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3 Fun, Safe & Affordable Sites For Camping Near Kingston

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Camping Near Kingston, Jamaica
by Deon Clarke

Camping is fun, great fun!  And whether you are a local or visiting from overseas looking for camping near Kingston, you can be sure to find safe and fun campsites near Kingston that will appeal to your desires.

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You might be staying in the big city but still want to enjoy the tranquil hills and valleys, gardens, the sound of birds chirping, the still of the night, fishing, nature walks and a host of other activities that camping has to offer.

Well, you are in luck as we have compiled the best available options of camping near Kingston, 4 of them!

Happy camping!

1) The Blue Mountain Wilderness Retreat and Campsite

Blue Mountain Wilderness Retreat and CampsitePhoto:

Located just about 2 hours drive from the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, The Blue Mountain Wilderness Retreat and Campsite will offer you the nature loving experience of a lifetime!

Nestled at about 1000 ft above sea level, this amazing site located in the Blue Mountains and will provide you with the solace of your own personal space and the inner peace you desire. 

All are invited - from large gatherings for the purposes of events to a small family or individual. The only way you can access this retreat is by taking a one mile hike through the town of Bangor Ridge in Portland, where you get to meet the pleasant and hospitable locals who have mastered the art of coffee farming.  

This retreat will offer you with two campsite options:

  • The Grand Ridge View, which boasts the Jamaica House Cabin which can accommodate 4 persons. Here you will get a view to die for.  Imagine,   standing 1000 ft above sea level, enjoying breathtaking panoramic views of the Blue Mountain range with hills and valleys stretched across like a picturesque landscape.

  • Then there is the Bamboo Grove, conveniently hidden among the majestic masses of bamboo trees, a 3-storey apartment structure accommodating approximately 20 persons.  And of course, if you are the more adventurous type, each site can facilitate tents and tent sites to suit your tastes for up to 15 persons.

It is the perfect get-away if you want to enjoy a relaxing and exhilarating peace of mind, in a secluded but safe and fun-filled environment. 

The current operators are Sun Venture Tours, you can contact them today at: 1-876 924 4515 email: or web site:

2) The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

camping_near_kingston_holywell_credit_blueandjohncrowmountainsORGPhoto Credit:

For you the nature loving enthusiast, there is never a dull moment when you check in at this majestic gem in the mountains!  It is truly the hiker’s dream! 

You get to enjoy bird watching with over 120 species of birds including 28 that are endemic to Jamaica and over a 100 native species.

This is the only place in Jamaica where you can get to have this truly unique experience.

However, the fun doesn’t end there, the 4 hour long Blue Mountain hike trail which takes you to Jamaica’s highest point at 7402 ft. This intense journey over rough terrains will certainly keep you fit.

And still, the fun is not over yet though, now you get to rest enjoy the tranquil camping escape at Holywell Campsite

Camp Holywell offers a great spot for barbecues, adequate water supply and shower and toilet amenities. Be prepared to have a bath at chilling temperatures though!

Tents are available for rent at a small cost. This can be a truly rewarding experience for you and your family.

You may contact them today at:  (876) 920-8278-9

3) Camp Verley

camping_near_kingston_cape_verley_credit_facebook_pagePhoto: Camp Verley FB

Located on 300 acres of lush, green, fertile, virgin lands in the hills of Spring Village, St. Catherine, Camp Verley is your dream away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Owned and operated, by the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, this natural beauty is home to may functions and events such as retreats, conventions and weddings, but ever so importantly, yes camping! 

From crystal clear naturally flowing waters with waterfall, to friendly wild life and horticulture at its best, campers can take early or late afternoon strolls along designated trails where you can be sure to come across the edifying bible verses. You can listen to the sound of birds chirping while enjoying a gentle breeze. 

The site boasts two condos that can accommodate 30 persons each and 13 cabins that can accommodate 20 persons each which offers adequate space for the happy camper.

Arrangements can be made for overnight stay where you would have access to a kitchen to prepare sumptuous meals and a there is also a two bedroom guest house featuring amenities.

This is truly your place to relax and make lasting memories.

Contact them today at: (876) 550-1898; 984-2044; 984-5576-7 or visit

By the way, I recommend you check out these, the top adventure tours in Jamaica as well. You'll love it!

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