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Shopping In Montego Bay
The Best Places To Shop In Mobay

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Shopping In Montego Bay | The Hip StripShopping In Montego Bay | The Hip Strip

No vacation or trip should be completed without a physical memento of the time spent. Yes, pictures are great but having a souvenir is just as awesome.

So, if you are spending time in Montego bay, here are some great places you can go shopping in Montego Bay, to find the perfect item to take back home with you.

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Main Street Rose Hall (The Shoppes at Rose Hall)

Shopping In Montego Bay | The Shoppes At Rose HallShopping In Montego Bay | The Shoppes At Rose Hall

Duty-free luxury and boutique stores offering designer clothing, jewellery, fragrances and cosmetics, souvenirs and speciality items are available at The Shoppes at Rose Hall. A total of 31 stores under brands like Tropicana, Bijoux, Jewel & Time, TajMahal, The Royal Shop, and Casa de Oro can be found within the complex.

Additionally, there is a gourmet restaurant, a coffee shop featuring Blue Mountain Coffees, and an international bistro where customers may unwind after their shopping trip.

Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Tel: +1 876-953-3245

Fontana Pharmacy

Fontana provides the most extensive selection of products at the best rates in a welcoming environment with easy parking and, above all, warm, polite, and fast service. Fontana is so much more than just a drug store. A wide range of services is provided, including those for local crafts, perfumes, books, and presents.

Beauty, health, well-being, homes, toys, mementoes, and home furnishings are all offered in a lovely setting. There is also an ice cream parlour and café there as well. As a matter of fact, additional services you can get there includes getting your make-up done by incredible makeup artists.

Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Tel: +1 888-429-5887

The Blue Diamond Shopping Plaza

Numerous gift shops can be found at the Blue Diamond Shopping Plaza, which acts as a gathering place for both tourists and residents. The greatest retailers of jewellery, health and beauty products, dentistry, a conveniently placed Shoppers Fair grocery, and pharmacies can all be found throughout the plaza. It is also right across from Whitter Village which offers a host of other shops.

  • Email:
  • Tel: +1 876-953-9020+

Harbour Street Craft and Cultural Village

When Jamaicans wanted a place to exchange goods and sell their livestock in the 1600s, markets were created. As artisans, wood carvers, and craftsmen gathered in one place to show and sell their creations, markets changed with time.

With time, market operations become more organized and constitute a significant part of the Jamaican economy. From these marketplaces, tourist craft markets were developed to offer specialized goods designed for use by tourists or to conjure memories of the locales around Jamaica. Here you can find:

  • Crafts Demonstrations
  • Delicious Local Food & Drinks
  • Hand-made, Authentic Souvenirs
  • Mini Museum & Historical Artifacts

Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Tel: +1 (876) 888-8888

Gallery of West Indian Art & Amuse

Since over 50 years ago, Haitian, Jamaican, and Cuban artworks have been collected and sold by the Gallery of West Indian Art. The selection is extensive and diverse in terms of style, theme, and pricing.

They stock pieces by early intuitive painters from Jamaica and Haiti, including Albert Artwell and Prosper Pierre Louis. They also offer works by well-known artists from Haiti and Jamaica, including Carl Abrahams and Seymour Etienne Bottex.

Contact Information

  • Tel: 1-876-952 4547

Ras Natango Gallery

This site went from being a desolate, rocky hillside to becoming the current hub of culture. The ambience at Ras Natango Gallery and Garden has always been distinctive and remarkable.

The site that would eventually house was bought in 1988 by Ian Williams (Ras Natango) purely for the view. The ground was terraced and a gallery was constructed there after years of the artist's artistic pursuit.

The gallery and garden were well on their way to becoming a recognized tourist destination in 2009. Ras is self-taught. He reads a lot and favours acrylic painting. His hotel paintings mostly feature tropical flora.

His works of art may now be found at all of the island's Rius hotels as well as in private collections in more than 17 other nations.

Contact Information

Email: Tel 1-876-578-2582

Fairview Shopping Centre

The Fairview Shopping Center, one of Jamaica's top malls, has everything under one roof. In this complex, you may find everything you need, from a petrol station to a bank. Typically, people like to spend the day window shopping and savouring their meals while perusing the clothing, electronics, and furniture showrooms here.

Clothing and accessory stores, hardware stores, restaurants and bars, and online retailers are all conveniently located in one location. For a leisurely day out, there are numerous restaurants and sports bars that offer plenty of entertainment.

And remember shopping in Montego bay should be fun, so leave enough time for your shopping so you can fully enjoy the experience. Don’t wait until the last minute.

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