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Volcanic Activity In Jamaica? Or Mystery Fire?

by Wellesley

Mystery Fire In TrinityVille, Jamaica

Mystery Fire In TrinityVille, Jamaica

A mystery fire? Obeah? End Times? or Volcanic Activity?

Those are the questions on the minds of the residents of Moffat (Mt. Vernon) in Trinityville - a small community in the mountains of St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Over the past week, the attention of many Jamaicans have been directed with great alarm, curiosity and concern, at this unusual phenomenon deep in the mountains of St. Thomas, east of the island.

An underground fire which was discovered by a farmer from sometime in July (three months ago) continues to amaze the local community and Jamaicans in general.

And the strange (actually one of the strange) thing about it is that, certainly from the pictures, it appears that leaves and shrubs albeit dried, are still visible on top of it despite the red hot matter peculating below.

And when poked or stimulated it seems to ignite the material very easily.

Some of the initial assertions and pronouncements by locals are that:

  • There might be oil deposits in the mountains,
  • It might be an act of obeah
  • it is a sign of volcanic activity,
  • While others say it is really a sign of end times!

There is a (now popular) amatuer video on youtube that captures some of it but you might find it very offensive because of the many curse words used by some of the
local visitors to the area - who are clearly in awe and wonder.

According to the Gleaner, Professor Simon Mitchell, head of the Department of Geology and Geography here at the University of the West Indies, asserted that "there is no concrete evidence of volcanic activity".

That t is based on his initial view of the video and descriptions provided to him by the news reporting team.

According to him, this is not the first time they have heard of such a situation of burning in the ground.

He continued:

"There is absolutely no chance of oil up in the mountains. The rocks are not the right rocks. It's just as simple ... It's possible that things are in the soil that can give off that scent.

So just because you're smelling something, it does not mean that it's coming from the earth, but it could be coming from something above it. Sulphur smell can be produced pretty easily,"

If you are still interested in viewing the video, you can do a quick search on youtube via this link.

Oil deposits? Volcanic Activity? Obeah, or End Times?

What's your take on all this mystery though? . I welcome your feedback here

One thing I know for sure, Jamaica always have something to gain the attention from the eyes of the world :-)

Source: Jamaica-Gleaner

Comments for Volcanic Activity In Jamaica? Or Mystery Fire?

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Mar 09, 2016
Not a Volcano
by: Samuel UK

This is not a volcano it is some kind of sulphur or material that has been there for a very long time since the rock was formed or something that came from space i.e. a meteor. After some time the intense heat of the sun ignite it. It is quite a normal phenomenon. I don't see anything unusual about it.
Off course it fascinate some people and that's alright and pretty normal too. the best thing to do here for safety reason is to remove because it potentially could cause injury or a bush fire. Yes I can be removed and contained I grantee you if one was to dig it out one would discover that it is no more that a few feet deep or a metre at most. I do hope that the authorities contain it.

Oct 18, 2015
Too much excitement; too little evidence
by: Julaine

First of all, the reporting isn't done very well in that it shows a close up photo, not the surroundings. Next, get a report from scientists who have visited the site to calm down the neighbors. Or perhaps the neighbors are enjoying the attention poor little St. Thomas rarely gets.

As far as being a volcano, while it is probably not that, Jamaican history does have records of significant earthquakes on the island. That is what you need to worry about.

Where was this story originally published? In the newspaper or just on the Internet? Consider the source of the "news" before deciding its value.

Oct 15, 2015
Volcano (dis no sound rite)
by: Anonymous

Volcano? Are they sure its not a coal skil (spelling could be wrong) that someone forgot. Non yardies, that is burning tree trunks or branches covered by earth to make coal..

Oct 14, 2015
Volcanic Activity
by: Elizabeth

I first saw the video on Facebook, but like I commented there, WHERE IS NEPA and the other investigative bodies?

I am 45 years old and from I was a child It was said that Jamaica is a sleeping volcano and that the mineral BATH in St. Thomas has a volcano under it,that's why the water is so hot, how true is it I don't know.

But what really amazes me is the fact that the fire is red hot burning in the ground yet the leaves above and around it is not burnt.

Oct 14, 2015
no volcano in Jamaica

its not volcanic activity and not oil. When a lot of leaves stay longtime they rot and make one gas, methane, dis gas burn spontaneous if enough when he meet oxygen. If you go in Black river you con see somme bubble come from water, this is this gas.
I never saw volcanic witness in Jamaica, only on beach of Farquhas black sand and Bath hot water.
When one volcano born he dont come like it. And not oil I tell like professor, no good rock for that.

Oct 13, 2015
bush fire
by: Trevor Duncan

those hills always burn during a drought, from Jacks Hill to there. From Danvers Pen you used to see a ring of red fire at nights and ring of smoke at daytime.....lots of flint stone

Oct 13, 2015
Flame on the surface not volcano
by: Collin

They are just showing the fire not the whole area, not volcanic but something flammable like coal deposit or shale, they should be pumping water into it to put it out and test the area to see what value there is if they can mine it.

Not easy to tell from this video what is burning, it may look like rock but could be coal deposit that someone unknowingly make a fire on so it continue to burn.

Oct 13, 2015
by: Una

It sure will be interesting to hear the finial concludtion on this.
As you said Jamaica seem to have something different to propel it into the world notice.

Oct 13, 2015
Volcanic Activity in Jamaica? Or Mystery Fire?
by: Patricia

I believe that the smoke is from a fire that was not put out properly. There is no evidence so far to say that a volcano is forming. There is need for more investigation before arriving at a conclusion.

Oct 13, 2015
Sulphur Deposits?
by: SheronP

Is it really volcanic activity or maybe the same kind of phenomenon that occurs at Fire Water in St. Anne - sulphur deposits???

Oct 13, 2015
Volcanic Activity
by: Anonymous

From the Time this event had been reported, Jamaica should have dispatched the appropriate authorities to the site to do a full investigation , not just to find out what it is, but to also ease the minds of the public.

Why is Jamaica so backwards and act like the public don't deserve to know the facts vs speculations.

I Viewed the video on facebook and immediately viewed it as lava, and became very concern and prayed that Jamaica will handle this in a complete and professional manner and also take it very serious.

I pray for my home land and the people that lives their..

Oct 13, 2015
how tragic!!
by: Anonymous

it is certainly irresponsible to say without concrete evidence that the activity is volcanic or any of the other claims that are been made. what needs to happen is to have experts go in and make a report of what is currently happening so that the residence and the general population can have a sense of safety.

Oct 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

this is scary

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