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142 FUN Tourist Destinations In Jamaica
The Best, Unmissable Spots, By Parish

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cliff jumping in Negril Jamaica - Best Tourist Destinations In JamaicaCliff Jumping In Negril | Tourist Destinations In Jamaica

After months, and I dear say years, of research, reading and personal reviews, I'm now confidently able to share with you these, yes all of 142 attractions, adventures and tourist destinations in Jamaica!

The best of Jamaica!

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And even better, I'm presenting them to you by PARISH, alphabetized with further links (where applicable) to the individual attractions.

By the way, this does not negate any other listings I have, including the top places to visit in Jamaica, this is the ultimate - the most comprehensive list you'll find on this my website!


tourist destinations in Jamaica mayfield falls JamaicaMayfields Falls, Westmoreland

But, BEFORE You Go!

Get a trusted tour guide - and here's my recommendation!


maypen clarendon clock towerMay Pen Clock, Clarendon
  1. Have an invigorating soak at the curative waters of Milk River Bath.  Read more on mineral springs in Jamaica here.
  2. Visit Portland Point Lighthouse 
  3. Visit Colbeck Castle Great House 
  4. Check out Salt Island and Cudjoe Hill
  5. See the Jackson Bay Cave
  6. Hike up the Juan De Bolas Mountain
  7. Visit St Peter's Church and Moneymusk Library 
  8. Attend Jamaica’s annual Agricultural Society’s Farm Show at Denbigh 


calico jack pirate shack in green island hanoverCalico Jack's Pirate Island in Green Island, Hanover
  1. Visit Tryall Estate and Golf Course
  2. See Fort Charlotte at the Lucea Harbour and note it's history
  3. Drive through Blenheim, the birthplace of Jamaica's hero, Alexander Bustamante
  4. Stop By The Rustic Town Of Lucea and observe is historical architecture
  5. Go hiking behind the hills of cousins cove 
  6. Experience the new Dolphin Cove in Hanover
  7. Visit The Great Morass crocodile habitat
  8. Visit Bloody Bay Beach that continues into Negril.
  9. Visit Chisholm Beach in Lucea, and finally
  10. Take a boat ride to the secluded Calico Jack's Pirate Island in Green Island, near Negril

Kingston & St Andrew 

the bob marley museum, kingston, jamaicaBob Marley Museum, Kingston
  1. Visit the National Gallery Of Jamaica and amaze yourself in the history.
  2. Climb the Blue Mountains 
  3. Visit Devon House for gifts and ice cream 
  4. Visit a theatre 
  5. Visit Fort Charles
  6. Tour the national Gallery 
  7. Enjoy Carnival after Easter 
  8. Dine and party in New Kingston (more on history of Kingston)
  9. Visit the famous Hope Botanical Gardens 
  10. Stop by the Kingston Craft Market 
  11. Visit The St Andrew Parish Church, built in 1700. 
  12. View the Half-Way-Tree Clock and tower built in 1913 as a memorial to King Edward VII of England 
  13. Go snorkeling at Lime Cay (featured in the film ”The Harder they Come") 
  14. Visit the historic Port Royal - once considered the wickedest city on earth!
  15. Visit the Bob Marley Museum (See museums)
  16. See the new look Emancipation Park
  17. See the best of Jamaica's artisans in the annual Liguanea Art Festival.
  18. See the 1907 earthquake monument
  19. Experience the healing waters of the Rockfort Mineral Bath

