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Comments for Marijuana should be legal, here are the reasons

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Apr 21, 2011
by: alfredo bravo & rico suave

first of if weed helps more people than it kills cus throught history there has never cause a death caused by weed...IT CURES CANCER!!!!!

how is some idiot gona say something they dont know about marijuana when they havent tried it.. if you try it you'll understand why people (ME) want to make it legal..! they jus cant make it legal cuz they cant tax it, but if they culd, you;d be smoking that right now just like me..

Mar 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Legalize the cannabis. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and people who are saying that it messes up your brain and gives you lung cancer need to do there research first.

Alcohol and ciggarettes are far worse for you than marijuana is, there have been no deaths in the history of the world from smoking marijuana how many have been killed directly from smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol? I don't actually know but there is defiantly more than zero haha.

People who say that marijuana kills brain cells need to do there research before they say anything marijuana has actually been scientifically proven to stimulate brain cell growth. Smoking marijuana has been never been proven to give you lung cancer either.

It will defiantly damage your lungs but not enough to give you lung cancer. What some people don't understand is that not all marijuana users smoke the plant it can be consumed many other ways ex. Pill form, cooked into a butter to add to food, and can be consumed in drink form aswell. Also marijuana can solve the economic situation going on in the U.S.A. marijuana is worth more than gold, there is no naturally occurring substance in the world than marijuana if the government would tax and sell marijuana in stores like they do with marijuana they would be making millions of dollars in pure profit!

As it costs next to nothing to grow marijuana (if grown outdoors) people need to open up there ears, read a book, watch a documentary, or just go on good old google and find out the real facts. Start using your brain people and realize that marijuana is not bad for you and can help change the world just think about how much money countries like Africa could make by exporting marijuana to the u.s.a.

They could solve the hunger problem in (my opinion) 20 years or less. Also one last fact before I go, when George Washington was president he passed a law to make all farmers grow marijuana and hemp along with Their other crops, also the ten amendments were written on hemp paper. Think about that for a bit. Legalize

Jan 23, 2011
by: Luis

I'm a casual smoker and before even trying it i did loads of research about it to know if it was actually that bad trying it:

-If u compare 1 gram of marijuana and 1 gram of alcohol, marijuana is incredibly bad for you.

-Although in a night out, 1 gram or 2 of marijuana is enough to, u know, chill =)
And with alcohol u would at least have around 8 pints, which is around 15 grams of alcohol per pint to get a similar effect.
So in the end you are taking 120 times more alcohol than marijuana!!!! And this quantity of alcohol is much worse healthwise than smoking 1g or 2g.

-Smoke makes you laugh, chill, have a great time. Alcohol makes you have a great time too (at least for me), but for some others it just unleashes a fighting, vandalizing and criminal mood. Drunk people are a danger not only to themselves but to the others too. People when they're high are peaceful. How much would that help in terms of security at night clubs and how much work would it save for the police?

-"Smoking overdose" does not exist, u just go straight to sleep, wake up later on and everything is back to normal.
Alcohol kills, or gets u in a comma, or makes u puke, and the next day u have to take a day off lectures because of a massive hangover.
Guess which one i'd rather do.

-Indeed weed destroys your brain and may cause lung cancer, but alcohol destroys your liver and brain, and can also give you liver cancer. So...hmmm...not too different there...

-I believe hospital costs would balance out from not having to pick drunk people from the streets every friday night and treet lung cancer patients (if you're unlucky enough to get cancer).

-If alcohol was found nowadays it would be banned from the very first day. It is legal because it is socially accepted and has been used by for a few milleniums now. If only marijuana came first in the history of man...

-Addictive!? Who said marijuana is addictive? Go get your research done...

-If REAL information was given about weed and not the MEASLEADING campaigns that say weed is evil, maybe a better informed decision could have been taken by the governments around the world.

-Coffee is more of a drug than weed is. Why is it legal than? Tobacco?

-And seriously there are so many other reasons that i could state here but damn i'm bored of writing..

Hopefully someday mankind will come to reason and either accept marijuana as another gift from mother nature or ban everything that is "harmful". And i think it should be up to each one of us to make the decision of what to take or not, and not anyone else.
PEACE, from Portugal

Aug 06, 2010
legalise it
by: Anonymous

May 15 , first get informed then post. The propaganda that government make to you all those years has convinced you. Read . Think. Decide who's telling you the truth

Apr 26, 2010
legalize it!!!
by: Chris

if ganja was legal everyone would be happy, the government will be making there money and the people of this country will be smoking there ganja, so in the end everyone is happy.

there is nothing wrong with marijuana, it gives you this great feeling and makes you see the world for what it really is, it helps with everything, if your hungry but cant eat because your stomach hurts, smoke a blunt and you'll be good, or if your head hurts and all the legal over the counter drugs arent working for you, smoke a bowl full and no more headache for you.

most of the people in this world smoke ganja and there not going to stop so the government should legalize it, because weather or not they like it, its not gonna have an end.

I'm an individual who smokes the green stuff, and honestly when people say marijuana is a gate way drug, it pissis me off because the only reason people go on to other drugs is because they choose to, not because someone made them.

I am perfectly fine with marijuana, give me music, my homies and some ganja and im straight.

I hope that the government reads this, maybe it will make a difference in this world because we all know that we need it.

Sep 05, 2009
Legalize it (PROOF)
by: Anonymous

That's right LEGALIZE IT...

still not convinced?
look at this video and decide again

May 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

That was bull***. there's many, many more reasons why marijuana is illegal.

marijuana is also terrible for your body, and does things to your brain. it's worse than alcohol, and just as bad as cigarettes, if smoked daily.

i would hate to see more Burnouts everywhere. they are the dumbest people in the world.

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