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12 Top Activities In Montego Bay, including
Ahhh... Ras Natango Gallery & Garden

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activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_aerial_viewArea View Of Montego Bay From Ahhh Ras Natango | Activities In Montego Bay

From world-class beaches and historical sites, to culture, nature trails and shopping tours, there is a healthy array of top-rated attraction and activities waiting for you in (and around) Montego Bay. 

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There are, for example:

  1. The captivating Rastafari Village
  2. The pristine white sands at Doctor's Cave Beach
  3. The Montego Bay Cultural Center & National Gallery
  4. The enchanted Rosehall & Cinnamon Hill Great House Tours
  5. The Glistening Waters Attraction (25 minutes outside of Montego Bay)
  6. The Mobay City Tour (showcasing Sam Sharpe Square, The Dome , The Cage etc.)
  7. The Croydon Plantation Tour
  8. Partying at Pier 1 or Margaritaville
  9. Enthralling Catamaran Sea Cruises
  10. The John's Hall Country SideTour
  11. Shopping and sightseeing on the Famous Hip Strip, &
  12. Ahhh... Ras Natango Gallery & Garden

Today though, I'll direct your attention to the latter, Ahhh Ras Natango Gallery & Garden.

Ahhh, Ras Natango?
what, and why is that?

Great question! 

Located just about 20 minutes from down town Montego Bay, is this, nature-created, and skillfully curated gem - in the hills of Camrose, St. James, 2,000 ft  above sea level!

It is indeed a complete 'Jamaican' art gallery, and garden, that showcases several of Jamaica's exotic and indigenous species.

In the words of Ras Natango himself, 'this is not one of those excitement trips, its about reconnecting with nature'!

And if its impressive display of art and flora were not enough, there are also the breathtaking views of the city and surrounding areas - yes, 2000 ft (609 metres) above sea level!

I spent some time there a few days ago, and, even before seeing the amazing guest reviews, I already knew that it was the perfect get-away for peace, reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation!

Trust, me, if for whatever reason you miss visiting there, you would have not had a complete vacation.

Watch! YouTube Video Of Ahh... Ras Natango Gallery & Garden

Click Here to scroll down this page and watch the video.

The Story Of Ahh... Ras Natango

I did the garden tour during my visit, but also had a short chat with the man himself, Ras Natango, even while the Jamaican doctor birds fed from my hands!

Among other things, I was impressed to learn that:

  • Ras Natango has been operating this 'hidden gem' for well over a decade!

  • It is totally (Rastafarian) family-run; Ian, Tameka & their son, Ayale!

  • The attraction is actually their home!

  • They have been winning Trip Advisor's awards  since 2003! & also

  • They are the only community gallery and garden approved by the Jamaica tourist board!

  • And according to Ras Natango, the garden was a gift to his wife, who loved flowers, but was later opened to visitors who requested to wander around after viewing their art gallery.

But you know me, I wanted to know about the Ahhh, why the Ahh, in Ahh... Ras Natango? Who would name a business like that?

Ras Natango enlightened me well :-) (see the video).

Suffice it to say, it probably was the perfect name; the Ahhh, represents the sigh that embodies a fresh breath, relaxation and inner peace.

Be sure to watch the last 10 minutes of the video to hear the full interview with Ras Natango.


Here now is the fun part; I have exclusive pictures,  giving you a greater insight into this hidden gem in the hills of St. James. 

Getting There


2000 ft Views Of Montego Bay From Ahh... Ras Natango


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The Garden Tour

Ok, well I knew a few of the plants, thanks to my grandmother, but that knowledge is nowhere near to what I was about to learn.


Ras Natango highlighted no less than 40 species of Jamaican flowers, ferns and herbs, for sure!

These included:

  1. Allamanda
  2. Amazonian Zebra Bromelaid
  3. Angel'S Trumpet
  4. Anthurium
  5. Bachelor'S Button
  6. Bire Bromley
  7. Bougainvillea
  8. Brazilian Red Cloak
  9. Bridal Orchid
  10. Canterbury Bells
  11. Carpet Flower
  12. Cat Whiskers
  13. Coleus (Joseph Coat)
  14. Combergia
  15. Cosmos
  16. Euphorbia Christmas Tree (Snow On The Mountain)
  17. Fairy Hat
  18. Globe Amaranth
  19. Grammatophyllum speciosum, “Queen of Orchids”, World's largest orchid
  20. Hibiscus
  21. Hydrangea
  22. Lettuce Fern
  23. Miniature Roses
  24. Minoan Lace
  25. Purple Anthurium
  26. Puss Tail
  27. Queen Achnia
  28. Rasta Croton
  29. Red Oleander
  30. Rhino Grass
  31. Salvia
  32. Selaginella
  33. Several Varieties Of Orchids
  34. Shoelace Ferns
  35. Skyvine
  36. Snake Plant
  37. Staghorn Fern
  38. Sunvander
  39. White Shrimp (Yellow)
  40. Wild Begonias
  41. Wild Asparagus Firm
  42. Wild Iris

The following are some of the pics I managed to snap, while we stroll along.

All beautiful, even despite the time of the year!

activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_coleus_josephs_coatJoseph coat
jamaican hibiscusHybrid Hibiscus
rose_flower_activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natangoMiniature Rose
activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_hydrangea_flowersHydrangea Flowers
yellow peacock bromeliad jamaian_flowers_yellow peacock bromeliad
activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_Wild_Asparagus_fern_flowerAsparagus fern
activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_Bougainvillea_flower_jamaicaJamaican Bougainvillea
activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_rasta_croton_flowerRasta Croton
Bachelors Button Flower - JamaicaBachelor's Button Flower
activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_puss_tail_flowerPuss Tail
activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_brazalian_red_cloakBrazilian Red Cloak
activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_angels_trumpet_flowerTrumpet Flower
activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_snake_plant_flowerSnake Plant
Jamaican Flower - bougainvilleabougainvillea
Staghorn_fernStaghorn ferns
Jamaican flower - Pentas
Jamaican Anthuriumsanthurium
Giant begoniagiant begonia
purple anthuriumpurple anthurium
Fire bromeliadFire bromeliad

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Beautiful aren't they?
and there's more! Here are are pics of...

