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Tryall Club
Luxurious And Relaxing Villa Accommodations In Hanover

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Tryall Club - Sea Glass Villa | Tryall ClubTryall Club - Sea Glass Villa | (Photo Credit: Tryall Club)

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Steeped in history and set in a location that allows you to appreciate the mountains just as much as the Caribbean Sea is the Tryall Club. This group of independently owned suites is the perfect depiction of what staying in luxurious villa accommodations should be like.

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But how did these luxury accommodations come about? What was Tryall like before all the opulence and lavish villas lined the property?

The History of Tryall Club

This vast property sits on what was first home to the Taino people(our first inhabitants), then a fort of defence against the French and the Spanish who tried and failed to recapture the island from the British. This same land is one of some 488 great homes and plantations that was owned by the British in Colonial Jamaica.

Henry Fairchild first owned Tryall. Firstly he purchased 283 acres and steadily increased his estate to the vast, lush lands we now know as Tryall. The estate was named in honour of Fort Tryall, which can still be found on the property today. This is not the only nod to an era gone, that can be found on the property. Quite charmingly, there is a water wheel that was erected on the property in 1700, still stands and functions even now.

The estate changed hands once to the Allens before the DeLissers acquired it. In 1957, after the decline in production of the major exports at the time, American businessmen visited Tryall and thought it would be an excellent vacation spot.

William DeLisser sold the property and the estate was transformed from humble farmlands to every tourist's dream vacation.

The plan was to sell individual properties to persons who would construct and decorate privately owned villas as part of the private members' country club.

This worked and it transformed into what we now know as the Tryall Club. Tryall is a national treasure, a fact that was recognized by the Jamaican National Heritage Trust and the Government of Jamaica.

Where Is Tryall Club Located?

This 2,200-acre property is located in the parish of Hanover on the western end of Jamaica. It boasts a 1.5-mile beach lined with beachfront properties as well as villas in the forestry areas with the most captivating views. Along with this, comes a host of amenities that we will get to in a second.

What Are The Accommodations Like At Tryall Club?

The property boasts 88 private villas, 75 luxury estate villas and 13 Greathouse villas.

Luxury Estate Villas

These were created with an emphasis on luxury and large groups. This makes it perfect for families, multiple families or a large friend group, especially one with children. Luxury estate villas are usually between 2 - 10 bedrooms and include the services of a Chef, Housekeeper, Laundress, Gardener and Butler.

You never have to leave your luxury accommodations unless you want to as it comes with its own pool and some even have a personal gym as well.

Relaxing on vacation is a lot easier when you need not worry about how your basic needs will be met while on your trip.

Greathouse Villas

Greathouse Villas are not as large as luxury estate villas and therefore, they do not include the amenities that come with the other villa option. There are 13 Greathouse villas which can be either a 1 or 2 bedroom dwelling.

Common Features In The Tryall Villas

There are some common features in all villa accommodations including:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Private Balconies
  • A Safe
  • Wi-Fi
  • Room Service

Eating and Drinking While At Tryall Club

There is always the option to have the resort stock your villa beforehand, or make a trip out of it and arrange with your driver to stop at the supermarket while on your way to the villa on your arrival. There is also the option to stock groceries from the commissary on the property for your first dinner and breakfast, then, meet with your chef to plan for the meals to come.

For dietary restrictions, just inform the club prior to your arrival and your groceries will be bought and meals will be prepared with them in mind.

If you wish, there are also outside dining spaces that you can take advantage of for a pleasurable meal outside of your villa but still on the property. All you have to do is say the word to your butler or chef and he/she will arrange this for you.

These spaces range from dinner on the beach with the sunset before you and sand between your toes, dinner by the water wheel on the property, or a lovely meal surrounded by nature in the Organic Garden. I must point out that these are just three of the options for a private dinner.

You can make the dining experience even more delightful by asking the club to include live music, whether it be a steel band, mento band, saxophonist or violinist.

The Great House terrace is also a perfect spot for private dinners and dinner parties which the club will happily arrange.

One ritual at the Tryall Club is the complimentary afternoon tea served promptly at 4 pm, a tradition that has been in place since the 1930s. Tea is held on the terrace and verandah of the 1834 rebuild of the Great House. This offers gorgeous uninterrupted views of the Caribbean Sea and some parts of the heavy forest behind.

If you were wondering about restaurants and bars on property, yes there is. The beach restaurant and grill are perfect for casual meals of Jerk Chicken, salads or a pizza throughout the day. You can either enjoy waterfront dining or have it delivered to you at your villa instead.