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The Mandeville Courthouse, ManchesterThe Mandeville Courthouse, Manchester
  1. Go hiking and horseback riding 
  2. Take an Eco tour 
  3. Go bird watching at Marshall’s Pen Great House 
  4. Enjoy a taste of mouth-watering seafood at Little Ochie seafood restaurant 
  5. Tour The High Mountain Coffee and Chocolate Factory at Williamsfield
  6. Tour the Pickapepper Sauce Factory at Shooters Hill and the Jamaican Bammy Factory in Mandeville
  7. Visit the gallery at Bloomfield Great House


wellesley and wife on the blue lagoon portlandWellesley on the Blue Lagoon with wife
  1. Experience the mysterious waters of movie-featured Blue Lagoon  (see
  2. Go Hiking In The Mountains
  3. Visit Boston Beach, Long bay Beach, Winifred’s Beach, San San Beach and Frenchman's Cove Beach
  4. Have a taste of authentic Jamaican Jerk at the original Boston Jerk Center
  5. Visit The Monkey Island
  6. Visit Navy Island (formerly owned by Errol Flyn) 
  7. Visit Crystal Springs 
  8. Go Surfing at Boston Bay
  9. Visit Reach Falls 
  10. Go Rafting on the Rio Grande River
  11. Visit the maroon village of Nanny Town and the Charlestown Maroons 
  12. Enjoy Sport Fishing 

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St. Ann (inc. Ocho Rios)

Ocho Rios craft market, St. AnnOcho Rios craft market, St. Ann
  1. Stop by and purchase souvenirs at the Ocho Rios Craft Market
  2. Climb the world famous Dunn’s River Falls 
  3. Go snorkelling, windsurfing and diving 
  4. Visit Nine Miles, the birthplace and shrine of Bob Marley 
  5. View the historical architecture of Harmony Hall Great House
  6. Visit Wassi Art and see the creation of extraordinary handmade pottery 
  7. Go horseback riding 
  8. Visit the New Hope Great House and the ruins of the Minard Great House
  9. Experience Fern Gully - 3 miles of foliage lined with hundreds of species of fern said to be the largest fern arboretum in the world!
  10. Visit the "Noisy Water" River Cave and "Rat Bat Hole" 
  11. Sample the hearty treats of Faiths Pen 
  12. See the Green Grotto Caves 
  13. Check out the Mohogany Beach
  14. Visit Ocho Rios Marine Park, Turtle River Falls, Shaw Park Gardens and the Coyaba River Garden 
  15. Visit Seville Heritage Park and Columbus Park Museum Experience Chukka Cove Adventures 
  16. Go Rafting on the White River
  17. Swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove 
  18. Go glass-bottom kayaking on the Caribbean Sea 
  19. Visit the Walker's Wood Sauce Farm and Craft Market 
  20. Enjoy the Mystic Mountain escapade 
  21. See Marcus Garvey Statue in St. Ann’s Bay 
  22. Visit the ruins of Edinburgh Castle 
  23. Visit the Watt Town Zion Church spiritual schoolroom 
  24. Go River Tubing at White River Valley Adventure 

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St. Catherine 

visitors at Hellshire Beach, St. Catherinevisitors at Hellshire Beach, St. Catherine
  1. See the intimidating Bog Walk Gorge 
  2. Visit the Rio Cobre 
  3. Enjoy fish and festival at Hellshire beach 
  4. Visit Linstead Market and the Linstead Anglican Church 
  5. Visit Caymanas Park and Golf & Country Club 
  6. Visit Guardsman Serenity Park 
  7. See the Rodney Memorial and St. Jago de la Vega Cathedral in Spanish Town 
  8. Visit the People’s Museum of Craft & Technology & White Marl Taino Museum 

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St. Elizabeth (South Coast) 

YS Falls, St. ElizabethYS Falls, St. Elizabeth
  1. Take a boat ride up the Black River at the Black River Safari
  2. See the beauty and undiluted Treasure Beach
  3. Sail out to the Pelican Bar at Parrotee
  4. Experience tiers of cascading water at YS Falls 
  5. Take a tour through of the Appleton rum factory
  6. Stop by one of the vendors at Middle Quarters and enjoy authentic peppered shrimp.
  7. Go Bird Watching 
  8. Visit Alligator Pond and alligator hole 
  9. Take in the amazing views of Pedro Bluff, Cutlass Bay and Lovers Leap
  10. Drive through and get some one in a lifetime pictures of Holland Bamboo - nature's perfect archway 
  11. Stop by 'Border' at Scott's Cove and enjoy pipping hot Jamaican escoveitched fish and bammy

