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My Christmas In Negril, Jamaica

by Joan Ferguson
(London England)

This Jamaican Christmas story/ experience is a different; no food, no party and traditional entertainment, no big celebration, etc.

Rather, it was about Joan on a horse!
Yes, a horse, lol!

Here is it!

I was staying at Mariners Inn on the Cliff side in Negril West Wend, and on Christmas morning I went on a plantation tour on horse back up the mountain and it ended on the beach below.

I was on a big tan colour horse called Lightening.

As soon as the horse step on the beach after a leisurely stole up the winding mountain side, it went galloping like lightening straight ahead.

The two guides knew what would happen and probably gave the horse that name.

Everyone stopped and watched as the horse went at lightening speed with me on its back.

I had to use intuition, things I saw in movies as a child and what I learned from my few horse riding lessons to inform my decisions.

I talked to horse, while holding on firmly until it finally stopped with me still on its back.

Had I fallen off I would not be able to laugh and tell the tale now :-)

That's how these tour guides get some of their fun, setting tourists up in situations where they can later share the stories about the outcome with friends at the end of their day.

Wellesley's Note

Hey Joan,

You are right, you have a fun story and we can laugh now, but you know what, I think the tour guides assessed you well and figured you would be able to manage.

Surely they wouldn't put someone someone feeble and timid on Lightening. I think they knew you would handle him well Joan.

Congrats though! It looks like you had a fun ending.

And by the way, Merry Christmas to you this year, wherever you will be celebrating it, but hopefully in Jamaica :-)

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