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Where can I buy pimento wood?

by James
(Dallas,Texas USA)

Its berries, its bark, its leaves and even its wood are premium products! Yes, that Jamaican pimento! Today's question is... yes, where can pimento wood be bought?

Where can I buy pimento wood for cooking jerk in Texas? If not, how can I get that authentic taste without it?

ANSWER: by Wellesley

Hey James,
Thanks for asking!

You are in luck!

There are a couple, but literally only two places I found (online) that might work for you.

Where can I buy pimento wood? - jamaican pimento wood

New Update! Hi James (and Readers),

Great news! Per popular demand, I'm now offering authentic Jamaican Pimento Wood on my Etsy Store!

Click Here to review my prices.

Also, as a special gift to you and my website readers, use code:PIMENTO15 and get and INSTANT 15% off, while stocks last!

  1. The first one is big and reputable
    Click this link to compare their prices.

  2. The other is a website called
    They seem to have everything pimento - including the chips, charcoal, flakes, leaves and sauces.

I'd suggest you look at both of them and compare.

How Can You Get The Authentic Jerk Taste - Without Pimento

That's dicey my friend. I don't think you'll ever be able to replicate the authentic taste without the real stuff my friend, but you may come close.

I've been doing some research though and found some quite crafty recommendations.

Here they are...

  • Soak just under a 1/4 cup of whole allspice berries in water for about half an hour, then sprinkle them over the coals of the grill then cover to allow the smoke to soak the meat, fish or seafood.
  • Put the dried berries / seeds in the blender and crush them for a few seconds, soak as above, then sprinkle over and then cook over those charcoals, ensure it is natural wood though.
  • Use dry Jamaican jerk spice and cook very slow oven or grill.

I think I like the latter more though :-) Good luck!

And what if you have NO allspice/pimento berries/ powder?

According to, as a substitute for a teaspoon of allspice, you can use 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves, and a pinch of ground nutmeg.

In fact, pimento is termed 'allspice' because its flavour appears to be a blend of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg!


Be sure to read more on Jamaicam allspice here.

You may also be interested in getting this Jerk Sauce Recipe.

Of course, if you have any further questions, or need direct recommendations, please don't hesitate to contact me here.

As usual, I welcome your comments here.


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Comments for Where can I buy pimento wood?

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Feb 28, 2020
Pimento wood
by: JohnB

I live in Houston Tx and am in need of pimento wood your website says you are sold out right now how soon will you have the wood in stock ?

Wellesley's Note

Hi John,
Wellesley here. I might be able to assist. I have similar and related products on my store at, eg. pimento leaves and pimento seeds, but not pimento wood as yet.

Contact me at gwellesley at and let me see if I can work something for you.

Sep 21, 2019
by: Jodi Schoenauer

We are the owners of Pimento Thank you so much for the call out. We are the only authorized importer a Pimento wood for the last 13 years. I did look at that Amazon link. $600 for 20 pounds of wood seems a little excessiveโ€ฆ

If you have any questions donโ€™t hesitate to contact us!
Jodi & Gary

Wellesley's Note
Hey Jodi,
Thanks for the note! And congrats on the pimento venture! Love it!

I sent you a private note via the website yesterday, kindly review and respond to me. You may also reach out to me via email at wellesley (at)


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