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Treasure Beach Jamaica - History, Attractions and Accommodations

Treasure Beach Jamaica - Jakes Hotel

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by Sheree-Anita Shearer

Welcome to Treasure Beach Jamaica! Vacationing in Treasure Beach gives you the unique opportunity to have fun in the sun, with good food, many attractions to visit and not having to worry about having the “tourist experience”. Treasure Beach lives up to its name as a mixture of beauty, relaxation and Jamaican realness.

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The History of Treasure Beach Jamaica

The very first settlers of this area are believed to be the Tainos, who had a thriving village in the area. However, this was short lived as the Spaniards arrived shortly after and unfortunately many Taino lives were lost. The slave trade saw to the settling of many Europeans and enslaved Africans in the area, much like the rest of Jamaica.

However, a high concentration of the people of Treasure Beach Jamaica can trace their ancestry back to Scottish fishermen who were stranded at sea and washed ashore on the island. It is evident when you get to Treasure Beach to see the rich mixture of races in the area. 

This particular part of Jamaica has a very distinct way of speaking Patois and even has words that are specific to them. This is presumed to be because of the influence of Scottish, English and African words and accents.

Where Is Treasure Beach Jamaica located?

This little slice of paradise is located in southern Jamaica in the parish of St. Elizabeth. The fishing village and farming community is located some 35 minutes from Black River, the nearest town and 2 hours away from Montego Bay.

How Did Treasure Beach Get Its name?

The laidback town on the south coast of Jamaica is believed to have been named after a hotel opened in 1930’s the Treasure Beach Hotel. The name stuck and rightfully so as it perfectly sums up what to expect when you visit Treasure Beach Jamaica.

What Is Treasure Beach Known For?

Treasure Beach is known for its beautiful beaches and landscape but even more so as a farming and fishing village. Although it started receiving recognition as a tourist destination some 25 years ago, with the opening of Jake’s Hotel it has still stayed true to its core and is still mainly recognized as a farming and fishing community. Tourists appreciated the unaltered beaches quite dissimilar from that of more established tourist and resort towns on the island. 

Known as the bread basket parish,  St. Elizabeth is synonymous with farming and fishing, not tourism. So you can expect to see Jamaica unpolished and natural. Treasure Beach is no different. Predominantly still a fishing and farming village, you will get to see Jamaica as it is.

People going to and from work, playing and catching up with friends along the beach and grabbing some food at one of the many cafes and restaurants that litter the South Coast.

Which Airport Do You Go Through To Get To Treasure Beach?

Treasure Beach is some two hours away from the Sangster’s International Airport in Montego Bay. But don’t worry about being bored on a two hour drive to Treasure Beach. That is nearly impossible. You can enjoy the scenery of Jamaica’s beautiful south coast and even stop and the many stalls and restaurants serving organic and authentic Jamaican fruits and dishes along the way.

You can still arrive at the Norman Manley International Airport, however it is not an ideal access point to Treasure Beach because of how far east on the island Kington actually is. But being an island nowhere is ever really that far and the journey from Kingston to Treasure Beach Jamaica can last 4-5 hours.

How Do You Get To Treasure Beach?

The best way to get to Treasure Beach is by car. While it is possible to take public transportation or route taxis to Treasure Beach, I would not advise doing so. There will be at least 3 changes in transportation along the way and with bags after a long flight that can be a lot to deal with.

I strongly suggest having some prior arrangements as it relates to getting there. If you have not arranged other forms of transportation, then I would suggest Knutsford Express which gives you a comfortable ride to Luana, their closest drop off point to Treasure Beach and even with that you will need a taxi to Black River and another from there to Treasure Beach. 

What Is The Weather Like In Treasure Beach Jamaica?

It is pretty similar to the rest of the island, however it can get a bit dry on the south coast especially in south St. Elizabeth which experiences some of the lowest levels of rainfall on the island. The temperatures range between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius. The possibility of it raining on your trip is highly unlikely but not impossible. Conditions can be humid as well. Hydration will be important.

Is Treasure Beach Safe?

Treasure Beach is as safe as it gets. It is a very laid back and tight knit community that really does not have issues with crime. Just exercise the same level of caution you would at home.

Which Hotels Are The Best To Stay At In Treasure Beach Jamaica?

The accommodations provided in Treasure Beach will not have all inclusive options in most cases. This encourages you to leave your residence of choice and get to learn more about the area and meet the amazing people who serve the community. With many restaurants all around to choose from plus many fishermen from whom you can buy the catch of the day you will never run out of options for food.

You can always search for other options that will be able to provide a comfortable and relaxing stay on Jamaica’s south coast however, I suggest:

  1. Jake’s Hotel
  2. Katamah Beachfront Guesthouse
  3. Lashings’ Boutique Hotel
  4. Treasure Beach Hotel

What Are The Top Attractions In Treasure Beach?

  1. Lover’s Leap
  2. Billy’s Bay Natural History Museum
  3. Calabash Bay
  4. Frenchman’s Bay
  5. The Mud Place Gallery
  6. Floyd’s Pelican Bar
  7. Black River Safari
  8. Jamaica Zoo
  9. Appleton Estate Rum Tour
  10. BREDS Treasure Beach Sports Park & Academy

Restaurants in the Treasure Beach Area

  1. Jack Sprat
  2. Smurf’s Café
  3. Pardy’s Café
  4. Eggy’s Beach
  5. Frenchman’s Reef
  6. Gee Wiz Vegetarian Restaurant

Nightlife In Treasure Beach

The nightlife is not as exciting as Montego Bay or Negril because it is less of a resort town and more of a community. Nightly entertainment will be amongst the locals enjoying Jamaica the way we do, with good food, a few beers and music being played at the local bar or restaurant.

Many restaurants actually have nightly entertainment for this reason, so just follow the sound of the music, you will find some entertainment there. It doesn’t hurt to ask the person providing accommodations for you about the best spots to visit just the same.

The Treasure Beach, Jamaica experience is likely to be your next great escape. See you soon.

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