If you are in the mood for a drink the Great House Villa is great for pre-dinner cocktails, while the beach bar is highly recommended for a good time by the water.

Enjoying these amenities have been made easy by a credit that can be set up at the start of your vacation. This can be used at the commissary as well as at the Great House and Beach eateries as well.

Options For Socialising At Tryall Club

  • Dinners and Cocktails with the owners - This is quite a popular trend. If there are villa owners on the property while you are there, you might be invited for a little get together at their villa, arranged by the chefs of the villas both parties are staying at.

Other opportunities to socialise include: 

  • The Manager’s Cocktail Party - held in the winter months by the beach
  • The Jamaica Night Party - held in the summer months at the Great House

Don’t be perturbed though, the villas are designed to have you socialise as much or as little as you wish to, so you can stick to having your own parties or just relaxing in your villa.

Entertainment and Activities At the Tryall Club

  • 18 hole golf course
  • 9 court tennis facilities
  • Motorised or Non-motorized watersports
  • Beach Club
  • 0 level entry pool, perfect for children.
  • Gym facilities

Special Amenities For Children

Is Tryall Club Adult-Only?

No, it was built with families in mind and there are no restrictions on the age of the child. There are nanny services available with adequately trained nannies from Penn State University. These nannies will gladly watch your child as they partake in the various activities catered towards them, while you have some adult fun or some well-deserved downtime.

The Kids Club offers fun activities, including scavenger hunts when there are many groups on property. An activity that is quite popular with returning kids.

Marriages at Tryall Club

Many have fallen in love with the property, so much so that they decide to say their “I do’s” here. If you are one such person, then you’ll be glad to know that you can utilise the assistance of the wedding planner on the property.

With the Great House and various nature spots around the property, not to mention villas like Hanover Grange and Sundance which are among the most popular and most suitable villas for a trip.

How long should you spend at Tryall Club?

I really would recommend at least 5-7 days. That way you can decide whether all your days will be spent lounging about, enjoying the features of the property, traversing the island or a mixture of all (which I recommend). While you are here on vacation to relax, it is always good to include a little sightseeing off the property.

Which airport is best to fly into for Tryall Club?

The best and most convenient airport is Sangster’s International, which is only 30 to 45 minutes away from the villa.

How do you get around the property?

Well, Luxury Estate Villas are given adequate golf carts depending on the number of persons in their party.

Are the Villas wheelchair accessible?

With 88 properties, Tryall Club has been able to provide comfortable and convenient lodges for each guest. While not all villas are wheelchair accessible, Serenity, Harmony Hill and Aqua Bay are counted among the wheelchair accessible villas.

When is the best time to visit Tryall Club?

Is there really a ‘best time’ to visit the island? I highly doubt it. However, for those trying to escape the cold winters then the end of December to April is perfect for you. The summer months are great as well, however, it should be avoided if you mind a slight drizzle.

Jet Setting Across the Island via XO

With the private jet services, you can fly to various towns in Jamaica, and the Sangsters International Airport at discounted, Tryall Club member-only prices. Remove all the stress that comes with travelling commercial.

Give yourself the space to truly enjoy the island without having to worry about cancelled flights and hours-long car rides to each end of the island.

Healthcare at Tryall Club

The overall well-being of each guest is something that has been thoroughly considered. As such, in addition to the on-site nurse there is also an EMed healthcare facility on the property.

In the unfortunate event that someone falls ill or has an accident, the EMed team can get to any of the on-call doctors or schedule emergency transfers via aeroplane, even to international cities. This is expense is included in your temporary membership dues.

Membership Types At Tryall Club

Speaking of Memberships, you must have one to be on the Tryall Club property and there are 7 types:

  • Propriety - For members who own villas on the property
  • Non-Propriety - For family members (spouse, child, grandchild) of villa owners who have inherited their membership from a parent
  • Resident - For property owners with a home/s in Jamaica that isn’t located on the Tryall property.
  • Overseas Golf - For members not owning a home in Jamaica
  • Overseas Standard - For members not owning a home in Jamaica
  • Corporate Membership - For hotels in Jamaica not located on the Tryall Estate. The privileges are extended to the guests of the hotel, not the owners themselves. Guest will get temporary memberships.
  • Temporary Membership - Membership for persons renting Tryall Villas.

Temporary membership is what you will get if you stay at Tryall. It allows you full access to all the facilities and guest rate green tees for golfing.

It will be difficult to leave when it is finally time to go but I think knowing you have a full suitcase of laundered and ironed clothes will definitely lift your spirits.

Don’t worry too much, Tryall Club will be there to welcome you once again.

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