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St. James (inc. Montego Bay)

Doctors Cave Beach, Montego Bay, St. JamesDoctors Cave Beach, Montego Bay, St. James
  1. Visit the haunted Rose Hall Great House 
  2. Play Golf at Half Moon Golf Course
  3. Visit the Rockland's Bird Sanctuary
  4. Capture the spirit and flavor of rural Jamaica with John's Hall Adventure tour.
  5. Check out the Rastafarian Indigenous Village
  6. Experience Chukka Caribbean Adventures at Lethe
  7. Wine, dine and enjoy the attractions on the Hip Strip
  8. Enjoy Reggae Sumfest, the greatest reggae show, each summer (July)
  9. Visit the sun-splashed shores of world-famous Doctors Cave Beach 
  10. Be the life of the party at Margaritaville Mobay, or Pier1 on the weekends
  11. Take a trip to the hills of Camrose and ahhh you'll find.... Ahh Ras Natango Gallery & Garden.

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St. Mary (near Ocho Rios)

st. mary welcome signSt. Mary Welcome Sign
  1. Visit Goldeneye where Ian Flemming created James Bond 
  2. Experience James Bond, Reggae, and Robins Bay Beaches
  3. Visit Konoka falls
  4. Visit the Blue Hole
  5. Stop by and note one of the many historical plantations and great houses
  6. Tour Firefly museum, former home of Noel Coward artist, actor and playwright (see 4 famous persons who lived in Jamaica)
  7. See the Rio Nuevo Battle Site, White River and the Wag Water river 
  8. Visit Castleton Botanical Gardens 

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St. Thomas (In The East)

Surfing at Bull Bay in St. Thomas, JamaicaSurfing at Bull Bay in St. Thomas, Jamaica
  1. Go surfing at Jamnesia Surf Camp in Bull Bay
  2. Stop By the Morant Point Lighthouse 
  3. Visit the famed springs at Bath Mineral Fountain
    See mineral springs in Jamaica
  4. Visit Bull Bay and Cane River Falls 
  5. Check out Zion Hill, a site populated by Bobo shanty rastafarians 
  6. Visit the Queensbury Ridge, monument to “Three-Finger” Jack Mansor eighteenth century “Robin Hood” character.

Trelawny  (near Montego Bay)

The Falmouth Welcome sign, TrelawnyThe Falmouth Welcome sign, Trelawny
  1. Explore the hidden caves, trails and waterfalls in the Cockpit Country 
  2. Go Rafting on the Martha Brae 
  3. Explore the town of Falmouth and its architectural history
  4. Visit an underground spring and watch mystical waters illuminate at night at Glistening Waters
  5. Visit the Rock Spring Caves and the Quashie River Sink Caves 
  6. Visit Stewart CastIe in Duncans 
  7. See the Baptist Manse on Market Street near the waterfront 
  8. Stop by Eaton's Sauce Factory

Westmoreland (inc. Negril)

ricks cafe, Negril, Westmoreland, JamaicaRicks cafe, Negril, Westmoreland, Jamaica
  1. Go cliff diving at Ricks Cafe in Negril
  2. Rent a bike and explore the town of Negril your way
  3. Visit the Blue Hole at Brighton
  4. Visit the mausoleum at Grange Hill 
  5. Visit the Roaring River and Cave attraction
  6. Swim in the Bluefields Beach
  7. Play with the kids at Kool Runnings Water Park in Negril
  8. Experience the Mayfield And Abeokuta Falls
  9. See Reggae Music superstar, Peter Tosh Memorial in Belmont & finally,
  10. Watch the majestic Jamaican sunsets at Rick's Cafe In Negril


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