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Lottery Scams from Jamaica

by Dr. Dave Stockman

QUESTION about Lottery Scams from Jamaica

When is the Constabulary and Parish law enforcement going to identify and arrest the Lottery Scammers who are making hundreds of phone calls daily to Americans, mostly seniors?

We are told we have "won" a multi-million lottery and just need to "wire" hundreds of dollars to cover a 1% fee, or a registration fee, etc. They use a variety of fake sources such as Winners International, Publishers Clearing House, Bank of America and others. I,personally, have received over 50 such calls last year. I never sent any money, and always collect the name, phone number, location of caller (if possible), and have the crook explain all the details of my "prize". I have done reverse look-ups on the numbers, all of which are from Jamaica.

I have provided information to the Chief Constable, our FBI, and most recently to Wellesley. My question is: when will these crooks be arrested and have their phone lines shut down.

ANSWER: by W. Gayle

Hi Dr. Dave Stockman,

Thanks for your question.
Very timely as well my friend.

This is one of the issues that have been very concerning to me, one of the things that threaten our social fabric as a nation.

From information published by the authorites, it is also the fuel for most of the major crimes been committed in the country today.

To you though, I say, 'Good Job'. It looks like you did all the right things. Unfortunately, not all had the presence of mind to deal with them like you.
I've always maintained that it is unwise for someone to send money to another person for winning money - just doesn't make sense to me, but again we are not all alike, and others might be totally unsuspecting.

The more concerning part about it for me though is that the major players all seems to all have US contacts/connections faciliating the schemes.
Here is another example:

I can say to you that I'm encouraged by the level of effort I see on the ground and hear in the local media here in Jamaica though.

And the US and Jamaican police seems to be working in greater harmony too (Example here).

As a result, several arrests have been made and persons charged.
I've definately seen much reduction in the bareface approach of some of these individuals - most (of who still does it) hide and do it now.

In fact, just last week I read in the news that another mastermind was arrested ... see news report here.

But, I agree with you my friend, there is still a big opportunity for more to be done quickly as, while we celebrate record tourist arrivals and significant foreign incomes every year, these nefarious activities, if not "nailed" for good, threatens to tarnish the good reputation our our beautiful country, Jamaica Land We Love.

But over to the authorities, I'm really hopeful that they will fast track efforts in this regard. (some, I am sure will be reading this).

By the way Dr. Stockham, I will be soliciting feedback from my readers below so please stay in touch.

But again, thanks for your contribution.


Comments for Lottery Scams from Jamaica

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Feb 02, 2018
Block Your Phone
by: Anonymous

I am happy to report that the scammer calls have dropped to one or two a week since I put a detailed block on my home phone. At the same time it has almost stopped the sales calls from marketing companies and non-profits. Some peace and quiet. The latest pitch says the scammer is from the Federal Reserve in New York with a check of $2.5M. The caller has an accent and no knowledge of our Fed Reserve and must think we are dummies. Guess who is the dummy. And, no one in the U.S. calls another person by their first name....Mr. Robert, Mr. Edward, etc. Just the illiterate scammers. THANK YOU for your website, and lets hope it helps pound the crooks into jail cells.

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