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Jamaica Airport Code (s)
For Both International & Domestic


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Jamaica airport code - Sangster MBJSangster Intl Airport | Jamaica Airport Code - MBJ

The Jamaica Airport Codes
by Deon Clarke

"Unless you know the code, it has no meaning." John Connolly, The Book of Lost Things

And the same is true of the Jamaican airport codes, except that if you don't have the correct one,  you might end up where you never destined for!

We have KIN, MBJ, OCG & NEG, but which takes you where? Choosing the right airport code for your Jamaican destination will make the difference, not just as a convenience but for time and money as well.  Flight number 777 boarding? What’s your final destination?

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What Is An Airport Code?

Have you ever wonder what that three-letter code beside the name of the airport on your plane ticket means? 

Or, you are online making a flight booking and asked to enter the code to select the right airport and not sure? 

If your answer is yes, then let’s clear this up for you.

The IATA (International Air Transport Association) implemented a three-letter code for most airports, local and international.

This code is merely a location identifier, and as this suggests, it helps in identifying the geographical location of the airport. 

It’s also called the IATA station code. 

And the airport codes in Jamaica? Let's take a quick look at both the codes for the international and domestic airports in Jamaica.

Airport Codes For International Airports in Jamaica

By the way, you should know that Jamaica has 3 international airports, one of which is considered the Gateway to the Caribbean! 

Here they are, listed below, the primary 2, and the third, showing name, location and airport code.

Airport NameAirport LocationAirport Code
Norman Manley International AirportKingstonKIN
Sangster's International AirportMontego BayMBJ
Ian Flemming International Airport OchoRios/ BoscobelOCJ

Airport Codes For Domestic Airports in Jamaica

There are 3 domestic airports in Jamaica, whether forl intra-island  travel or just cargo. Here they are as well, listed below with their names, locations and airport codes:

Airport NameAirport LocationAirport Code
Tinson Pen AerodromeKingstonKTP
Negril AerodromeNegrilNEG
Ken Jones AerodromePortlandPOT

Any Code-less Airports??

Oh yes, we have that too! These are other small airports or what we would normally call airstrips or aerodromes

However, there are no IATA codes assigned to them.  These include both military air bases and private bases.

Military Air Bases

Certainly, you would expect the Jamaican military to have an airport base!  It goes without saying.

Below are the two military airport bases or airstrips in Jamaica

Airport NameParish
Up Park CampKingston
Moneage Training CampSt. Ann

Private Air Bases

And yes, you have those persons who have places to go and need to get there fast.  No time for cars and buses. Small planes and helicopters will do just fine - of course they can afford to!

So then, they need somewhere to land too, don’t they?  These airstrips scattered across the island are just right!  

Though they have no airport codes, they are just as convenient. Here they are below.

Airport NameTown/ CityParish
Bath Airfield BathSt. Thomas
Tulloch Airfield Bog WalkSt. Catherine
Puerto Seco Airstrip Discovery BaySt. Ann
Ewarton Airstrip EwartonSt. Catherine
Manchioneal Airstrip ManchionealPortland
Nain AirstripNainSt. Elizazbeth
Port Esquivel Airstrip Old HarbourSt. Catherine
Kirkvine AirstripWilliamsfieldManchester
Braco AirfieldDuncansTrelawny

See, knowledge is certainly power.

No errors or confusion, next time time, you'll be sure of the airport code to choose based on your final destination in Jamaica.

If you need further tips and guidance on where to vacation in Jamaica, click here. 

Happy vacationing!

You've learned, now share your new found knowledge :-)

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