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For the love of a Jamaican

by Helen
(United Kingdom)

I have no idea how to start, apart from "for the love of a Jamaican".

I long wondered why Jamaicans go on the way they do but since my marriage to my Kingston husband, I have a lot more understanding why.

I love Jamaica even as a 45 year old London born girl, its one of the most beautiful places on earth, and Jamaicans have no idea.

I know more about the history of JA than he does and have travelled over more of the island than him.

I live in Tottenham in North London were the crime rate has risen and a great many Jamaicans go on as if still in down town Kingston.

I so very much want to share with people and make people understand what makes a Jamaican tick. I have so much to say and don`t even know where to begin.

I love my husband, a real ghetto youth, who through having to raise his son alone changed his life for the better.

He and his son are here with me in the UK right now and I would love to be able to educate and explain to people why we are so different snd that Jamaicans need to cherish their beautiful island as I a I do.

I asked my husband what he knew of JA history and he knows nothing, all he ever was concerned about in Jamaica was finding his little food and caring for his son.

Education is the key to everyone'[s life including Jamaicans. I love him and his island so much I would love to make a change however small it may be. Jamaica government is corrupt and so are the police. Kingston is full of guns and violence how can we neglect this.

I have tears in my eyes writing this about an island over 4000 miles away and worlds apart from my life, why, because it worth it. Am I mad to think I could make a change.

One little boy I met on my last visit could spell better than me, he is always close to my thoughts as he lives in one of the most dangerous areas in Kingston, what will he become? a politician who changes for the good or a gun man. You as a Jamaican must realize how easy it is to turn the latter.

Its time to make a change. Tell me what you think.

-Regards Helen

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by Chiston Cameron



If we eliminate poverty then there would be no need for crime? Crime and poverty works hand in hands. As long as the social mobility of a nation or person stays stagnant we’re going to have poverty and crime.

Poverty is a disease that can be cure while crime is like a cancer. Here are two problems of the same kind that need to be treated carefully but first you have to eliminate one to get rid of the other.

First government has to eliminate poverty from society then work on the cure for crime. To do that the government must first deal with the social ills in society that makes people poor materially and spiritually.

Once this is achieved then there won’t be any need for crime because poverty would be eliminated.

Crime feed on poverty and once it’s get rid of you will start seeing a reduction in crime.

If someone can’t get a job or education it leave one in despair, confuse and irate. To be idle, poor and have no opportunity is a recipe for disaster.

This is where the Don’s and gangs came in. The criminals are there to exploited and offered their support to the venerable by introducing them to crime.

This comes in the form of drugs, guns or money or some kind of lawlessness. This is very tempting to young people who don’t have anyone to guide them so they see these people as role models.

The poor are always needy hence you have the greedy who will always try to corrupt the poor. This is where social intervention needs to be introduced by the government because if that don’t happen crime will take over. No wonder the world is seeing an upsurge in lawlessness.

Crime and poverty is not a poor country problem anymore because of lack of social intervention the rich countries are feeling the effect of crime and violence in their cities too.

The reason for that is because the rich is getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Cost of living is getting higher while wages not going up.

The poor family can’t cope which is head most of the time by a woman. This cause pressure and erosion of the family while standard of life deteriorated.

Kids drop out of school or being expel because there is no role model to steer these kids from crimes.

Sometimes there are no father figure around to help, mother can’t cope alone, kids are stress out and everyone is fed-up. Social intervention should be available at all time so that these problems could get a nip in the bud from early.

The kids are bored so they took up guns or knives and go on the street making mischief’s which turns out to be fatal.

There are too much peer pressure and not enough role model to guide the youths away from crime. That’s why you have kids going out with knife stabbing and killing each other.

Some of those youths see a life of crime around them and think it’s acceptable. Most people who do crime come from or live in poverty. For example a violent parent’s or someone who is being abused from a young age.

The fact of the matter is that the Jamaican government needs to do more for people to uplift themselves by having policies in place that will help to alleviate poverty and crime.

To break the cycle of crime and poverty everyone will have to play their part to eliminate this scourge from society.

The Jamaican government should and must eliminate poverty and pave the way for social re-engineering by providing job, good schools, housing and a proper environment for decent living.

This will help lift the poor out of poverty and soon there will be no crime. To tackle crime the parents will have to do their job by being good parents and set good example and standard for their kids to follow.

Parents should be role model for their children and politicians should set an example by being more transparent in their dealings.

Society need all the help they can get from government toward a fair distribution of wealth, eliminate poverty and crime for the betterment of mankind.

My opinion. Bless

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Be Aware of Work From Home Online Scams!


Times are tough and many people are unemployed and looking to find new opportunities. Many anxious people are turning to the internet to help with their job search.

Job seekers using the internet to apply for new positions should be really cautious about applying for work-from-home opportunities. Job seekers should know that hard times do not hinder, but in some cases, encourage those who indulge in fraudulent practices.

MSNBC is reporting that the FBI has seen an increase in the number of complaints from the public about being scammed by websites offering fraudulent "work-from-home" opportunities.

If there is ever a time for the buyer to beware, it would be now. Job seekers are urged to do the necessary research and make sure they are not throwing out their good money after bad.

A few points to keep in mind:
-Beware of websites offering work at home opportunities for a fee.
-Don't just believe the hype you read; research the organization in other places online.
-Check with the Better Business Bureau
-Get personal referrals from others
-If you can't get information without paying, avoid that company
-Make sure the compensation is in line with what salary surveys or the Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

Bottom line is - if it seems too good to be true, it probably very well is!

If you are looking for genuine online business opportunities, here are some tips I put together.

Source:'s newsletter dd 7/6/09.

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