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Is Kingston Jamaica A Good Place To Live?

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kingston_downtown_travel_off_pathIs Kingston Jamaica A Good Place To Live? | (Photo: Travel off Path)

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Is Kingston Jamaica a good place to live? If you are considering moving to Kingston, these are the things to consider.

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Is Kingston Jamaica a good place to live? It surely is, for many Jamaicans, a stint in the big city is paramount whether it is for school, work or a summer many years ago. Most of our grandparents had lived or travelled to Kingston in their younger years and have regaled us with many tales of living in the big city.

If you are relocating to Jamaica and will miss the conveniences of a city, then you will feel most at home in Kingston. There is always something new to do or try and certain services are more readily available there.

1. Housing

Compared to other parts of Jamaica, the cost of housing in Kingston is quite high. But when compared to other parts of the world rent in Kingston is actually quite low. What you would get for USD 2000 abroad is most likely smaller and in a less desirable area than it will be in Kingston.

I would say this is expensive for the average Jamaican though as USD 2000 is much more than the average monthly salary especially outside of Kingston. And even in Kingston, this is on the higher end of salaries. The average rent in Kingston is between JMD 60,000 to JMD 120,000.

2. Cost of Living

Some things will cost less in Kingston than in other parts of the country. Locally produced items are often a little cheaper in Kingston since most of them are manufactured in Kingston. But, items imported from overseas will be quite expensive here due to import costs.

Also, items like ground provisions typically grown in the rural parts, are usually more expensive in Kingston.

3. Accessibility/Convenience

Being a metropolis means some things are a necessity and must work efficiently for the city to operate as it should. This in turn means its residents benefit from having easily accessible amenities. Everything is done for convenience.

Instead of having one location as in other towns on the island, Kingston often has multiple and if there is only one location on the island, chances are, it is in Kingston, case and point the United States Embassy. When others will have to travel hours to get to it, you will be there in minutes if you are based in Kingston.

Most services that would take days or weeks in other areas, often have same-day or a 48-hour turnaround time in Kingston. This is mainly due to most business and government agencies being headquartered there.

There are many conveniences to be enjoyed in Kingston as well. For example, the transportation service is most reliable in Kingston both within the city and to connect other parts of the island as well.

Outside of public transportation, there are private taxi services as well, including Uber, InDrive and local companies such as TravelR and On Time.

4. Jobs

Being in such a big city means there are multiple opportunities to find a job. Many people often leave other parts of the island for Kingston seeking upward mobility, which is why a third of the population is accounted for in Kingston.

Even if your first job isnโ€™t your dream job, being based in Kingston means it is more likely for you to switch to this career path as soon as the opportunity arises. Salaries in Kingston are often better than in other parts of the island as well.

If you work remotely, Kingston has the most reliable internet throughout the entire island. In other parts of the country, the internet can be quite unreliable and is often only suited for entertainment purposes. But in Kingston, there is more stability.

5. Environment

As much as Kingston is a city and you can expect blocks of high rises for miles, there are many green spaces and parks to visit as well, if you need some time to rejuvenate. Places like Emancipation Park, The Royal Botanical Gardens at Hope Zoo and Devon House are favourites for those living in Kingston.

6. Entertainment/Nightlife

If you enjoy living in a city with loads of new adventures, then Kingston is exactly that. There are escape rooms, rage rooms, casinos, a zoo, botanical gardens, arcades, bowling arcades, theatres, museums, art galleries, historical sites and, while not often spoken about, beaches.

Partygoers will revel in Kingston's many nightclubs and the endless variety of nighttime activities to choose from as well. Nights in Kingston are spent at Ribbiz, Club Privilege, Fiction, Dub Club, CRU and multiple other spots in and around the city.

Seasonal parties like Jamaica Carnival are also mainly held in Kingston.

Heading out of town for the weekend is also quite common in Kingston and trips to Portland or Ocho Rios are pretty frequent.

For sports, Kingston is where most of these events are held, especially for track and field. The Sabina Park, National Stadium and National Indoor Sports Centre are where we gather for national sports events.

7. Restaurants

Kingston is a gastronomic haven. If you are a certified foodie, not only will you find restaurants catering to Jamaican cuisine, but others that represent Caribbean and international cuisines exceptionally well.

Not to mention that, if you have dietary restrictions, you are likely to find a restaurant that aligns with these needs. Brunch culture is also very strong in Kingston, you will find many aesthetically pleasing restaurants around Kingston that are great for meals as well as your next Instagramable moment.

You wonโ€™t have to worry about them all being expensive either, there are restaurants in Kingston to fit every budget.

And, if you would rather stay home and dine in, you can get your cravings delivered. Even from restaurants that might not have their delivery service. Simply get your meals through third-party delivery services such as 7 Krave, QuickPlate, Hugo and so many more.

So, if some city life is what you're looking for, Kingston is your answer.

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Is Kingston Jamaica A Good Place To Live? | Written: January 24, 2023

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