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Distance between towns in Jamaica & Best Jamaica Distance Calculator

by Richard

What's the distance between St. Ann's Bay and Runaway Bay? How far is Runaway Bay from Ocho Rios?

ANSWER: by Wellesley

Hey Richard,

The distance between St. Ann's Bay and Runaway Bay, both in the parish of St. Ann, is approximately 17.1km.

That's about 21 minutes with normal driving and normal traffic situations.

The distance between Runaway Bay and Ocho Rios is 27km or 35 minutes.

I'm so happy you asked this question though as I can finally respond in writing, so others can benefit.

Can I be honest with you?

I was so upset with many of the information I see proliferating on the internet. Online is a great place, but you have to be careful.

I actually reviewed quite a few websites myself and I tell you many of them are not just inaccurate, but false. I wonder where they got their information from.

How do I know?

OK. I referred to places I know, frequent and even where I live!

I saw for example, where one website has that it takes 17km from Bethel Town to Bluefields in Westmoreland, and that by the way, is a route I frequent, but that is so far off.

It actually takes 32km at minimum!

My Recommendation?

Use Google Maps!

It is by far the most accurate tool I see around now. I use it quite frequently as well.

Not only does it provide GPS tracking for you. You can simply just enter your FROM and To destinations and it will provide you the distance as well as the approximate time.

It is this technology I use to get around when I go to unfamiliar places here. I've included the Google Map tool below, scroll below and
get started.

Distance Between Parish Capitals In Jamaica

But for the benefit of my readers now, and those who will read later, here is a list, showing the latest (with Highways) approximate distance, and time, during an average day here, yes, factoring the normal traffic etc.

I'm going to show the nearest or proximate capitals, so you can simply add to calculate further distances.

  • Savanna-La Mar, Westmoreland to Lucea, Hanover - 35km / 52 mins
  • Lucea, Hanover to Montego Bay, St. James - 41km / 54 mins
  • Montego Bay, St. James to Falmouth, Trelawny- 33.7 / 40 mins
  • Falmouth, Trelawny to St. Ann's Bay, St Ann - 63km / 59 mins
  • St. Ann's Bay, St Ann to Port Maria, St. Mary - 43.3 / 53 mins
  • Port Maria, St. Mary to Port Antonio, Portland - 69.9 / 1hr, 27 mins
  • Port Antonio, Portland to Morant Bay, St. Thomas - 70.8km / 1hr, 47 mins
  • Morant Bay, St. Thomas to Kingston Capital, Kingston - 60.8km / 1hr, 40 mins
  • Half Way Tree, St. Andrew/ Kingston to Spanish Town, St. Catherine - 29.7km / 38 mins
  • Spanish Town, St. Catherine to May Pen, Clarendon - 42 km / 36 mins (toll)
  • May Pen, Clarendon to Mandeville, Manchester - 39.4km / 49mins
  • Mandeville, Manchester to Black River, St. Elizabeth - 61.6km / 1hr, 12 mins
  • Black River, St. Elizabeth to Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland - 63.1km / 1 hr, 16mins/

Time & Distances Between Other Popular Towns In Jamaica and Destinations

  • Distance Between Savanna la Mar and Negril - 26.5km / 33mins
  • Distance Between Negril and Montego Bay - 80km / 1.5 hours
  • Distance Between Montego Bay and Falmouth - 33km /40 mins
  • Distance Between Falmouth and Discovery Bay - 32km / 30 mins
  • Distance Between Discovery Bay and Runaway Bay - 9.3km / 12mins
  • Distance Between Runaway Bay and St. Ann's Bay - 17.1km / 21 mins
  • Distance Between St. Ann's Bay and Ocho Rios - 11km /, 14mins
  • Distance Between Kingston and St. Thomas - 73.4km / 1hr, 51min
  • Distance Between Kingston and Portland -104km/ 2hr, 43 mins
  • Distance Between Kingston and Manchester - 89.4km/ 1hr, 26mins
  • Distance Between Mandeville and MayPen - 39.6km/ 51 mins
  • Distance Between Montego Bay and Kingston -170km/ 2hr, 35 mins (via toll)
  • Distance Between Montego Bay and May Pen - 196km/ 2hr, 52 mins (via toll)
  • Distance Between Trelawny and Westmoreland - 94.6km/ 2hr, 16 mins
  • Distance Between St. Thomas and St.Mary - 135km/ 3hr, 8mins
  • Distance Between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios - 100km/ 1hr, 44 mins
  • Distance Between Montego Bay and Portland - 217km, 4hr, 14 mins

Remember if you have additional places and destinations, simply, use the Google Map tool below.

Related Jamaica Distance Calculator Questions

  1. How far is Montego Bay Town from the airport in Montego Bay?

    Approximately 2.7 miles (4 kms).

  2. What airport do you fly into to get to Negril?

    The closest is the Sangsters International Airport In Montego Bay.

  3. How far is Montego Bay from Falmouth?
    28 km, approximately 20 mins.

  4. How far is Kingston from Negril Jamaica?

    221 km, approximately 3.5 hours drive

  5. How far is Kingston from Montego Bay?

    181.23 km

  6. Is Trelawny in Montego Bay?

    Nope, Trelawny is the parish that adjoins St. James, which has Montego Bay. It is approximately 35 kilometers, north east.

  7. How far is Dunns River Falls from Falmouth?

    63.9km and about 1hr, 8 mins

  8. How far is Negril Jamaica from Kingston airport (Norman Manley International Airport)?

    240km, or just over 4 hours.

  9. How long does it take to drive all the way around Jamaica?

    13.5 hours.
    Walk drive with me as I break it down for you :-)

    • Negril in the West to Port Antonio, Portland (via northcoast) takes 5 hours and 15 mins.
    • Port Antonio, Portland to to Morant Point in St. Thomas is another 1 hour and 45 mins, &
    • Morant Point to Negril Point (via the south coast) takes 6.5 hours.

      In total that's 13.5 hours (5.25 + 1.75+6.5), but remember that this does not include your typical stop or exploration time :-)

The Google Map Distance Calculator Tool

Remember to get accurate distances between places in Jamaica with approximate times, simply enter the Starting Point (From) and the Destination
(To) in the two fields below and click on the Search button.

Click More Options below to get started.

Good luck!

I hope this helps.

Be sure to also read my article on: How To Get To Negril Jamaica.

See also: Mobay vs Negril? Where Should I Vacation?


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