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Glistening Waters Jamaica
A Magical Night-Time Adventure

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glistening_waters_jamaica_ig_nikkicronksmithGlistening Waters Jamaica | Photo Credit: @nikkicronksmith IG

This magical bioluminescence marvel in Falmouth Jamaica, is one of only five (5) found on earth! And today, it draws visitors from of all kinds from all over the world to Jamaica.

But what do you know about it? Or perhaps I should ask, what questions do you have about it? 

I've preempted you though :-)

Here are 15 frequently asked question - with answers, about this, the amazing glistening waters, aka, luminous lagoon in Jamaica.

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15 Frequently Asked Questions (With Answers) About Glistening Waters Jamaica

glistening_waters_jamaica_ig_j_extrellaPhotoCredit: @j_extrella IG

  1. What causes the luminous lagoon Jamaica?

  2. ANSWER:  The Jamaica glistening water phenomenon is caused by a particular type of bioluminescent microorganisms called dinoflagellates. 

    Bioluminescent means that they light up when they are touched.These organisms are usually found where fresh and salt water meet. They are said to glow the brightest in the shallow, warm water.

  3. Where are the luminous lagoons?
  4. ANSWER:  The glistening water attraction is found in Rock, near Falmouth in the parish of Trelawny, Jamaica, just off A1 highway. You can get the directions to the location here.

  5. Where are the glowing water in Jamaica?
  6. ANSWER:  The glowing water is just another name for the glistening water or luminous lagoon here in Jamaica. It is the same attraction as indicated above, located at in Rock, near Falmouth in the parish of Trelawny, Jamaica, just off A1 highway. 

  7. Is it safe to swim in luminous lagoon?

    ANSWER:  Yes, the tiny (micro) organisms are harmless so it is completely safe to swim in the lagoon with them.

  8. How deep is the luminous lagoon in Jamaica?

    ANSWER:  It is between 3 to 8 feet (1 to 2.4 metres) depending on where you are on the lagoon.

  9. Are there others? How many luminous lagoons are there in the world?

    ANSWER: According to Smarter Travel, there are only five (5) luminous lagoon (or bays) of this special kind in the world! 

  10. Where are the 5 bioluminescent bays in the world?

    ANSWER: There is Jamaica's Luminous Lagoon, Halong Bay in Vietnam, and three (3) in Puerto Rico - Laguna Grande, La Parguera, and Mosquito Bay.

  11. Where is the best bioluminescent bay?

    ANSWER: Of course Jamaica! With billions of dinoflagellates, Jamaica's glistening waters amazes scientists and visitors as the brightest of them!

  12. How much does it cost to visit the Glistening Water Jamaica Luminous Lagoon?

    ANSWER: According to their website (link below), the current cost is $25 US per adult, and $12.5 USD for child.

  13. How long is the tour of the Jamaica Luminous Lagoon?

    ANSWER: The tour is approximately 35-40 minutes.

  14. When is the best time to visit the luminous Lagoon In Jamaica?

    ANSWER: Evenings. The tours take place at sunset into dark. 

  15. What can I expect on the luminous lagoon tour in Jamaica?

    ANSWER: The boat will will depart at sunset for the night tour. As the boat cruises through the lagoon it will disturb the water and the microorganisms who will glow, illuminating the area! 

    And even better, when the fishes and marine life dashes around, it create magnificent streaks of light! And even better, if it is raining, the water droplets appears to dance in the majestic colours on the surface.

    And the REAL fun? When you jump into and immerse yourself in the illuminated waters around you!

  16. What is the best camera to take photos of the glistening water phenomenon?

    ANSWER:  According to the operators of the Glistening Water Attraction, a  high resolution, DSLR camera is recommended. And bear in mind that the flash should NOT be used as it won't be able to see the magnificence of this wonder!

  17. How Do I Get To The Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon?

    ANSWER:  Directions and contact information are below. We recommend that you get a qualified, approved and trustworthy Jamaican tour guide.

  18. How Do I Contact Glistening Waters Jamaica?

    ANSWER: The contact number for Glistening Water Jamaica is 876-954-3229. It is located off the A1 highway, near Rock, Falmouth Area, in the parish of Trelawny.
  19. Glistening Waters Restaurant and Marina


VIDEO! Watch Glistening Waters Jamaica

Map, Address & Directions To Glistening Waters Jamaica

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