The Art In The Garden!

This is ingenuity and creativity, from faces of tiger on the rock and eyes on trees, to sculpted fish and the fairy door of faith.

Here, are a few of them. And yes, each of them has a story!

jamaican art - Tiger FaceTiger Face Painted On Rock
activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_art_gallery_valentino_faceSee the naturally formed face?
activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_art_gallery_dragonArt Gallery - The Dragon
activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_art_gallery_fishThe Fish
Jamaican Bird- TodyJamaican Bird- Tody

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And, Did I Mention
that they have a miniature herb garden and heritage sites?

In addition to a number of fruit trees, including East Indian Mango, Lychee, Coconut and Tangerine, there is also a miniature herb garden that grows Garlic, Oregano and Parsley!

You'll also find peppermint, fever grass / lemon grass and Rosemary and Aloe Vera (Jamaican and Bermudan), all powerful herbs and spices, growing naturally in the garden.

Gungo peas and bird pepper grows freely there too!

fever grass, jamaicaFever Grass/ Lemon Grass

And if you haven't been to the Giddy House at Port Royal nor Flat Bridge, no worries, they have a miniature prototype there!

giddy house, port royal miniature

See that?

And what if I tell you that this aspect of the attraction came from a demand by his guests! Oh yes!

Don't Miss...

  • The miniature waterfall!
  • The Japanese coy pond (with fishes)
  • The small chapel area for weddings (if required)
  • The fairy door of faith
  • The crystal garden... showcasing pieces of naturally formed crystals, found on property
  • A small area for kids to play
  • The turtle in the rock!
  • The barbecue area
  • The giant chess board, and
  • The 'Zen Garden' (for quiet reflection)

Here also, are some of these...

giant_chess_board_activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natangoThe Giant Chess Board
hop_scotch_game_activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natangoJamaican Hop Scotch Game
Jamaican SundialA Sundial (Tells The Time, based on the Sun's position)
mother earth by Ras NatangoRas, hugging mother earth!
wellesley hugging mother earthYour's Truly Hugging Mother Earth!
fairy_door_of_faith_activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_wellesleyThe fairy door of faith
activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natango_japanese_coy_pondThe Japanese Coy Fish Pond
pieces of crystal rockspieces of crystal rocks
barbeque_area_activities_in_montego_bay_jamaica_ahhh_ras_natangoBuilt In Barbeque area

A Birder's Paradise!
Yes, it is.

jamaican baldplateJamaican Baldplate | Photo:

While enjoying the tour, several types of birds could be seen and heard chirping and cooing!

At one point, there was even a territorial war overhead, between some baldplates!

Anywhere from 10 to 20 species of Jamaican birds can be seen here each day, and yes, that includes the national bird, the Jamaican hummingbird!

There are also migratory birds from north america that stop by here!

That's an attraction in itself!

In fact, for some it is the highlight of the tour is the feeding of the hummingbird! MAGICAL!

Doctor Bird Feeding On Hand - In Motion
ahhh_ras_natango_doctor_bird_feedingRas Natango & Your's Truly
doctor_bird_feeding_on_handDoctor Bird Feeding On Hand

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Not to be outdone is the art gallery, another fascinating aspect of the tour!

It features some of his (Ras Natango), his  wife (Tameka), and son (Ayale's) best works.

They mainly used acrylic as the medium for his paintings and captures flowers, birds, seascapes, landscapes, real life, childhood memories as well as still life pieces.

Awesome stuff!

Be sure to have him show you the artwork made by his wife with egg shells!

And by the way, we quickly pointed out that all pieces are on sale, except this one... a painting of, for Tameka!


I also noticed a few antique Jamaican items is a special section! Ahhh.. the memories.

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Ask Him About....

  • 'Unearthing The Diamond'
    The book written by his wife that detailed their real life story. See it on amazon.

  • Composting
    These guys should patent this skill! Have them show you exactly how that is done. 

  • What's left of the old almond tree and how he pays tribute to it!

  • The grandfather cedar tree

  • The hammocks

  • 'The rock' photo area &

  • The Gift Shop (with several great collectibles), all original pieces.

Whew! Let me pause now...

...and remind you to watch my special YouTube video feature on this fascinating Ahh Ras Natango experience. 

Watch Video: The Ahhh Ras Natango Gallery & Garden Tour

See that? It's different, but in a refreshingly special way, it's peace, its relaxation, its oneness with nature!

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Contact Information & Directions To Ahhh Ras Natango Gallery & Garden

Have additional question on reservation, admission cost, group rates etc?

The family gladly consented to have me share their information to have you visit their home.

Just complete the form below. Tameka will get back with you in a short while.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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You may also contact them using the information below. Let them know I sent you and you, you just be in luck :-)

Address:Camrose District, St. James, Jamaica
Phone: 876-578-2582
Email: or


So what do you make of this hidden gem? I'd love to hear what you think via the comments below.

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References For Activities in Montego Bay

  • Cummings, Mark, "The journey of Ahhh... Ras Natango Gallery and Garden",,, published Sunday, May 18, 2014, Accessed January 30, 2020

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