperfections, who shows more character traits of being a great leader, who has shown in their personal lives that they can handle money, that they know how to deal with people honestly, who has a cool temperament, who has a track record normally of being a team player, instead of being a person of power? Who has shown me over the last few years that they truly want to make a difference in people's lives. I think a person who has a character of a bully, and will smear anyone's character, if they don't like them, or don't agree with them is dangerous, whether they say they are Christian or not. Civility trumps violent behaviour/actions. Love trumps hate. I rest my case. As a neighbour of the United Stated, I would like say - God Bless America!

Nov 08, 2016
The trueth about the enemy of the american people
by: Anonymous


With only a few hours remaining before the
Presidential election in the United States, the cover of the current Time Magazine captures the mood in the country about the election process: Hillary and Trump are shown holding a sign reading "The End Is Near." But all things are not equal in this election. Nearly everyone is trying to figure out who is the lesser of two evils, as the press harps on the "totally divided nation." But Lyndon LaRouche has made clear in the
past weeks that the nation is in fact not divided there is near unanimity in the hatred of Wall Street;the demand for Glass Steagall to crush the "too-big-to-fail" speculative monsters on Wall Street; hatred of the perpetual wars we have fought under Bush and Obama; hatred of the open planning for a nuclear confrontation with Russia and China; hatred for the disintegration of the US productive economy and the nation's infrastructure; hatred for the drug epidemic
which has torn families apart and destroyed the lives of millions of Americans, even while Obama preaches drug legalization; and, most of all, hatred for Obama.What is missing is a positive vision of what America can be, for itself and for the world.It is this gap in people's vision which the program presented by LaRouche, his Four Laws, is designed to fill, to restore optimism to a demoralized nation.And there are signs across the country that this concept is awakening the American people to this great task,at a great moment in history. The majority of the American people want Glass Steagall; the leaders of industry want access to credit, to produce and
to create jobs; the scientific leaders of the nation are prepared to restore American leadership in space, in fusion power development, and to teach a new generation of scientists. This is the inspiration the nation needs to rise above the degenerate political leadership and degenerate culture which has descended upon the country, and to restore the Hamiltonian policies which made this a great nation.We can, and must, restore that role today. With truly great leaders now running Russia and China, who are
already building the rest of the world through win-win cooperation in science and development, the U.S.simply needs to join this new paradigm, and drive it forward, rather than threatening to blow it up.Any effort to achieve this revolutionary shift in America must begin with the defeat of Barack Obama and his clone (or worse), Hillary Clinton.Even today, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg announced that 300,000 troops in Europe are to be placed on "high alert" to prepare for a war with Russia, while Hillary continues to rant that Russia and the KGB are
threatening the western world, and are the cause of her potential loss in the presidential race. Even the Green candidate for President, Jill Stein, who opposes Trump on nearly everything, agrees with him that Hillary's announced plans for no-fly-zones in Syria "amounts to a claration of war against Russia," and warned citizens that "in this election, we are not only deciding what kind of world we will have, but whether we will have a world or not going forward." This is, of course, the warning that Lyndon LaRouche
has been making since the systemic and escalating
takeover of government policy by London and Wall
Street following the assassination of John Kennedy.There will be no pause, no "honeymoon" for whoever gets elected on Tuesday. LaRouche today emphasized that "we are heading into a big crisis - a very big crisis." The population is enraged at the collapse of the nation and will demand real solutions immediately. Ending Obama's criminal warfare, implementing Glass Steagall, cannot wait for the new government in January. The population is ready to act, and must act, immediately.

Nov 08, 2016
Clinton to be indicted?
by: Simon

It's just a thought what if Clinton does become the next president and is indicted for a number of offences it is alleged she has done, would they have to move the Oval Office to a federal prison?
The list of offenses is growing all the time.
Malfeasance in Public office
Misfeasance in public office
treason (using a private email to carry out official correspondence with classified documents) that found their way into Russian, Chinese and Iranian hands.
hypocrisy (a moral crime) for advocating women's rights, but she accepts donations into the Clinton Foundation, from several Arab
governments with a strong record of human rights abuses and misogynist behaviour to women.
Tax evasion using the Clinton Foundation as their own piggy bank syphoning off 85% without paying tax on any of it.
Arms sales to Arab countries like Saudi Arabia who pass these weapons onto ISIS. Part of the contract is to donate to the Clinton Foundation.

and then they have Trump who is likely to be of the same caliber as Clinton. Who spends $100 million of their own money in the hope of getting elected for job that pays $300,000 a year? It doesn't add up unless he does what Hillary is doing, where the wages are just small change compared to the kickbacks on offer.

What a choice. None of the above

Nov 08, 2016
The Average American...
by: Anonymous

There are few things that educated countries like Jamaica will never understand:
1. Americans are not Educated to know anything; many have no idea where Boston is and even more have never left their state. American are educated to get jobs. The professionals are educated to do what they are educated to do and High School students are educated to work in Fast Food restaurants. Liberal education, that is knowledge of the world and geopolitical awareness is almost non-existent.
2. The Billionaires rule. The concept (falsely so) is that anyone in America can become a millionaire. The hard facts are far from that. Illusions prevail.
3. Hate fanned by Fear and racism is almost always the order of the day. Trump's popularity soared when he identified the groups of his dislikes.
4. To truly understand the atmosphere of America, one need only to look at Nazi Germany just prior to World War 11.
5. Justice is lacking in the American legal system. Case in point id the Militia's action in Oregan as opposed to what is happening with the Indias in South Dakota. Because justice is missing, the frustration level is extremely high. Trump, will keep the present system whereby only the rich will have justice. Clinton has been in the system for many years and nothing changed. As a matter fact, it was her husband who designed the for-profit prison system to house minorities. So, there's a lack of trust there. The prison system resident is about 8% minorities when the black population of America is a mere 12%.
6. Racism rule. Iranians, Indians from India, many Hispanics will list themselves as white and not because they want to disrespect their heritage, but because it is easier to make progress as a white person than a non-white. Trump used that fact to his advantage.
Those are only 6 of the many reasons why the election turned out the way it did. I could be wrong, but that's my observation.

Nov 08, 2016
US Election
by: Venis

Hi Wellesley, how are you? Everything is in the hands of God? God already choose who is to run this country, so I don't let this stress me out. All we can do is pray, because it's already done. For me it's Hillary because of her experience and knowledge. I strongly believe she is for all people.

They both have their demons, they both have some bad baggages. He is not going to give His people more than we can bear. just keep on prayer, it does't matter what we think right on about these candidates, God is having way. Be blessed!

Nov 08, 2016
US Elections
by: Marine-Patriciah Williams

I feel sorry for the decent, honest, hardworking
US citizens. Neither Clinton or Trump are
to be trusted. Good luck America and the
rest of the world WATCH OUT!!😯😯

Nov 08, 2016
working class & billionaire?
by: Anonymous

I do not understand how working class Americans can support a capitalist billionaire who does not pay taxes, buys foreign steel while American mills close down, and refuses to pay his sub-contractors. It totally baffles me. Not that the other choice is great either, but at least she offers free higher education which will benefit all families and offer opportunity for social and economic advancement.

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