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Why Travel To Jamaica?
Reasons To Make Jamaica Your Next Vacation Destination

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Why Travel To Jamaica?Why Travel To Jamaica?

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Jamaica, Jamaica!!! Jamaica is known for many things, primarily our culture, undeniable beauty and music. People visit Jamaica for many reasons, whether for business or pleasure. In terms of absolute numbers, Jamaica saw a total of 1 million visitors in 2020, placing it 85th in the world.

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The United States ranked as the most popular country of origin among foreign visitors to the Caribbean island in 2020, with nearly 640 overnight tourist arrivals in Jamaica. With 132 thousand tourist arrivals, Canada took second place in the ranking.

So people are visiting Jamaica, and here are some of the reasons.


Sandals Red Lane Spa - Couples Massage | Sandals Ochi (Photo: Red Lane Spa - Couples Massage | Sandals Ochi (Photo:

One of the most romantic vacation spots in the world, Jamaica offers everything from the Reach Falls' naturally occurring heart-shaped "jacuzzi" to the breathtaking Negril sunsets.

Even if you aren’t an adventurous couple and would rather bask in each other's presence, several resorts are perfect for the newlywed couple such as Sandals Resorts' overwater bungalows that all form a beautiful heart in the middle of the sea.


Why Travel To Jamaica? Wedding DestinationWhy Travel To Jamaica? Wedding Destination

This is the best location in which to exchange vows. There are numerous ways to unwind, unwind, and have fun in Jamaica before, during, and after saying "I do."

Portland and Negril have some of the most breathtaking natural backdrops for an outdoor wedding, while some resorts plan the most beautiful weddings for you right on their sandy beaches.


Why Travel To Jamaica? | Rose Hall Great HouseWhy Travel To Jamaica? | Rose Hall Great House

Traveling to Jamaica, one of the world's most diverse countries, is a fascinating educational experience. Many tours will bring you around the cities and break down their history for you, or you can do your research and go on an all-island tour to visit the places that fascinate you most. The Rose hall great house, fort Charles and the Bob Marley museum should be on your list.


Why Travel To Jamaica? | JamWest Adventure Park (Photo: Travel To Jamaica? | JamWest Adventure Park (Photo:

A place of adventure can be found on the island of rhythm and sway. Some of the most thrilling activities include ziplining through the rainforest, parasailing, and ATV rides through the jungle.


Why Travel To Jamaica? | Jamaican Dishes (Jerk Chicken, Roast Sweet Potatoes, Plantain, Ripe Bananas, Ackee and Festivals)Why Travel To Jamaica? | Jamaican Dishes (Jerk Chicken, Roast Sweet Potatoes, Plantain, Ripe Bananas, Ackee and Festivals)

Jamaica is a destination for foodies, offering everything from jerks to patties to famous ice cream. Jamaican cuisine is worldwide and what better place to experience it than its home?


Why Travel To Jamaica? | Seven-Mile BeachWhy Travel To Jamaica? | Seven-Mile Beach

Reserve your space on one of our beautiful beaches. There is a beach in Jamaica for everyone, whether you want to enjoy the sun or explore the underwater world. The world-famous seven-mile beach is a go-to for many first-time travellers to Negril and if you are visiting Montego Bay, don’t leave without visiting the doctor’s cave beach.


Why Travel To Jamaica? | Jamaican Mento BandWhy Travel To Jamaica? | Jamaican Mento Band

Jamaica is the Caribbean region's cultural epicentre. Our culture is unique to us but also so diverse and fun because it is made of many different people coming together to form one outstanding Jamaica. Come experience live reggae music, street dancing, festivals, carnival, and much more when you visit us.


A View of Montego Bay From Bogue HillA View of Montego Bay From Bogue Hill

A pleasant visit to Jamaica is made possible by the warm Caribbean climate and its liquid sunshine. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure basking in the beautiful sunshine, catching a glimpse of the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets you will probably ever see should be on your list of things to do.

The People

Jamaican Family Beach DayJamaican Family Beach Day

 Some of the friendliest people in the world will greet you as soon as you land. Say hello and join the conversation! We are a super friendly and caring bunch. Not only is our sunshine warm but our people as well. The Jamaican people are an experience all on their own.

A visit to Jamaica can truly be a life-changing experience.

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Today I' share with you a video of yet another interesting Jamaican, actually a couple, Mr. Mack and Ms. Junie, as they took us on a tour of their farm, enjoy!

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Why Travel To Jamaica? | Written: September 09, 2022

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New! Experience The REAL Jamaica!
Book Your Private Tour here and experience Jamaica the way we (locals) do!

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