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Songs About Jamaica
Celebrating Our History, Culture & Beauty


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Songs About Jamaica | Bob Marley, Edward Seaga and Michael Manley at The Smile Jamaica Concert (Photo Credit: Reggae Republic)Songs About Jamaica | Bob Marley, Edward Seaga and Michael Manley at The Smile Jamaica Concert (Photo Credit: Reggae Republic)

Songs About Jamaica | Sheree-Anita Shearer, Associate Writer

Maybe you’ve been trying to find that one Reggae song about Jamaica for the longest time but you just can’t remember the name and the Google search just isn’t working. There are quite a few so I don’t blame you. Hopefully, it is on this list.

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Jamaican musicians have, since Independence and the birth of Reggae music, used their talents as a way to promote the brand, “Jamaica” through their music. These are the most famous songs about Jamaica.

New! You can also watch the songs on this YouTube playlist (below).

1. Smile Jamaica - Bob Marley and the Wailers

Bob Marley was a champion of promoting Jamaica and Reggae music and one of his most popular endorsements of the country came in his 1976 single Smile Jamaica with his group The Wailers. The song speaks of being sad and despondent until Bob is reminded of all the reasons to “smile, in Jamaica”.

The song captured the essence of Jamaica so well that the media house Television Jamaica, named their popular and highly entertaining morning show “Smile Jamaica, It’s Morning Time", in honour of the song.

2. Welcome to Jam’Rock - Damion “Junior Gong” Marley

This song is by well established Jamaican Reggae artiste and son of Reggae legend Bob Marley, Damion “Junior Gong” Marley. This song exposes the not so hidden issues Jamaica faces with violence and corruption, while tourists still flock to the nation's beautiful beaches and attractions.

This song was released in 2006 on the third studio album for the artiste that shares the same name as arguably, the most popular song from the project.

3. Sweet Jamaica - Tony Rebel

What a nice place fi live, Sweet Jam Dung!” Tony Rebel sings, using one of Jamaica’s many endearing names used by the very patriotic people. In the song, we are reminded of the beauty of our country over a captivating Reggae beat.

The song also highlights our problems as the poverty so many Jamaicans have to struggle with each day and the system (government) not being as efficient as it should.

The song was released in 1993 and was big in London and New York especially because of the high concentration of Jamaican migrants who live in those areas who like the song says, didn’t truly realize all the great things about Jamaica until they relocated to other countries.

4. Take Me Home, Country Roads - Toots and The Maytals

Songs About Jamaica | Toots Hibbert (Lead Singer for the band Toots and The Maytals)Songs About Jamaica | Toots Hibbert (Lead Singer for the band Toots and The Maytals)

The remake of John Denver’s 1971 hit, Take Me Home Country Roads was done in 1973 by Toots and the Maytals. With a few tweaks to the original, the song became an instant hit highlighting Jamaica.

5. Land of My Birth - Eric Donaldson

This song might be the only time you’ve ever heard of Eric Donaldson, but his song is one of the most played songs in Jamaica, especially around Independence and Emancipation.

It was originally a Jamaica Festival song entry in 1978, but it was so well written and captured so much of our favourite things about Jamaica that it has become one of the most popular Jamaican songs both in and outside our country.

In the song, the artiste speaks about never wanting to leave Jamaica and his belief in what our Jamaican flag stands for.

6. Sweet Jamaica - Mr Vegas, Shaggy, Josey Wales

This song which was released right in time for Emancipendnce celebrations was played right throughout the summer of 2012. The song by Mr. Vegas features well known Jamaican artiste Shaggy and veteran dancehall deejay Josey Wales.

Each artiste takes turns singing about their favourite things about Jamaica, whether it is the food, the scenery or the people and our culture.

The song’s extended version features reggae favourites, U Roy, Barrington Levy, Coco Tea, Christopher Martin, TOK, Singing Melody, Tony Curtis, Freddie McGregor, Leroy Sibbles, Marcia Griffiths, Ce’Cile and Beenie Man.

7. Smile Jamaica - Chronixx

After so many describing Jamaica as being the most beautiful place they had ever seen, Chronixx's unique take on Jamaica, by describing the country as a beautiful woman comes as no surprise.

The artiste speaks of Jamaica’s contribution to various fields including sports, music and literature and the beauty of the nation despite the many exploits it faces daily by those who underappreciate the importance of the natural undisturbed beauty of the island. 

8. Jamaica Love - Busy Signal

Jamaica Love released in 2014 by Busy Signal, is one of the newer songs about Jamaica. And is just one of the many songs this artiste has to highlight the beauty of Jamaica, the people of Jamaica and the countless other reasons to stay here. Another favourite from the artiste is Jamaica, Jamaica released in 2020.

9. Give Thanks And Praises - Ray Rayon

25 years after Jamaica gained Independence Ray Rayon released this song and it perfectly captures what the Jamaicans of that time were feeling about the feat.

The song praises God and shows gratitude for reaching 25 years as an independent nation. The song was the Jamaica Festival Song entry for 1987.

Although we are a good way past 25 or even 50, Jamaicans still enjoy this song as it celebrates Jamaica.

10. On A Mission - Damian Marley, Agent Sasco (Assassin), Shaggy, Romain Virgo, Wayne Marshall, Tessanne Chin, Beres Hammond, Tifa, Tarrus Riley and Chevelle Franklyn

This song and the video that accompanied, perfectly encapsulated Jamaica and the people who represent the country. After 50 years of Independence, the artistes, all Jamaican born but from the many races and cultures who occupy Jamaica, shared in the celebration of Jamaica’s 50th year as an independent nation and spoke of the even greater achievements that were to come.

The video featured the Prime Minister of Jamaica at the time, who is also serving as our current Prime Minister Andrew Holness as well as our first and only female prime minister Portia Simpson Miller.

11. I Man Born Ya - Pluto Shervington

"But I man on ya, I man born ya
I nah leave ya fi go a Canada
No way sah, pot a boil ya, belly full ya
Sweet Jamaica"

I don't think there is much else I need to say about this one. When this song was released in 1982, many Jamaicans were migrating other countries in hopes of a better life.

But, Shervington's song echoed the opinion of even more Jamaicans, who had decided that they would not leave, they would seek success in their homeland.

Whether you are a Jamaican living on the island or one living overseas and missing home, you can listen to these songs about Jamaica, knowing that somewhere someone else is doing the same thing and sharing in the feeling with you.

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Here's a bonus for you! We've put together a YouTube playlist of these songs just for you! Here it is (below).

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