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Materials Needed To Build A House In Jamaica

by Kelvin

Good morning Sir, I'm trying to find out what materials are needed and current cost for a 2600 square foot two story home in Jamaica, any information will help thank you.
Kelvin, USA.

RESPONSE: by Sheree-Anita Shearer

Hi Kelvin,

The cost to build a house in Jamaica is between USD 70 (JMD 10,500) per square foot for low-end finishes and USD 110 (JMD 16,500) per square foot for high-end finishes.

It can also be calculated at an estimated JMD 90,000 per square metre. A house that is 2600sq ft. is estimated to cost USD 179,550. The prices listed above are subject to change as prices are fluctuating.

Estimated List of Materials Required to Complete a Structure (2,600sq. ft.)

This is the estimated list of materials required to complete a typical structure only 2,600sq. ft. provided by McBean Project Management Ltd (MPM):

  • 5000 blocks
  • 4 tonnes 1/2" Steel
  • 2 tonne 3/8" steel
  • 3 bundles Binding wire
  • 10 sheets BRC Fabric
  • 3 loads sand
  • 3 loads gravel
  • 400 bags cement to start
  • Lumber
  • 50 sheets Ply boards
  • 50x2x4x16
  • 50x1x3x16
  • 6 Buckets
  • 4 Shovels
  • 4 Wheel Barrows
  • 50 lbs 2 1/2" Wire Nails
  • 50 lbs 3" Conc Nails
  • 50 lbs 3" Wire Nails
  • 50 lbs 4" Wire Nails
  • 1 x1000 Gallons Water Tank

Please note that the cost of plumbing and electrical work are not included in this estimation.

Be reminded that this is an estimate and a more precise material list and cost point will be provided after speaking with an actual contractor. Having a plan outlining the specifics of what your home will be will also be ideal.

This information has been so aptly given to us by Mr McBean, director of McBean Project Management Ltd (MPM). He has been known to me for many years and while there are many capable contractors in Jamaica, he has proven himself to be among the best at what he does.
Many readers have been referred to him with similar requests in the past and they have all been satisfied with the work he and his company has produced.

His contact information is:
Cell Phone or WhatsApp: (876) 540-7771

Locations: 8 Seaview Close, Great Pond, Ocho Rios St. Ann
23 Silvera Drive, Kingston 7

Their full suite of products include:

  1. Property Sourcing & Real Estate
  2. General Contracting
  3. Property Management & Maintenance
  4. Construction Project Management & Administration
  5. Architectural Designs & Services
  6. Property Development Planning (feasibility study, etc.)

Other Factors to Consider When Building a Home:

There are also many factors to consider when thinking of building a home. Firstly, if you are acquiring land, you must consider the land acquisition process. The topography of the land, the distance of the location from your suppliers, security of the area, the specific requirements for your project, the legal requirements (approval from the Parish Council) and the expected turnaround time from your project should also be borne in mind.

If you decide not to use a reputable construction company, it is advised that you or someone trustworthy be present when undertaking this development to ensure it is done to your liking.

Your new home in Jamaica will be a valuable investment to you and your family. Many people have residences in Jamaica and enjoy coming home to vacation in their very own tropical island home.

I also recommend you read Buying Real Estate in Jamaica Useful Tips and Strategies.



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