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Jamaica Chamber of Commerce
The Voice of Businesses Since 1779

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Jamaica Chamber of Commerce - Logo | (Photo Credit: Jamaica GleanerJamaica Chamber of Commerce |(Photo Credit: Jamaica Gleaner

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Are you looking to start a business here in Jamaica? Jamaica is a great place to start a new business. While some industries are overly saturated, others are virtually untapped which provides a whole new world of opportunities.

To start a new business in Jamaica, or anywhere for that matter, you will need support and advice. That is the main goal of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce.

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What is the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce? 

The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based organization made up of businesses and professionals whose aim is to establish and promote a healthy economy and improve our country's quality of life by working together.

Large, medium-sized, and small businesses as well as individuals from nearly every productive sector make up the Chamber's membership. Retailing, manufacturing, banking, and other industries are represented among the members.

Notable Accomplishments of the JCC

The Chamber has played a key role in the passing of legislation and regulations in the areas of labour relations, banking, income tax, utility regulation, foreign exchange liberalization, import/export, and corporate law (PAYE, Electronic Transactions Act).

The Chamber's advocacy for fair job opportunities for physically challenged people was likewise a top concern.

Business Advocate

The major goal of the Business Advocate JCC is to create the best possible environment for businesses to operate efficiently and profitably. Projects that will aid in the growth of the larger community are given special consideration.

In its role as economic advisor and business advocate, this function is separated into services provided by the Chamber and specialized actions carried out by the Chamber.

The Chamber's Goals

  • To assist businesses in prospering and growing.
  • To promote the orderly growth and development of all elements of society.
  • To contribute to the society's overall economic stability.
  • To support and advocate for the free market system.
  • To aggressively seek out investment opportunities.
  • To increase the number of job openings.

They think that everyone should have a say in how our country is run and that to do so, they must be able to collectively and, if necessary, forcibly express their opinions. Official business regulations can be improved, and suggested ones must be thoroughly scrutinized.

As a member, you can directly help to make changes that will make Jamaica a better place. If you're seeking new and better ways to grow your business, the Chamber offers a variety of networking opportunities.

Why should you join a chamber of commerce?

  1. Make business contacts and Networking opportunities - The chamber hosts a number of monthly business-to-business networking events where members can meet and network with other area business people.

    Serving on one of the chamber's several committees gives extra networking opportunities as well as professional leadership development.

  2. Sign up for chamber newsletters - New member information, intriguing information about running a local business, articles about the local business community, and details about upcoming chamber events are all included in the newsletters.

  3. Increase your visibility in the community - You will be listed in the chamber newsletter and online directory, as well as have the option to be featured in other chamber publications, as a member of the chamber of commerce.

    By advertising with the chamber and sponsoring events, you may expand your business. Your grand opening/ribbon-cutting ceremonies may also be promoted by the chamber.

  4. Gain a voice in government - Chambers of Commerce tackle difficult topics and may fight additional rules, taxes, assessments, and costs that would harm small firms. While you may not have the time to participate, the Chamber will make use of its resources to help small company owners.

  5. Bring credibility to your business and acquire customer referrals - When you identify as a member of a chamber of commerce, you boost the positive perception among consumers and business owners.

    Every day, your local chamber receives inquiries from people and businesses asking for local business recommendations and your business will be among them.

Of course, you will find that there are numerous Chambers of Commerce on both the local, regional and even international levels, and depending on the size and scope of your firm, business or organization you might have to consider which will be more beneficial to you and your business.

Contact Information For The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce

  • Address: 58 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston
  • Phone: +1 (876) 922-0150
  • Website:

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