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Credit Unions In Jamaica

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Credit Unions In Jamaica | Gateway Co-operative Credit UnionCredit Unions In Jamaica | Gateway Co-operative Credit Union

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Credit Unions in Jamaica typically provide their members lower fees, higher savings rates and a more hands-on and personalised approach to customer service. Furthermore, credit unions may offer lower loan interest rates.

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Furthermore, obtaining a loan from a credit union may be easier than from a larger impersonal bank. For these reasons, many choose to join a credit union. There are several credit unions in Jamaica but here is a little about the most prominent ones.

Gateway Co-operative Credit Union

On January 3, 2017, the Hanover and Montego Credit Unions merged to form Gateway Co-operative Credit Union (2017) Limited. Following the merger, Gateway is now Jamaica's sixth largest credit union, with over $9 billion in assets and over 60,000 members in the Cornwall Region. They currently have 4 branches in western Jamaica.

Popular Services

  • Mortgages
  • Motor Vehicle Loans
  • Smart Partner Plan
  • Business Loan

Contact Information

Address: (Head Office) 20 Church Street Montego Bay, St. James

JTA Co-op Credit Union

The JTA Co-op Credit Union began in 1959 when a resolution was passed at a Jamaica Union of Teachers meeting by Mr. W. S. A. Johnson, a teacher at the Wait-A Bit School in Trelawny, to establish a Credit Union for teachers.

Mr. D. C. Gascoigne, a Kings All Age School teacher in Westmoreland, seconded the motion. The Credit Union was brought into being as a central unit designed to meet the financial needs of all teachers.

The Credit Union began preliminary operations in July of that year, and the Jamaica Teachers' Co-operative Credit Union Limited was registered as a Credit Union under the Co-operative Society Act in October of that year.

The Credit Union began operations with 167 members and a ยฃ2,000 share capital. The JTACCUL expanded rapidly and by 1960, membership had surpassed 1000, with a share capital of ยฃ52,000.

Following the formation of the Jamaica Teachers' Association in 1964, the Credit Union joined forces with the organisation and expanded/strengthened its reach to serve Jamaica's teachers. The organisation's name was changed to reflect the new relationship with the JTA.

Their services include:

  • Loans- personal loans, mortgage loans, auto loans, etc.
  • Savings- partner plan, shares accounts, Christmas saving club, etc.
  • Investments - golden harvest, retired teachers' plans and more.

They currently have 12 locations across the island.

Contact Information

Address: (Head Office) 97a Church Street, Kingston, Jamaica

Phone: +1 (876) 618-1706

Email: |

First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Limited

Churches Co-operative Credit Union and GSB Co-operative Credit Union merged on August 1, 2012, to form the new entity First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Limited (FHC). This decision marked the end of a process that began in October 2010, when the idea of merging the two Credit Unions was born.

With a combined heritage of more than 100 years, First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Limited is now Jamaica's largest open bond Credit Union. A merger of this magnitude was the first of its kind in the Credit Union movement's history.

All civil servants, staff within Statutory Bodies and Public Corporations, their spouses and relatives, all members of any religious bodies and affiliations in Jamaica and their relatives, and persons who live, work, and do business in St. Thomas, as well as their families, are bound by the FHC.

They currently serve over 200,000 members through a network of eleven locations across the island, providing a diverse range of products and services.

They offer a variety of loans, including secured, unsecured, debt consolidations and many more. They also have savings, deposit and investment accounts, and various insurance plans.

Contact Information

Address: 8-10 Eureka Road, Kingston 5

Phone: 888-225-5472 (Local Callers only) | +1 876-929-5142


Jamaica Police Corporative Credit Union

JPCCU was founded on July 4th by 11 JCF Rank and File Members, each of whom contributed one (1) shilling. They are the eighth largest credit union in Jamaica, with assets above $6 billion and a membership of over 22,000 members. Their main products include:

  • Savings accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Loans
  • Insurance

Contact Information

Address: (Head Office) 122 Harbour Street, Kingston

Phone: +1 (876) 618-5728


The Public Sector Employees Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

Mr. Auville Hutchinson, Mr. Clevland Messias, Mr. E. C Murray, and Mr. Leon Bailey founded the Public Sector Employees Co-operative Credit Union Ltd, formerly known as the National Security Employees Co-operative Credit Union Ltd (NSECCU) and the Jamaica Special Constabulary Co-operative Credit Union Ltd, on May 14, 1968.

Their services include savings, loans, investments and insurance options that are all available at their four locations islandwide.

Contact Information

Address: Head Office, 7-9 Union Square Cross Roads, Kingston 5

Phone: +1 (876)-929-1845 | +1 (876) 929-8017

Fax: 920-2148 or 906-6579

COK Sodality Co-op Credit Union Ltd

COK has grown from a union with only 13 members to enjoy the benefits of having the largest membership not only in Jamaica but throughout the English-speaking Caribbean and with over 50 years of experience serving clients.

Their branches are Cross Roads, Half Way Tree, Portmore, Mandeville and Montego Bay. As with most credit unions, they offer several saving accounts and investment options, along with a variety of loans you can choose from.

You can contact any of their branches through our call centre, by dialling: 1-876-960 โ€“ I CAN (4226).

There are many smaller credit unions across the island, however, these are the most popular ones.

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Credit Unions In Jamaica | Written: September 01, 2022

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