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Campion College
Fortes in Fide et Opere
(Steadfast In Faith And Good Works)

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Campion College Jamaica | (Photo Credit : Facebook)Campion College Jamaica | (Photo Credit : Facebook)

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

One thing that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon in Jamaica is the desire of both parents and children for the child to attend a traditional high school. These schools typically rank higher academically, so attending such a school is an obvious sign the child is brilliant.

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Campion College being in the top 10 schools on the island and quite often the school at the number 1 position, definitely fits into this category.

Have you heard of them? Or, are you interested in getting your child admitted? Well, I’m about to share a bit of their history with you, their admission process, graduation process and the extracurricular programmes they offer.

History of Campion College

Campion College, located in Kingston, is a highly distinguished Roman Catholic school with an impressive academic and athletic history.

The school opened its doors on January 5, 1960, with 101 first-form pupils and a faculty of four Jesuit Fathers. The first classes were held that day under a pavilion and in classrooms rented from Campion Hall Preparatory School. The school bears Saint Edmund Campion's name, a revered and accomplished Oxford scholar, priest, and martyred Jesuit. 

In most cases, students who score high grades in their PEP (Formally G-SAT) exams in primary school stand a higher chance of being placed at this prestigious institution. However, in some rare cases, if a student was placed at or is already attending a different high school, they can try applying for admission at Campion College. 

What Do The Symbols On The Campion Crest Mean?

Campion College Crest | (Photo Credit: Campion College)Campion College Crest | (Photo Credit: Campion College)

An Open Book – representing learning and knowledge, including that of St. Edmund Campion.

A Palm Branch – symbol of victory, especially the victory after martyrdom.

A Pineapple – symbol of Jamaica, which is found on Jamaica’s Coat of Arms and royal standard, on the currency and on the Coat of Arms of the Archbishop.

A Campion Flower – the Campion flower is pink with a red of yellow center, and it represents Campion College; it is always drawn at a 45 degree angle to signify ‘charge’ or ‘go forward’.

Admission Into Campion College

  1. Download a copy of the application form online or pick up the application form in person at the main office.

  2. Pay the application cost, which is non-refundable (first form transfer application only), at the Bursar's desk. It does not ensure that a spot will be made available. Only after a successful evaluation and if a spot is available would Campion College admit students.

  3. The Admissions Committee convenes to determine the final choice following the end of the application process.

  4. Each parent is contacted via phone or email to inform them of the Admissions Committee's decision.

  5. Upon official acceptance of the written offer of a place at Campion, a registration fee must be paid to receive the registration package. This fee is also non-refundable. It is only after the completion of the registration process that a student will be enrolled at Campion College.

  6. The student/parent will be given a copy of the Campion College Handbook as part of the registration package. 

  7. An interview may be required with the student and parent(s).

Extra Curricular Program

To fulfil its objective of developing men and women of character, compassion, and dedication to justice, Campion College's co-curricular program is essential. Each academic year, students are required to participate in 70 hours of co-curricular activities. The Programme includes the following and is extensive:

  • The College's sports program includes participation in badminton, basketball, cricket, lawn and table tennis, netball, rugby, soccer, swimming, synchronized swimming, and water polo at the national inter-school level for all age groups. Numerous of our competitors compete for Jamaica at international competitions, such as the CARIFTA swimming championships.
    Campion competes in all local and national events and provides 15 different sports.

  • Clubs -  Over 40 clubs and societies are currently in operation, serving a wide range of talents and interests. These include:

    - Poetry Group
    - Green Generation (an environmental club) 
    - Filmmakers Club
    - Dance Society
    - Chords (school choir)
    - Young Entrepreneurial Society 
    - Chess Club

  • Community Service

    Performing community service is a requirement for every club and society, but some organizations have made it their mission to do so. These organizations include the following:

    - The Ministry Outreach Group - meet elderly destitute people.
    - The Interact Club is a division of Rotary International.
    - Champion Home Work Centre- offers tutoring services to elementary school children from low-income households.
    - The St. Anne's Programme - a tutoring program for kids from inner-city communities.
    - Teens for Change- a group of male students who mentor boys in a residential care facility.

Notable Achievements

Fun Facts:

  • Campion College Participate in the TVJ’s School Challenge Quiz Competition each year. In 2018 they went home as winners.
  • They have participants almost every year in the ISSA Grace Kennedy School Boys and girls Championships. 
  • Their school choir has participated in the TVJ’s All Together Sing School choir competition.
  • Their debate teams have also participated in the Burger King National Secondary School Debate competition.


An individual may get either a diploma or a school-leaving certificate upon graduating from Campion College.

For a student to receive a diploma, the following requirements must be met: 

  • the student must have attained a satisfactory level of academic performance; 
  • have maintained a good attendance record; 
  • have a satisfactory conduct record; 
  • be present for all external examinations; and 
  • be involved in at least two co-curricular activities in school, one of which is a sport.

A School Leaving Certificate is awarded to students who have finished their course of study but do not meet any of the aforementioned requirements.

Extreme examples of misconduct may result in the student being requested to miss the graduation ceremony and not receiving either a diploma or a certificate.

Sixth Form

Online electronic applications are used to choose students for the sixth form. Only the cream of the crop gets into Campion College's sixth form. It is even more difficult for outsiders to get in as spots are very limited. Here are just a few of the requirements:

  • Students should receive teacher recommendations for all eight CXC courses during their first term of the fifth form, or seven or six in descending order of merit.

  • Students must retain a passing mark in all eight CXC topics during their fifth-form year, or seven or six in declining order of merit.

  • Teachers must vouch for students' ability to handle the demands of "A" level coursework and the lifestyle of the sixth form.

  • Ideally, students should have demonstrated continued participation in at least one of the school's organized co-curricular activities.

  • Students should have a clean record of behaviour up until the time of graduation, or if they have committed any penal offences, they should have shown improvement in their behaviour since then.

  • Students who have finished the required Advanced Level Course of study and who have met the aforementioned requirements are awarded a Sixth Form Certificate after the program.

Campion College currently ranks 2nd among the island’s secondary schools. With their stellar academic records, extracurricular activities, achievements in sports and community service, this comes as no surprise. It is safe to say that Campion College is one of the most sought-after high schools in Jamaica.

Contact Information For Campion College

  • Address: 105 Hope Road, Kingston 6
  • Phone: +1 876-927-9555/+1 876-927-9458/ +1 876-978-2548
  • Fax: +1 876-978-1867 
  • Email:

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