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Calico Jack's Pirate Shack!
A Rare Gem Found In Negril, Jamaica

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calico jack's pirate shack in negril jamaicaCalico jack's pirate shack in Negril Jamaica

By Wellesley Gayle

If I say 'Negril' what comes to your mind? 

Well, supersize that when I mention Calico Jack's Pirate Shack!

Rated an impressive 4.5 on TripAdvisor and 4.9 of 5 on Facebook, it is for sure, Negril's finest attraction in the middle of the ocean

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I've been excited for this trip and couldn't wait, especially after seeing comments like these...

TripAdvisor Guest Comments

  • Romantic 'out of the way' spot for a great wedding or special event!
  • It is well worth it!
  • A pretty cool spot!
  • It is beautiful, relaxing; excellent staff!
  • This was the highlight of our vacation!
  • Calico Jacks was just perfect!
  • Can't beat the view!
  • OMG, what a find!
  • Great place to watch the sun set!
  • The folks here are extremely hospitable!
  • An oasis!
  •  We had a blast!
  • One of Negril's best attractions!
  • With just the two of us on the boat, I felt like a celebrity being taken out to the island! 
  • Fun fun fun!
  • Fab jerk chicken and a dip in the sea!
  • Andrew the owner is extremely friendly and accommodating!
  • Livingston makes the best meals!
  • The sunset was glorious!
  • We enjoyed been served a private lunch!
  • Great Beach and bar! Great cold beers!

The Occasion

Well, I finally made it! It was the first stop on a fun Negril Day Trip.

My friend Cherri and JahB  were exploring with their guests, Amber from DC (USA), and Edwardo from Brazil!

We embarked at the secluded Half Moon Bay Beach in Green Island, just 15 minutes drive (approximately) north of Negril's 7 Mile Beach!


  • The fun boat ride
  • The beautiful views
  • The seclusion
  • The ambiance; as pirated as it felt :-)
  • The fresh Caribbean breeze and the beating of the waves on the rocks
  • The delectable food (oh yeah)
  • The warm hospitality of the staff 
  • And yes, the company, 

All added together, to make this trip memorable!

Here now is a summary of my experience, in pictures & video :-)

Pictures From Calico Jack's Pirate Island

Arriving At Half Moon Bay Beach


Heading Over To The Island (The Beach & Boat Ride)

calico_jacks_pirate_shack_negrilhalf_moon_bay_beach_boatMichael Takes Cherri Into The Boat
calico_jacks_pirate_shack_negril_amber_and_edwardoEdwardo and Amber
calico_jacks_pirate_shack_negril_half_moon_bay_beach_boat_ride_2Boat Ride At Half Moon Bay Beach To Calico Jack's Pirate Island

Yeah!!!!!! We Arrived

Calico Jack Pirate Island In Negril, JamaicaCalico Jack Pirate Island In Negril, Jamaica

Pictures From The Pirates' Shack!

There was no sign of the pirate today, thankfully, so I managed to 'capture' these shots for you!


Food, Fun & Friends

Lobster lunch at Pirate's Shack (Calico Jack) in Negril
calico_jacks_pirate_shack_negril_lunchtimeFreshly grilled fish, jerk chicken and lobster is always on the house!

Back Onshore


And I'm not done yet, I have a video for you!!

Watch The Video! Of Calico Jack's Pirate Shack Tour

I've put together some of my best clips and pics for you here! Enjoy! And please share with someone.

Fees & Entrance Costs

Unless you are on one of the privately scheduled Catamarans, you will typically enter Calico Jack's pirate island via a boat ride with captain Michael.

The boat embarks and disembarks at the Half Moon Bay Beach.

There is no cost to get on the island, just the entry fee to the Half Moon Bay Beach and the boat ride, which is $5USD each. 

I Should Tell You!

  • Food and refreshments are on sale on the island.

  • Be sure to bring cash to the pirate island. Remember it is secluded so there are no telecommunication amenities there.

  • Yes, there is a bathroom, just in case. The pirates my not be that inconsiderate after all :-)

  • The attraction has its basis in the true story of a Jack Rackham (aka Calico Jack), a pirate who used the Negril area as his playground.  He was captured there in 1720.

    Read more on this in the history of Negril.

  • As I indicated above, you enter via the Half Moon Beach.

  • Both properties are owned and managed by Andrew Marr and his family, descendants of the owners of the Abington Estate.

  • The Half Moon Bay Beach Also have seven (7) cabins for rent, right there on the reef, and yes, they are highly secure.

  • The Abington Estate Great House is also an attraction for the Marr family.

  • Calico Jack's pirate island has been welcoming visitors since 2015!

Look Forward To...


Oh yes! The 4th annual Calico Jack's Annual Pirate Ball! Mark your calendar; it is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18, 2020!

Planning On Visiting A Calico Jack's Pirate Shack?


To experience the fun and suspense of Calico Jack's Private Island, I suggest you arrange with a local guide (if you are a visitor).

You can find my recommendation at this link.

Directions To Calico Jack's Pirate Island

Looking for directions? Here is a guide, courtesy of Google Maps.

Contact Information For Calico Jack's Pirate Bar

Below is the contact information for both the Half Moon Bay Beach and Calico Jack's Pirate Shack.

Be sure to ask for Andrew when you get there!
Tell him I sent you :-)

Half Moon Bay Beach & Calico Jack Pirate's Bar
: Green Island, Hanover Jamaica
Phone: 876-815-7294, 876-809-6041 & 876-531-4508

As usual, I welcome your comments (link below)

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