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Car Rentals In Kingston
Reputable Car Rental Companies In Kingston

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Cars For Sale In JamaicaCar Rentals In Kingston

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Having a car on vacation, means you get to do everything at your own pace. There is no worry about not being able to stay that extra 10 minutes because the others in your group are ready.

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Also, having a car widens the possibilities drastically as you can take your own tour of the island. I’m sure you are at least a little intrigued by this idea, so let me share some car rentals in Kingston, Jamaica.

Island Car Rentals

island_car_rental_jamaica.jpgIsland Car Rentals

For many, using and supporting local businesses is very important while on vacation. If you choose Island Car Rentals then you would be doing just that. As the largest Jamaican-owned car rental service company on the island, they have been providing their services for 50 years.

While you can rent from the impressive Island fleet. You can also utilise other services as well including private transfers and chauffeur services should you not feel inclined to drive around on your own. While the standard trips for chauffeur services are 4 to 12 hours, further arrangements can be made with the reservations team.

They have predetermined routes which you can request pick-up and drop-off services from. These rates can be found on their website under the transfer tap. But customised trips will have to be queried. The prices are calculated based on distance and the number of persons in your party.

They have two locations in Kingston one at the airport and the other in the bustling New Kingston area. There is also a location at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay.

Contact Information

  • Address (Head Office): 17 Antigua Avenue in New Kingston, Jamaica
  • Phone: Tel:(876) 929-5875/(876) 929-6987 | Canada (416) 628-8885 (CANADA) | USA (954) 573-9838 | US Toll Free (866) 978-5335
  • Email:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is one you are probably familiar with as they have locations outside of Jamaica as well. There are four Enterprise locations in Jamaica, 2 in Kingston and the other 2 in Montego Bay.

The minimum age to rent an Enterprise car in Jamaica is 23. However, you will be charged additional daily fees for each day you have the car unless you are 25 and older. Persons above 75 are not allowed to rent cars from Enterprise in Jamaica either.

To rent these vehicles you will need a driver’s licence and a major credit card. Should your licence not be printed in English, you will need an International Driver’s permit stamped in English.

Contact Information

  • Locations: Kingston: Norman Manley Intl. Airport / Oxford Rd. Montego Bay: Sangster Intl. Airport / Montego Bay Queens Dr.
  • Phone: (876) 906-0084

Avis Car Rental

The car rental service has been in Jamaica since 2004 but they have been in operation in 165 countries since 1983 so they know a thing or two about car rentals.

From affordable rates to varieties in the brands and models they offer, Avis has you covered for your trip around Jamaica, whether you are a group of business partners carpooling to your meeting or a large family in need of a minivan for your upcoming road trip or beach day.

Avis vehicles have an active GPS navigation system to ensure that you have directions to your destination even if you aren’t 100% sure where it is. They also include 24-hour roadside assistance just in case you have a little mishap on the road whether day or night.

Should you be travelling with small kids, be sure to reserve a car seat or as many car seats as you need to ensure your child is safe while on your vacation. Although we hope for an accident-free holiday, it is always best to prevent it as much as we can control.

Not only does Avis have rental cars, but should you be in the market for a well-kept second-hand vehicle to purchase at an affordable cost, then Avis can be an option as well.

Loss or Damage

Should the car be stolen or damaged while in your possession, it is your sole responsibility to fix or compensate for it. That is unless you sign the Partial or full waiver. It comes at an additional cost, but, in unfortunate circumstances, you are covered.

Although the age of adulthood in Jamaica is 18, you must have attained 21 years to be eligible to drive an Avis vehicle.

Contact Information

  • Address (Head Office): 1 Merrick Ave, Kingston 10
  • Phone: (876) 926-8021
  • Fax: (876) 929-4998
  • Website:

  • Alamo
  • Hertz
  • Nu Car Rentals
  • Budget Car Rentals
  • Ace Rent-A-Car

How much does it cost to rent a car in Kingston?

This will vary between each company. However, the average cost to rent cars in Jamaica is USD 65 a day.

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Car Rentals In Kingston | Written: January 6, 2023

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