Kaleechi Falls - Untouched Jamaica - How Can I get there?

by Ingrid Lee

Kaleechi Falls - Photo By Bonita Jamaica

Kaleechi Falls - Photo By Bonita Jamaica

QUESTION: Anyone knows how to get to Kaleechi falls

ANSWER: by Wellesley Gayle, March 04

Thanks for your question Ingrid, love it!

Why? Because I never heard of it prior to you asking the question. And to hear that this hidden gem is actually in my neck of the woods has made it pique my interest even more.

The only information I got was that it is in the hills of St. James, here in Jamaica.

Well, I contacted Bonita Jamaica, a partner of mine. They take a lot, and I mean a lot, of photos about all things Jamaica, and incidentally they also had a picture (shown above) of Kaleechi falls.

I therefore made contact, and was provided this response.

"It is on a private property on the border of Hanover and St. James.

It is a part of Chukka Caribbean Adventure's Safari tour out of Sandy Bay Hanover. They have access to the property and the tour will take you there. We don't know of any other way to gain access. Thnx."

So there you have it. This was certainly education for me as well.

I hope this information was helpful enough to you though Ingrid? I hope to personally check it out soon. Do have a great day now.

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Comments for Kaleechi Falls - Untouched Jamaica - How Can I get there?

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Apr 02, 2013
Kaleechi Falls NEW
by: Anonymous

From your comments it must be along the GreatRiver as it runs through the Orange Farm, but before you reach Leithe. I have often wanted to go down that river in a kayak. Never heard of these falls before either, though

Mar 14, 2013
Kaleechi Falls NEW
by: Anonymous

Never heard. Matter of fact when I return home to
live,my plan is to know my beautiful island. So, thank you for this info.

Mar 07, 2013
never seen NEW
by: bgen

would like to know where

Mar 07, 2013
Kaleechi Falls NEW
by: Keisha

Oh my sorry I haven't hear of if ... I hope on my next vacation that will be an area of choice. Thanks so much for the info

Best regard

Mar 07, 2013


Mar 07, 2013
Kaleechi Falls NEW
by: Devin

I really never knew of the place until you sent me the clip on it. I looked it up and also saw some pictures and it is awesome. We are truly a blessed island, rich with places that will take ones breath away and keeps you coming back trip after trip.

Your site is very informative and those who navigate your pages will find that they get a share of our island paradise.

Mar 07, 2013
Quest for the mysterious falls NEW
by: john blenkiron

I thought I knew every nook and cranny on the island. I knew of some falls on the Great River, such as the falls over the dam at the far western edge of the property owned by Silent Waters Villa, but the one in the picture looks far prettier. I was told once that there were a number of small falls along the river which runs along the Hanover-St.James boundary.

I suspect Kaleechi Falls are along that stretch of river just south of Lethe where all the river rafting takes place. I wonder whether Kaleechi is a phonetic spelling of Caleici, the ancient and picturesque town centre of Anatalya in Turkey.

Mar 06, 2013
Kaleechi Falls NEW
by: Janet

Oh dear, how embarrassing! I live in lucea and I've lived in St James and travel back and forth to Montego Bay and pass Chukka and I've NEVER heard of Kaleechi Falls but on the lighter side, I can now impress the locals of my new found knowledge! Thanks for sharing.

Mar 06, 2013
Another Jamaican adventure just waiting for me to explore! NEW
by: Kathie Hosmer

Wow...how gorgeous! It looks like it may have been an old mill or dam there? i can't see the detail of the picture but looks like a fun place to go exploring. Definitely going to pack a swimsuit to jump in the river but I'll bet it's as cold as Y.S. Falls was!!!

I think Jamaica is calling me to come back and visit soon...

Mar 05, 2013
never seen Kaleechi Falls NEW
by: Glyden

I have never seen Kaleechi Falls, my friend. But back in the 60s, on my first visit to Jamaica, when two of my brothers were studying at Mona, I actually experienced the thrill of climbing up the falls at Dunn's River...Have a good one.....

Mar 05, 2013
lots of hidden treasures in jamaica NEW
by: Gifts & Events- Gloria Dawkins

No Wellesley
Never heard of it - would love to discover more.
Lots of well kept secrets all around Jamaica


Mar 05, 2013
Kaleechi Falls NEW
by: Shaneca Mendez

hey am ok, but never heard of but will do a little digging to see what i can find out.

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