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Bloody Bay
Negril, Jamaica

Bloody Bay BeachBloody Bay Negril

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by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Jamaica is home to many a beach but Bloody Bay is truly one of the best. What was once a hippies paradise is now a modern beach, with luxurious hotel accommodations along its shores. This development, however, has not taken away from the charm that attracted its visitors, in the first place.

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Where Is Bloody Bay?

Located just 10 minutes away from the bustling casual paradise that is Negril, you’ll find Bloody Bay. As stunning as the coastline is, that is not the only charming thing about the area. You will be able to see the locals fishing, giving tours to both local and international visitors and selling their products along the beach.

The beach is always a hit with parents especially those with young children and do you know why? It is because the beach is generally calm and peaceful with a fairly easy entrance. With turquoise waters combined with white sand beaches, it will be very easy to see the sea animals while they swim around. It is also perfect for finding beautiful and unique shells.

Why Is It Called Bloody Bay?

It isn’t the most inviting name for a beach, is it? I know, but don’t let it stop you from visiting this one. The Bloody Bay beach was so named because of the whalers you inhabited the area back in the olden days.

They would disembowel their catch on the shores of the beach, causing the water to turn red. Thankfully, this practice has long been discontinued in the area and now you can enjoy the town for its laid back charm and natural beauty.

There is some historical significance to the area as well. During the 1812 War between the United States and the then owners of an enslaved Jamaica, Britain, Bloody Bay was the assembly and departure point of the British army's failed attempt to invade the American city of New Orleans.

This bay is also where famed Pirate Calico Jack Rackham and his crewmates were accosted after several litres of rum were found.

If you have ever visited the area I am sure you’ll agree that it is hard to picture any of these events happening on the shores of this beach. Fortunately, the only excitement you will get these days are from the various water sports, tours, restaurants and impromptu parties being held along the shores of the Bloody Bay.

What To Do In Bloody Bay Negril?

You won’t be short on activities at the beach. If you would just like to have a day at the beach laying on a rented chaise, reading an absorbing book or enjoying a good picnic then that is absolutely fine. But if you would like a more adventurous day the beach facilitates that as well. You can bring your own gear but there is no need to. They can be rented right there on the beach. So just prepare yourself to:

  • Kayak
  • Parasail
  • Dive
  • Snorkel
  • Take Catamaran Boat Trips
  • Visit The Coral Reef
  • Sail
  • Mountain Bike
  • Visit Caves or
  • Take Canoe Trips

The canoe trip to the Negril Great Morass is truly exciting. The protected area is where you’ll find the tallest palms trees, crocodiles and exotic birds living in their element.

While on the beach, there is no need to pack a lunch or snack with you. Fully immerse yourself in the town and eat authentic Jamaican food prepared right there on the beach. There is truly nothing like having Jerk chicken with festivals and a red stripe beer on the beach with friends.

Negril is known as the capital of casual and this has extended to the Bloody Bay. Clothing-optional sunbathing is permitted to some areas of the beach if that is something you are interested in. If not, don’t worry, the beach provides something for everyone and you can enjoy the Bloody Bay, just the same as not all areas are clothing optional.

You do not want to miss the sunsets in the area. As day turns to night, the most beautiful display of oranges and yellows brighten the sky making for the perfect backdrop to a day well spent. A little stroll up to the Negril Lighthouse will give an even better view of the sunset.

The sunset leads to more festivities. As night begins, it is time to shop and indulge some more in Jamaican cuisine all while listening to the most vibrant live music you’ll hear. The sounds of Reggae and Calypso envelop the area and encourage all around to dance and have a good time.

Is Bloody Bay Nice?

Yes, it is! Although I am pretty sure you have gathered that by now. Some areas of the beach are free, however, there are some resorts in the area that do not permit anyone who isn’t a guest to access their beach.

But with the fun activities, food and sunset there isn’t a more Jamaican way to spend your vacation!

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