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Top Five (5) Reasons Jamaicans Miss Home

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jamaican memoriesTraditional Jamaican Childhood Games

It is a fact that many Jamaicans are not appreciative of Jamaica and its many breathtaking natural amenities until they go overseas to a country that does not have them. 

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From the food, to our beautiful beaches and many hotspots, here are some of the things that Jamaicans living abroad miss about the island most.

The Weather

jamaican weather

Ahh yes, the beautiful sand, sea and sun. The same things we take for granted, that is until some of us move to places covered in five feet of snow for most of the year, and one has to cover from head to toe lest they freeze to death (yikes!).

Jamaicans living abroad often expressed that they feel like tourists on their visits back home and even if they were not known to go out often prior to leaving Jamaica, they would explore the entire island on their return, just to remind themselves of island life.

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The Food

jamaican_steamed_roast_fishJamaican Steam Roast Angel Fish

It is widely known that Jamaica has arguably the most delicious food known to man, and for a Jamaican to be away from all the richly seasoned goodies that we are famous for, is nothing short of torture.

Many yearn for delectable patties, sweet grater cakes, coconut drops, breadfruit and even curry chicken back.

Oh, and let us not DARE forget our world famous jerk chicken and jerk pork, spicy and flavourful curry goat and mouthwatering rice and peas

Many Jamaicans in the diaspora and beyond often complain that the food served abroad is subpar compared to those served at home, because our rich seasoning and spices often eclipse those abroad and let’s face it, Jamaicans tend to be ‘food snobs’ because we are used to the best.

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Family & Friends

jamaican family and friendsJamaican Family And Friends

We often do not see the importance of spending time with family and friends until we have to be away from them for an extended period of time.

Jamaicans are very family oriented people and being away from our families is often torturous. From family outings, ‘running a boat’ to just talking and laughing, family time in Jamaica is a treasured aspect of our culture that we hold dear wherever we are in the world.

While it is amazing to travel the world and or even get the opportunity to live abroad and make a better living, we have to admit, speaking on the phone or even video calling is not the same, and we are sure you will agree.

Come on, imagine talking to your mom on the phone and hearing other family members milling about in the background, telling inside jokes, the clanging of pots and pans which tells you that your family is cooking one of those amazing meals, see how left out you would feel!

The Holiday Traditions

jamaican christmas treejamaican christmas tree

Independence Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are particularly difficult for those Jamaicans living abroad.

Many have expressed that they miss the Independence Day tradition of listening to festival songs on the radio and singing along to them all day.

The Christmas and New Year’s traditions are even harder to miss. The family gatherings on Christmas are painful to think about, and then add the food to the mix and you just may have a meltdown. 

New Year’s Eve comes around and one starts to thing about the watch night services at church, calling family and friends when the clock strikes midnight , the fireworks and of course the ‘scribs’ (firecrackers).

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jamaican entertainment - festival

Listen! Everybody knows that when it comes to entertainment and enjoying one’s self, Jamaicans are the hallmark.

We can have fun ANYWHERE! Living room with your friends? Comedy show and concert! Outside in the yard? Restaurant and dancehall session! Let’s face it, Jamaicans ARE entertainment.

Apart from entertaining ourselves, Jamaica tends to have plenty parties to attend, plenty beaches go to, movie theatres, dance clubs, stage shows (phew!)  and so much more.

Let’s just say Jamaicans abroad know what they are missing out on, but the good news is, it’s all waiting for them here when they get home. 

There is popular Jamaican song that says ‘no weh nuh betta dan yard’ (nowhere is better than home), and I for one, think truer words have never been sung.

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