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English Place Names In Jamaica | Popular places named by the British in Jamaica

by Shantae


This question provided us the wonderful opportunity to provide some quite interesting and insightful information that I hope Shantae, and indeed all others who will be reading in the future, will find quite helpful.

Here's the question...

Hi, Can you tell me what are the places in Jamaica with origins in English or Britain? I need this for a special assignment.

Thank you,

RESPONSE: by Wellesley Gayle

Hi Shantae. Thank you for your request and I will be happy to provide you with as much information as possible.

Have you ever wondered how did that place in Jamaica got its name?
I did too!

And yes we also have some of the most unusual place names anywhere in the word :-)

Well, the 'not so much' secret is that Jamaica was a Spanish colony originally and then became a British or English colony (in 1655) until Independence in 1962. That's well over 300 years by my quick calculation.

And as such, the names of many places in Jamaica, especially English names, comes as no surprise.

Many of these names represent places back in Britain but some also capture the names of esteemed public (government) figures and landowners, living in Jamaica as well as back in England.

So to answer your question, I'll be looking at the most popular English place names in Jamaica by county and then by parish.


By the way, did you know that Jamaica has three counties?
And guess what, all three (still) have English names!

Cornwall, Middlesex, and Surrey.

And yes, all these places can be found in England today and also exist as counties!

Let's start with..


  • Hanover

    Blenheim, Lucea, Fort Charlotte (now Ruseaโ€™s High), Kenilworth,
    Belvidere Estate, Chester Castle, Askenish, Sandy Bay, Green Island,

  • St. James

    Barrett Hall, Granville, Garlands, Cambridge, Bickersteth, Catadupa,
    Charlton, Chatham, Flamstead, Glasgow, Guilsbro, Hampton, Hermitage,
    Reading, Roxbro, Somerton,Wiltshire, Vaughnsfield, Providence,
    Roehampton, Montpelier

  • Westmoreland

    Darliston, Hompeton, Frome, Petersfield, Pennycooke

  • Trelawny

    Falmouth, Batersea, Belmont Castle, Belmore Castle, Barnstaple,
    Biddeford, Bristol,Cambridge, Coxheath, Hampstead, Gibraltar, Kettering,
    Lancaster, Litchfield, Oxford,Sherwood Content, Troy, Windsor, Tyre,
    Albert Town, Swanswick,

  • St. Elizabeth

    North Hampton, South Hampton, Balaclava, Southfield, Elderslie,
    Bellevue, Portsea,Malvern, Lacovia, Brampton, Brompton, Croydon,
    Holland, Leeds, Warminster


  • Clarendon

    Chapleton, Arthurโ€™s Seat, Amity Hall, Bailleston, Balcarres, Beacham
    Cottage, Belmont,British, Brixton Hill, Brobridge, Carlisle,
    Chesterfield, Cumberland, Denbigh, Frankfield,
    Heathfield, Inverness, Leicesterfield, Rowington, Rymesbury, Suttons,
    Wakefield, York, Yarmouth

  • Manchester

    Barnstaple, Arcadia, Chelsea, Chudleigh, Newport, Newark, Fairfield,
    Plowden, Port Mahon, Hopewell, Huntley, Hermitage, Hanbury, Halifax,
    Hatfield, Kendal, Walderston, Warwick, Williamsfield, Marlborough,

  • St. Ann

    Aboukir, Aberdeen, Alderton, Armadale, Brittonville, Brunswick,
    Buckfield, Camperdown, Cascade, Cardiff Hall, Cave Hill,
    Clarksonville, Cranbrook, Essex, Gibraltar, Gloucester Hall,
    Grierfield, Kensington, Knutsford, Lydford, New England, Queenhyte,
    Scarborough,Salisbury, Sussex, Weymouth, Windsor, Woolwich, Woodbury

  • St. Catherine

    Hellshire, Ewarton, Portmore, Linstead, Riversdale, Banbury,
    Berkshire, Berwick, Chatworth, Crawle, Edbury, Everton, Fort
    Henderson, Greenwhich, Highgate, Innswood, Oxford, Sligoville,
    Twickenham Park, Worcester

  • St. Mary

    Ballards Valley, charlottenburgh, Chatsworth, Fort George,Greenwood,
    Green Castle,Haddersfield, Huddersfield, Highgate, Koningsburgh,
    Reddington, Wallingford, Windsor Castle


  • Kingston

    Port Royal, Rollington Town, Newport East, Bournemouth Gardens,
    Denham Town, Allman Town, Fletcherโ€™s Town, Franklin Town

  • Portland

    Burlington, Durham, Fairfield, Ipswich, Islington, Kensington,
    Kildare, Lennox,Marlborough Castle, Melrose, Monmouth, Norwich,
    St. Margaretโ€™s Bay, Sherwood Forest, Shrewsbury, Windsor Castle

  • St. Andrew

    New Castle, Barbican, Belvedere, Bideford, Bloxburgh, Castleton,Charlton, Chestervale, Flamstead, Hillsborough, Middleton, Rockingham, Swallowfield

  • St. Thomas
    Albion, Arcadia, Bariff Castle, Belford, Bowden, Buckingham, Boxford
    Lodge, Chesterfield, Duckenfield, Easington, Edinburgh Castle,
    Glasgow, Heart Ease, Highland Castle, Ness Castle, Rowlandsfield,
    Seaforth, Thornton, Wilmington, Winchester

Whew! And this list is just a feature of some of the most popular ones. I put it to you that the majority of places in Jamaica still has an English association.

And one thing that might surprise you too is the fact that several parishes share similar local place names.

For example, Hopeton. It is one of those places that seems to be in almost every parish!

So yeah, just in case someone had any question or doubt about which imperial power had the most impact on Jamaica.

Well, let's just say that the place names say it all!

But thank you again Shantae. I hope this information was helpful.
For a more comprehensive list, be sure to read the places names in Jamaica by ethnic association. You'll like it :-)


P.S. See also: Spanish Place Names In Jamaica.

Editor's Note
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Comments for English Place Names In Jamaica | Popular places named by the British in Jamaica

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Jan 10, 2021
Origin of English Names in Jamaica
by: Delrose

Thanks for the information. Yes Jamaica still maintains the
English Systems. Although Jamaica became "Independent "
in 1962, the Monarchy still has Executive Authority; The
Governor General is her representative..

Jan 10, 2021
by: Doreen Lovell

Thanks for sharing. Interesting and Very informative information. We are never too old to learn and this is an educational piece for me.

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