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Shipping Barrels To Jamaica
The Top 3 Recommended Companies

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Shipping Barrels To Jamaica | (Photo Credit: sbarrelservices)Shipping Barrels To Jamaica | (Photo Credit: sbarrelservices)

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Shipping Barrels to Jamaica is a practice that has been done by migrants for years. It is common practice among Caribbean migrants to send a barrel with food or clothing items for the family still living on the islands. Usually, the trip to pick up the barrel/s lasts an entire day, with long lines and extensive wait periods.

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 Sometimes it might even last longer if the documents are inaccurate or incomplete. Some companies have made shipping barrels to Jamaica their business and have found ways to alleviate some of the usual stresses that come with it.

1. Dennis Shipping

Dennis Shipping delivers from their offices in New York and Florida in the United States to the Caribbean and Central America. They also serve other states including Virginia, Connecticut, Delaware, Boston and Maryland through independent partners.

Their services include:

  • Ocean Freight
  • Door-to-door
  • Pre Clearance
  • Automobile Shipping
  • Container Shipping

If you have the barrel packed at home in New York or Florida, they do pickups from your home. All you would need to do is provide the name, address and contact number of both the sender and the receiver either over the phone or using their online platform. Having the barrel delivered or dropped off at the warehouse is also an option if that is more convenient for you.

To make the process even simpler, Dennis Shipping facilitates persons packing their barrels at the warehouse as well and, if you need help choosing the storage option best suited for the items you are packing, a consultant will assist.

Pre Clearance

With Pre-clearance, you eliminate the hassle for the collector to visit the wharf themselves. For an additional fee, the Dennis Shipping team will handle the paperwork and process to collect the barrel at Jamaica customs. You will need to provide them with an ID and TRN for the person who is collecting and this name must match the name the barrel is sent to.

Dennis Shipping will cover the relevant fees and customs duties until you collect the barrel. After your shipment is cleared, all you’ll have to do is visit the office closest to you, pay the outstanding fees and collect your package.

Door To Door

Deliveries directly to your home provide even more convenience to the receiver they wouldn’t even have to leave their home to collect the package themselves. The shipped item can be taken, in some cases directly from the sender’s door to the receiver’s without either one having to leave the house. 

To utilize this service, a detailed list of all the items needs to be given to the company that way they will be able to check the content of the barrel at the wharf for you.

Dennis Shipping also facilitates the shipping of automobiles, full container loads and returning residents.

Dennis Shipping Locations

United States

  • 1124 Utica Ave., Brooklyn New York 11203 | Tel: 718045103617
  • 4354 White Plains Road, Bronx, New York 10466 | Tel: 718 231-6200
  • 3695-99 NW 15th Street Lauderhill, Florida 33311 | Tel: 754 223-2348


  • Unit 5 Total Logistics Facility, 195 Second Street, Newport West, Kingston 13 | Tel: 876-901-8768
  • #17 Southern Business Circle, Alice Eldemir Drive, Montego Bay, St. James | Tel: (876) 953-6775

2. OML International

From assistance with choosing the type of barrel you’ll need to customs clearances and deliveries, OML International lessens the stress of getting the barrel to Jamaica on the sender and collector.

Packing services can be requested by the sender if it would more convenient to be packed at the warehouse.

They offer door to door services where your barrel will be collected at the sender’s address and delivered to the receiver’s. Pick up will be done by a third party logistics company for deliveries to Jamaica. 

They cover the costs of clearing the barrel at customs and transporting it to you which should be refunded upon arrival or through the payment methods online. You can track your shipments on the website until it arrives at your door.

Shipping from Jamaica and international relocation are also services provided by OML Shipping.

Countries that OML Ships from:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • China
  • United Kingdom

Contact Information:

  • Address: 591 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11
  • Tel: 876-933-0607/ 876-819-2967

3. RSD Shipping

This company provides air, ocean and ground freight services for small packages, barrels, hotel renovations or new builds, full container loads and less-than-container loads.

They provide shipping from their offices in:


  • Suite 18 Portsville Plaza, Lot H6 Coconut Drive, Montego Bay, Freeport, St. James | Tel: 876-618-2395

  • 6-12 Newport Boulevard Newport Commercial Centre, Newport West, Kingston 13 | Tel: 876-618-2395


  • Doral Florida, 7500 NW 81st Place, Suite 2 Medley Florida 33166 | Tel: 786-723-4773

International Partners


  • Address: 2-6305 Danville Road, Mississauga, ON., Canada L5T 2H7
  • Tel: 416-410-1009


  • Universal House, 41 Catley Road, Sheffield, S9 5JF, United Kingdom
  • Tel: +44 (0)114 2993055

WW Messenger Shipping Co

  • 46 Oakwood Avenue, #4601 Orange, NJ 07050, USA
  • Tel: 973-674-8932


  • Address: 1437 Pine Hills Rd., Orlando, FL, 32808
  • Email:
  • Tel: (407) 822-6792

So you see, shipping barrels to Jamaica doesn’t have to be at all stressful.

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