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Jamaican Jerk Food
Jamaican Jerk Lobster Recipe

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Jamaican Jerk Food | Jerk LobsterJamaican Jerk Food | Jerk Lobster

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

What is Jamaica best known for? Jerk food, of course. There is nothing like some good ol’ Jamaican jerk food. The traditional jerk sauce adds a little oomph, a little kick, to just about any protein, whether it’s chicken, beef, pork or seafood.

I know when I say seafood, you are probably just thinking, “yeah, jerk fish is okay”. But fish is not the only seafood that can be jerked. Lobster, conch, and octopus are just a few. All it takes is a little imagination, some great jerk sauce, seasoning and quick hands because they will be done in no time!

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I know for many of us seafood lovers, a big juicy lobster is always a top selection. But lobster dishes can be quite expensive, especially when the method of preparation requires some skill. So, I am about to share with you how to make the tastiest Jerk lobster from scratch, right in your own kitchen.

But before I get into the recipe, let me share a trick I learned while scrolling through Facebook. It will take your jerk lobster to another level. Most of us probably don’t own an actual backyard grill where we can use pimento branches to jerk our foods. As you may know, traditionally jerk foods are prepared over pimento wood which adds a lot of flavour to the dish that using just jerk sauce would not achieve.

If you are like me and have to prepare your jerk foods in the oven, a simple trick that you can try is getting your hands on some pimento tree branches. Before you place your lobsters in the oven, cover the bottom of your oven with foil and pieces of the pimento branch. Light your oven and allow it to preheat.

The pimento branches will slowly start to release fumes inside the oven, perfect for adding that smokey woodsy flavour to your jerk lobster.

On to the recipe…

Jamaican Jerk Lobster Recipe


  • Lobster tails- as many as you want
  • Jerk Seasoning- add as much as you desire. Here is a quick jerk seasoning recipe if you want to make yours from scratch.
  • Jamaican Jerk Sauce- if you want to make this from scratch here is a recipe you can try.
  • Butter


  1. Prepare your lobster tails by washing them in vinegar or lime juice water and butterflying your lobster.
  2. Gently massage jerk seasoning to your lobster meat.
  3. Preheat your oven.
  4. Grab a baking tray, line it with foil then place some pieces of butter on the tray. This will add some moisture to the lobster. You can also choose to use just water.
  5. Add your lobster to the tray and place it in the oven.
  6. At the halfway mark, which will be at around 4 or 5 minutes, grab your jerk sauce and base the lobster then return to the oven to finish.

How to know your jerk lobster is ready:

  • The entire shell will be a vibrant red colour.
  • The pink hues closest to the shell will turn deep red while the cooked lobster meat will turn white.
  • The internal temperature of a cooked lobster is 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Butterfly lobster for jerking in the oven:

  • Make sure your tails are fully defrosted.
  • Using seafood shears, cut the upper shell through the middle of the back, leaving the tail fan alone.
  • Rinse the tail well and get rid of any veins or tomalley. Keep the undershell in place.
  • To separate the meat and shell from one another, run your finger between them.
  • Place the raw tail on top of the shell by lifting it through the slit. The tail meat at the tip can stay inside the shell of the tail fin.
  • If the lobster tail meat is left on the lobster shell as it cooks, the meat will "open" and produce the desired butterfly appearance.

What to have jerk lobster with:

You can enjoy your homemade jerk lobster with just about any side dishes. In Jamaica Jerk foods are often had with bread or festival. They also go great with rice and peas or plain white rice, or a vegetable salad.

Of course, there are tons of other great jerk Jamaican dishes you can try, here are the recipes for the ever-popular jerk chicken and jerk pork.

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