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Drift Away, To
Margaritaville Jamaica

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Margaritaville JamaicaMargaritaville Jamaica

Margaritaville Jamaica by C. Holness, Contributor

Just about everyone is familiar with singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffet's famous tune “Margaritaville”, which conjures up images of escaping into a mental state of relaxation and bliss, with the help of a margarita...or two.

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An extension of his creative endeavours, Buffet conceptualized and opened the first of his iconic Margaritavilles in Key West, Florida in 1985. Since then, Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville has grown exponentially as a franchise operation, with an ever-expanding international presence, including four locations on the island of Jamaica.

A big hit with locals and tourist alike, Margaritaville has become a must-see stop on any visitor's itinerary which offers tasty food, outstanding cocktails, great entertainment, and a lively vibe both day and night.

Today there are four Margaritaville club locations in Jamaica; Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, and Falmouth, as well as two small-scale versions at Montego Bay's Sangster Airport, called Air Margaritaville I and II. 

Margaritaville Montego Bay

Since it's opening in 1995, the original Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville restaurant and night club has provided many a memorable time for visitors to Mo'Bay and the local party crowd.

margaritaville montego_bay jamaicaMargaritaville Montego Bay, Jamaica

Conveniently situated on the popular “Hip Strip”  area of Gloucester Avenue, alongside many shops,  the two-storey Margaritaville overlooks the Caribbean Sea and offers its guests a friendly, laid-back place to eat by day, and a lively dance club by night.

It is very accessible by local transportation and shuttle services, and a short trip from the cruise ship docks and most hotels and resorts.

Fun for the whole family in the daytime hours, reservations are not needed to stop in for lunch or dinner, the kitchen opens at 11am and closes at 10pm.

Adults and kids alike will have a blast bolting down the 120-foot waterslide into the turquoise sea below, and playing on the floating water trampolines.  

Nights at 'Ville are legendary with special themes featured on certain days, and the coolest DJ's spin reggae and other hit tunes that will get the crowd out on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. Guests must be 18 or older to enter the night club and a cover charge applies.

Find out more at:

Margaritaville Negril

The easy-going resort town of Negril, on the island's western shores can be considered as the epitome of the lifestyle represented in Buffet's music. In fact it holds the distinction of being the first place in Jamaica which Jimmy Buffet actually visited and inspired some of his songs. 

margaritaville_negril_jamaicaMargaritaville Negril, Jamaica

Opened in 1996, Negril's own Margaritaville can be found on the famous “Seven Mile Beach”, and is the embodiment of the local laid-back way of life.  The cheerful restaurant opens bright and early at 8am and stays open until 10pm.

Guests can enjoy sitting in the shade of a grass-roof cabana with a delicious cocktail in hand while their children play in the safe, enclosed kid's area, or they take in the spectacular view Sunset Beach Bar on the upper level.

There are also water trampolines at this location.  A shuttle bus service is offered to customers staying in nearby hotels. At night, the club comes to life and fills with party-goers, who must be at least 18 years of age. Learn more at:

Margaritaville Ocho Rios

The Ocho Rios Margaritaville welcomed its first visitors in 2002, an occasion that was honoured by an appearance and performance by none other than Jimmy Buffet himself!

margaritaville_ocho_riosMargaritaville Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Larger than the clubs in Montego Bay and Negril, Ochi's Margaritaville greets tons of locals, tourists, and cruise ship passengers every day, with the same delicious menu offerings and  restaurant which serves lunch and dinner between 11am and 10pm.

It's a great place to party at night, and cool off in the day with a tubular water slide that runs from the upper level to the refreshing, fresh-water swimming pool below that has its own swim-up bar.

Upstairs also features a hot tub where guests can relax and ease their cares away.  

Located on the beach, it is part of the bustling Island Village shopping complex. Find out more by visiting:

Margaritaville Falmouth

The newest addition to the Margaritaville Jamaica franchise opened in the town of Falmouth in 2013. Fun and eclectic, Falmouth's version of the iconic club has something for everyone. 

margaritaville_falmouth_jamaicaMargaritaville Falmouth, Jamaica

Diners have the choice of enjoying their meal or snack indoors or outside on the deck, between the same hours of 11am-10pm.

A delightful gift shop is also located on-site, which is the perfect place to pick up a cool souvenir. Its two bars feature playful pirate and surfboard themes, and in the day, guests can feel free to make a splash in the swimming pool or take a soak in the whirlpool hot tub.

Still fairly new, it's a work in progress, with even more attractions likely being added in the near future to this exciting restaurant and night club that's become an instant hit.  Keep up to date by visiting here.

Air Margaritaville I and II

Travelers can also enjoy one last blast before they leave Jamaica at Airville I or Airville II, located at Gates 2 and 15 respectively at Montegos Bay's Sangster International Airport.

Built in 2001 and  2005, these mini replicas are great spots to hang out and relax while waiting for a flight.

Oases in the midst of a busy airport, here guests have a final opportunity to order from the same terrific menu of signature drinks and food which they can even get to go for a snack on the plane.

Each one is also equipped with a Trading Post gift shop for last minute souvenir shopping as well. Get  details at:

Margaritaville Jamaica is certainly a great addition to the Jamaican travel and entertainment package.

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